Benefits of Adding a Time Card App To Your Time & Attendance

Using a time clock to track employee work hours is a great way to ensure they get paid for their time spent on the clock. Still, another tool that can be useful and is flexible is a time card app. A time and attendance app can be incredibly beneficial for your entire team as well as you. It can enable your team to track how many hours they worked, no matter their location, and allows you to view your team’s efficiency at every level.

Using a time card app gives the employees options to work remotely or out in the field yet still punch time. It can provide you insight into the projects or tasks they’re working on and how productive they’re being. A time card app can take many forms, so you will have many different options to choose from.

A time keeper app provides an easy way to integrate timesheet information with your payroll provider. These streamlined integrations mean you can sit back and work on other important business matters while the app runs and collects all of the information necessary to pay an individual. It is one of the best tools to add to your current time and attendance tracking process.

The Main Benefits of a Modern Time Card App

A modern employer time clock app can significantly enhance and automate more of the critical time tracking processes that each company goes through. Streamlined time tracking automation is a way to help your team succeed, let them have the freedom they need, and allow you to step back.

Here are just a few reasons why adding a time card app to your time tracking process is more crucial than ever before.

Time-saving – A real-time clock app allows you to schedule efficiently and grant your team open access to their work schedule instead of relying on you to relay the information verbally. It also allows them to switch shifts on their own without managerial input. This saves time for you and your team. Automating the time tracking and scheduling process is a crucial feature that should not be overlooked.

Saves Money – When you see exactly who is working which hours, you see where most of your labor costs are going. Suppose someone is getting overtime every week for no reason. In that case, you can talk to them and ask what is going on or adjust staffing levels—having better insight into how and where employees are spending their time can accurately track labor costs and save your company money.

Mobile Tracking – If you have many employees on the road or working from home, you can track their movements through GPS capture. You will need their permission and ensure you are not invading their privacy. Once that is set, your team can comfortably work from home or any other location and still get paid accurately, boosting team morale.

Timesheets Accessible – With a time card system, employees can view the hours they worked down to the second. This allows them to double-check their pay and will enable you to send those timesheets directly to payroll. There is no confusion or mess. It is one of the best reasons to add such a tool to your existing time and attendance process.

Scheduling Assistance – When it comes to scheduling, it’s crucial to be able to not only efficiently create schedules but get those schedules into the hands of your employees. With a time card app, workers can view their schedules from any device that you allow. If changes are made to the schedule, employees can get notified in real-time and adjust their personal lives accordingly.

These are only a few reasons that a timesheet management app is worth adding to your current time and attendance process. It can improve the morale of your team and help you keep communication open at all times.

If you are looking for a way to step back and allow your team to have more freedom, a time card app can be the right answer for you. Many managers and business owners have fallen in love with a team time tracking app because they allow people to feel independent while still ensuring they are productive. It is no wonder that this technology has grown immensely over the past few years.