7 Myths About Homeopathy Debunked

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You have also probably heard a million things about homeopathy. But regardless of all the words of the street homeopathy is still a respectable science and practice that has been alive for centuries.

According to the best homeopathic doctors in Rawalpindi, millions of people rely on homeopathy. But there still exists a fraction of people who can get benefits from this alternative science of healing. So, today we will be discussing some of the myths that should be busted. 

Dispelling the Myths 

  • It Is Just Placebo 

The placebo effect can be understood like if a person is not getting any real treatment but is still recovering because of his expectation that if he is receiving treatment he will get better. So people normally assume that patients who use it only get better because they believe that they will. 

But this is definitely not the case. Homeopathy is real science that does work wonders for your body. The studies on various cell cultures and animal subjects have to lead to this concrete assessment that homeopathy is not pseudoscience. It is important to note here that the placebo effect does not work on cell cultures and animals. 

Secondly, if it is just the case of one’s beliefs then the person will get improve with any medicine but this is also not the case. 

  • It is a Slow Remedy

No, this is just a rumor that has been circulating around us for centuries. Homeopathy acts very fast in the cure of acute illnesses. The reason why it was labeled slow is because of fact that it does take some time for it to act when you are treating chronic diseases with it. Which if you were to treat any other way will also be a time taking process.

People also argue that it is a very slow healing mechanism for the treatment of inflammatory conditions. But they often forget the fact that it is also a very fast cure for migraines, arthritis, and asthma. This can balance out their slow efficiency in the case of inflammations.  

  • Only Trust Antibiotics When it Comes to Infections 

Because of the continuous advertisement of pharmaceutical companies, there is a mass number of people who believe this statement. The shred of reality in this big lie is that research has stated that bacterial and other types of infection respond positively to homeopathy

Most of the time patients do not even need shots of antibiotics. It is very rare that patients need additional remedy alongside homeopathy and this is because the immunity level of the patients has suffered.

  • These Medicines Contain Steroids or Heavy Metals

0No, this is not true. When it comes to medications there is no place for both steroids and heavy metals. The same is the case for homeopathy. Medications are made in such a way that they are safe for the patients to use. And this means that there is no way that these medications contain anything like steroids or heavy metals.

  • No Diagnosis is Required in the Case of Homeopathy 

It is not true. Just like the conventional system of medication, homeopathy also needs an elaborate system of diagnosis. This diagnosis is the only way to suggest the medication otherwise it will be impossible to treat any disease with the help of just a make-belief system. 

  • It is an Alternative for Surgery

This is also not true in any context. Yes, it is an effective way of medication that has its own perks and benefits. But when you need surgery you need surgery. It can heal you on so many levels. But when the situation is drastic and you are in dire need of surgery then you need surgery and nothing else. 

  • Those who Practice Homeopathy have No Scientific Background 

People need to understand the fact that homeopathy is a certified medical practice that is approved by WHO. Conventional and qualified doctors from all around the world practice this. So yes, get rid of the thinking that they are not real doctors and have no knowledge of what they are doing because they do!

The Bottom Line

 Homeopathy is real medical science and also the second-largest therapeutic science all around the world. So make sure you also know what is the truth and what is not so that you can make good use of this medical practice.