Advice From a Dentist to Take Care of Braces

Teeth braces are very common orthodontic devices that are used to align your teeth if they are somewhat uneven, crooked, or have gaps in them. Most of them are made of either metal or ceramics. Although, Invisalign is a unique type of brace that is different from the traditional metal braces, as they are custom-made for each patient and are made of plastic. Advice From a Dentist to Take Care of Braces.

Advice From a Dentist to Take Care of Braces

Although teeth braces are very common, sometimes it can take a while for you to know the way around them in everyday life. It needs care and time and needs to be maintained properly. Dentists across the world have given advice on how one should ideally take care of their braces.

Brush every corner of your teeth

One of the most important aspects of your dental care routine should be proper brushing etiquette. Get your hands on a nice, flexible toothbrush that can go into the various parts of your teeth. Toothbrushes with moderately soft bristles are usually advised.

Brushing should be done thoroughly; starting from the crown to the sides, to the roof of the mouth, to finally the tongue. The entire process should be repeated at least 5 times a day. An intensive brushing session can be helpful to drive out any and all food bits that might hang on to the brackets and wires of your braces.

Flossing twice a day

Our mouth contains millions of bacteria. These bacteria form a thick, sticky layer on our teeth called plaque. To get rid of the plaque, even in parts of the teeth where braces are present, flossing is essential. Flossing can be done either by a traditional floss or by water flosses that spray streams of water into your mouth. A unique kind of floss is the floss threader (a needle-like plastic floss) that can also be used for flossing.

Using advanced dental tools

Advanced dental tools are additionally advised by dentists to make sure your braces are taken care of. One such tool is the interdental brush. These are either tapered or cylindrical depending on their shape. You can also get bristles in a size that is suitable for you. Interdental brushes are a boon for people with braces as they can reach places in the mouth where it is very hard to reach normally.

Electric toothbrushes are also advised to decrease the effort that goes into manually brushing teeth braces every day. An electric toothbrush can also remove plaques better than a regular toothbrush, and helps you get to the hard-to-reach places.

Use a good mouthwash

Teeth braces are usually made of either metal or ceramics, and they contain a lot of pockets and wires. These are the places where an overwhelming amount of food particles get trapped. A good, solid mouthwash can be useful in rinsing the whole mouth and getting rid of any leftovers that are stuck within your braces.

Avoid crunchy food

Teeth braces are made of various components like brackets, clear brackets, bands and wires. Hard or crunchy food can often dislodge some parts of your braces. Avoiding chewy food can keep your braces safe and healthy.

Some of the food items to avoid include:

  •   Fruits like apples, pear
  •   Nuts like almond, cashew
  •   Vegetables like carrot

Softer food items like smoothies, curds, and yogurts are better choices.

Maintain a regular dental care routine

Maintaining braces can be tiring and energy-consuming. With all the brushing, flossing and rinsing, it can prove to be exhausting. But not cleaning your braces can lead to worse dental complications than you already have. And that is the last thing one would want.

Make sure you brush your teeth 5 times a day, floss at least twice, and rinse your mouth after every meal. This can assure you of excellent dental health while you’re wearing braces.

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