12 Popular Pc Games of all Time

Most people still love Pc games more than the latest Playstation, Android, and other trending systems. A laptop or Pc allows players to use a mouse and keyboard and enjoy favorite games without any trouble. In this article, we discuss popular games ever created in the history of the gaming world. These games are chosen from different categories like action, strategy, sports and cover almost all popular genres.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI is the most popular gaming series in the Turn Base Strategy world, where you need to start from a tiny settlement and take it to the next level. There are many victory conditions, and every enemy may try to achieve them before you do. It’s a bit complicated for new players, and you may need to spend some time understanding it.

Europa Universalis 4

Another strategy game chosen for this list, but it’s different from any turn-base game. Europa Universalis is a perfect choice for those who love wars and look for games to conquer the world. You can find a similar concept in Civilization, but many battles are involved in this game, making it more interesting for all players. Also check medium gaming pc in uae

Escape from Tarkov

Utterly different concept game with a lot of action involved, and you must escape with the help of all available resources. There are many players involved in this game, trying to kill others to capture the essential resources and win this game. Read full Escape from Tarkov Guide to know more about it.

Dark Souls

It’s one of the best RPG games ever created in the history of gaming. Many quests to complete, the main story, and fight with unknown creatures are part of this game. Unlike other games, you need to learn about basic concepts, characters, understand basic levels, and much more.


Rimworld is a Construction and management game that involved a lot of effort and hard work to complete. It’s mostly base on survival, learn and build to survive the dangerous world around you. You need to create a colony and make sure they stay against all internal and external threats till the end of the game and able to escape too.

Resident Evil

Almost everyone knows about the most popular zombie movie series known as Resident Evil. But there are a lot of games also created on the same concept. You need to survive against not just dead people and other humans trying to control all available resources. In other words, you are under threat from these people more than dead people.


Exploration games build in the future where humans are on missions to explore new planets. It’s your responsibility to explore one specific world in-game as an explorer. You need to survive against many threats and understand everything in a completely unknown place never visited before by any human.


A unique concept where you need to train and fight with the help of creatures known as Pokemon. There many different types are available, each with completely different abilities and powers. Many games in the series are available for you to explore with a lot of fan-made creations. Visit and read Pokemon Guide to know more about it with the list of similar games.


This game can take you to a fantasy world where you need to explore, complete quests, and play with other players online. It’s an ancient game but still very popular compare to the newly created fantasy games. Millions of players already love this game, and you can find thousands of active players every day on different servers created by them.

Life is Strange

There are some games created on imagination, things we can’t do in real life normally. Most people want to have super powers to do something not possible by humans. Life is Strange allows you to fulfill some of your dreams, time travel in the future, and know what will happen. As a game character, you will learn things will occur after some time and give you a chance to fix them.

Need for Speed Payback

NFS is ancient series of racing games with some fantastic features available. Different companies create many new series on the same concept, but players can never ignore NFS games. They dominated the racing game world when there was no competition at all. If you play Need for Speed Payback, you may know that it’s a real-life experience. You can drive a real car in-game without any knowledge or fear of an accident or losing anything. Watch Trailer


Popular open-world game series where you can do whatever you want without worry about the limited game. Complete different short missions, follow the storyline, explore large places and play hours or days without fear about ending the game. It involves a lot of violence, killing, almost all kind of weapons from pistols to tanks or places, and much more.

Trailer GTA 5


In this short article, we can never cover all gaming genres or different games. Some of the games in this list represent complete series of games. For example, if we discuss GTA, that means it’s a better game in the world of open-world gaming. I hope you like this great list to know about some games better than thousands of others.