A Handy Guide To Bitcoin Cold Storage

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To those who are new in the crypto world, cold storage for Bitcoin might be like keeping it in the refrigerator. Cold storage is a term used when someone keeps Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency offline. The wallet involved with the cold storage is a cold wallet and is opposite the hot wallet. But here, I will not cover hot storage. Many regular crypto wallets are already running on that type of storage. Notably, if you are a Bitcoin novice, you should consider cold storage or a cold wallet. In this article, we will look at the prevailing Bitcoin cold storage. 

What Is Bitcoin Cold Storage?

Crypto enthusiasts know that cryptocurrencies are virtual. That indicates cryptos do not exist in the real world. However, when we indicate cold storage, we are referring to something that is physical. Cold crypto wallets are hardware wallets that are not connected to the internet. Despite that, you can transfer your assets. Cold wallets have specific security codes to protect your Bitcoin. In most cases, these types of wallets are available for Bitcoin. The previous hacks are now raising concerns for security experts. Many issues, if not all, can be removed after the introduction of a cold wallet.  

Besides a paper wallet, you can use a cold wallet. Generally, these two methods are considered the safest ones for both beginners and experts. You cannot always trust the crypto wallet services offered by exchange platforms. Hackers are after them all the time. Thousands of users had previously lost their entire savings when their crypto wallets with the providers were whacked. Many of the wallet services ran on a hot storage mechanism. The idea of cold storage came when things started getting worse. Nowadays, a significant portion of Bitcoin HODLers are using cold wallets and not hot ones.   

As your Bitcoins are much safer in the cold crypto wallets, you can choose them for that reason. But also know those cold wallets are generally expensive. In today’s time, the two best crypto wallets available are Trezor and Ledger Nano S. Trezor is well-known among all Bitcoin community members because Trezor itself is the first-ever cold wallet available for the largest cryptocurrency. You do not have to worry about malware even after plugging the wallet into your system. Trezor keeps your cryptocurrencies offline whether or not you are accessing the internet. Ledger Nano S is much similar to Trezor and is affordable. 

Ledger Nano is somewhat smaller and abandons competing with Trezor. You can find any crypto wallet comparison while browsing the internet. Learning about your Bitcoin storage is crucial if you want to make the best out of profits. Numerous investors HODL Bitcoin and do not choose a secure wallet. That is a big mistake that anyone makes. According to many findings so far, cold wallets and paper wallets are truly secure. Paper wallets generate your security code on paper. But, you may lose the paper or accidentally damage it. Choose between a cold wallet or a paper wallet following your requirements.      

Can You Set Up A Cold Crypto Wallet?

Yes! Getting started with a cold wallet is not that much difficult. The setting up process is similar to that of a paper wallet, but the retrieval process gets different. Many things go nice when you run your system on Linux rather than other platforms. What you need are a laptop, blank DVD, USB flash drive, and the Bitcoin Core wallet. After installing the required software, feel free to create a passphrase. The passphrase should be complex. It is also recommended that you should keep a copy of your password. You can reach your wallet in case you unwittingly lose access.    

After setting up the wallet, you are ready to send and receive cryptocurrencies. Apart from Bitcoin, you can choose among 6000+ cryptocurrencies in the market. The best place to get them is Binance. It is the only exchange that offers diversity with Bitcoin as well as altcoin arbitrage. Arbitrage trading is growing hotter these days because traders profit while including a mix of two or three cryptocurrencies. Cold wallets make your transfers secure with exchange platforms. So, choose your coins wisely and make bets. After learning from the experience, things in the world of cryptocurrencies will become easier.


Learn more and more about Bitcoin cold storage, and you will know how good it is getting with time. Many upcoming crypto events are going to focus on them. You can always trust Trezor and Ledger Nano S for your Bitcoin security. On the condition that you want to pick another one, first, find the reviews related to it. A crypto wallet that lacks studies could be dangerous. Even though blockchains take care of internal security, they cannot detect hackers. Hackers are external entities. But, a cold storage wallet protects you and blockchains from time to time.  

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