4 Essential Wedding Photo Booth Tips

Getting married is most couple’s dreams and is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you in your lifetime. Thus, you’d want your wedding to be memorable for all of your guests, right? one of the most effective ways you’ll be able to do that is to set up a wedding photo booth machine for pictures. Not only will you be able to fondly reminisce at the photographs that you and your guests took at the booth, but it’ll also allow you to see all the moments you might’ve missed while you were socializing at your wedding.

Sold on the idea? Here’s how you can create the perfect diy wedding photo booth:

1. Source some proper lighting

Lighting is everything. With bad lighting, no one’s going to be able to capture a decent-looking photo. In order to set up the booth with proper lighting, you’ve got to think about where the booth will be set up.If it’s indoors, set up sufficient studio lighting round the photo booth, lighting that an expert photography booth will have. With this kind of lighting, it won’t just set the mood, but it’ll also eliminate any badly-casted shadows and keep the shots from looking grainy. On the opposite hand, if the booth is outside, position it in such a way that it’ll face natural light.

2. Select the matching props

Wedding photo booths and props go hand in hand, like frozen dessert and waffles. While they’re both great separate, when put together, they become something magical.So, with your wedding photo booth ready up, don’t forget to incorporate a wardrobe full of props and outfits to get your guests in character and in style. Not only will this pump out exciting, and maybe even funny, pictures from your wedding, but it’ll also make sure that people are having an excellent time using your photo booth.

3. Choose the most suitable location

Location, location, location. albeit you’ve got the best photo booth set up for your guests, if it’s located in a neighborhood that’s hard to seek out , then what’s the use?With that in mind, make certain that your wedding photo booth is easy to seek out . a straightforward way to do that is to have it set up right in front of the marriage venue or perhaps in the same room where your reception will be held. That way, it should draw enough attention that nobody is going to miss out on an exciting photo-taking session.

4. Use hashtags

As you well know, many folks use social media, and any photos they take will usually contain no more or less than five hashtags!To make the most out of this trend, and to share your amazing wedding with the entire world, get people to hashtag their photos when they are about to upload it! Share the tags you would like them to place on their uploads, things like #yourweddingtitle, #insertlocation, or any other #hashtags that you can think about.


Are you ready to make the best out of the happiest day of your life? With a fun wedding photo booth, not only are you going to get your guests to take photos nonstop, but you’ll even be providing yourself with many pictures to recollect the event. Plus, with everyone generally having fun, it just makes the day a lot more special.
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