All Event in Pakistan – Cultural Festivals

This historical Punjabi festival celebrates the beginning of spring, with its original”heart” being in fundamental Lahore.


Despite being a convention in the 19th century, sadly, the Basant festival in Lahore isn’t what it once was. In 2005, the Pakistani authorities banned kite flying and manufacturing, after which Basant in 2007 because of growing harms from electrocution, dangerous kinds of kite strings, drops, and much more.

Regrettably, as of 2020, the party has not yet been faked — a movement that’s devastated a once-thriving business. Nowadays, kite flying remains prohibited in Lahore, although many still decide to fly. We can only expect that among the gorgeous Pakistan event is able be restored safely.

When it had been celebrated? Basant naturally happened in late January or early February.


The SibiMela is a Pakistani ethnic festival that has been happening in Sibi, Baluchistan, for centuries. These days, the festival is well known for its creature markets, camel racing, folk dance, and local handicrafts.

This Pakistani mela generally occurs close to the end of February, when temperatures remain manageable in the area. The 5-day occasion is a quality chance to experience the rich tradition of Balochistan and can be a significant provincial vacation for Balochis.

Regrettably, it may be tough to attend the SibiMela as a foreigner since nearly all Balochistan is limited. Even though a NOC may be technically required, these may be tricky, if not impossible, for you. But Pakistanis are free to attend Simi is situated approximately 3 hours in the Sindhi town of Sukkur and 3 hours in the Balochi funding Quetta.

When can it be? Dates are not declared ahead of time, but the festival generally Occurs during the past week of February.

Kalash Festivals

The Kalash are a small and unique cultural group that resides in the Chitral area of KPK. They have a culture and apparel that’s hugely different from other Pakistanis and are famous for their vibrant festivals and homemade mulberry wine!

The Kalash have three festivals every year that are available to the general public, all of which are intriguing all event in Pakistan.

This is the most popular Kalash festival in Pakistan concerning tourism. If you seek to attend, make sure you book somewhere to remain well in progress – both overseas, and national tourists flock to Chilam Joshi nowadays!

When can it be? Always in May, prospective dates TBA.

Uchal: Whereas Chilam Joshi celebrates the arrival of spring, Uchal is about crop year. With conventional Kalash partying, special foods are prepared with this occasion, such as cheese, buttermilk, and cornbread.

Because there are many valleys and villages in the Kalash area, this festival goes around a group, though you can expect items to begin at the most significant shore – Bumburet.

When can it be?

Choimus: The coldest of All of the Kalash festivals of Pakistan, Choimus occurs in December and observes Balmain, the epic demigod of the Kalash. Similar to the other fests, particular food is consumed, and lots of hours of singing and dancing are performed.

Some say that this is the most sacred of all of the Kalash festivals, also as a result of the time of year, it brings the smallest amount of tourists. Therefore, if you are trying to find a true Pakistani mela- that could be your very best option!

When can it be? December, prospective dates TBA

Shandur Polo Festival

Is it seeking to attend a few of those most epic and famous festivals of Pakistan? Well, look no farther than the Shandur Polo Fest- that appears to be held in the maximum polo ground in the entire world!

The festival occurs on the Shandur Pass, a gorgeous high mountain pass that joins Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Gilgit-Baltistan.

In 3700 m, you will have the ability to say you watched the planet’s highest-altitude games of polo. This historical Pakistani festival was held annually since 1936 and provided onlookers an opportunity to see polo played in its rawest form.

Players from Gilgit and Chitral battle it out, while folk songs, dance, and camping may also be enjoyed throughout the 3-day occasion.

Should you attend, I highly recommend driving throughout the entirety of this magnificent Shandur Pass. Seeing Phander Valley on the Eastern side of Shandur is undoubtedly worth the drive to truly optimize your journey!

Broghil Festival

Are you seeking to encounter an offbeat festival in Pakistan? Head around Broghil Valley, a very remote valley with exceptionally unique traditions.

Broil Valley is situated in the far northwest of Pakistan’s Chitral District and shares a boundary with Afghanistan’s tranquil Wakhan Corridor.

Each year, the Broghil Festival, which comprises Yak Polo’s epic games, is starting to attract an increasing number of visitors.

The festival is held at Ishkarwaz, which may only be attained by Jeep in the little transit city of Mastuj. A tent village has been set up where onlookers can camp and encounter traditional Wakhi folk songs and dance.

Though foreigners can see Yarkhun Valley, becoming to Broghil is somewhat trickier. Certainly check with police in Chitral to ensure that a NOC is not mandatory – Pakistanis should not have this matter.

When can it be? Late August / Early September. Future dates TBD