Best and Latest Neckbands under 2000 Rs in 2021

Recently Oneplus launched the one-plus z wireless neckband that can play music for 10 hours with a 10-minute charge. Also, there is Oppo’s Enco M31 with surreal sound quality and Hi-Fi music which is not present in any neckband in this range. And then again, we have neckbands from noise, boAt, Lenovo, and many more. So the question that has to be asked is, which is the best neckband to buy under 2000 rupees and more importantly, which neckband is for whom?

boAt Rockerz 335

boAt Rockerz 335 wireless neckband is looking super decent. It has huge 30-hour battery life. No one else types C neckband in this list gives such amazing battery life. It has Aptx HD and can connect to two devices at once. And that is mind-blowing.

The audio quality is classic, boAt bass is too emphasized but doesn’t creep into vocals sound stage is narrow but doable. You would like to watch Youtube videos and Netflix on these. It costs 1999 rupees and in case you have a lower budget than these then you can hop on to infinity glide N100. These cost exactly the same as for Lenovo He05 and comes with Bluetooth 5.0. The battery life is pretty average at 7 hr. These sound way better than boAt 255 and Lenovo He05. The sound stage is wider, and these have a warm balanced sound signature. You can check other best earphones under 2000 Rs.

You would enjoy Bollywood rap songs, vocals, guitar cover on them. And hang on, they also have a dual equalizer mode which is basically two sound signatures. If you press the volume plus and volume minus button together, you jump to bass mode.

Realme Neckband

Next on our list is Realme wireless neckband,  yes the Alan walker one. We recommend those for primarily two reasons. Magnetic play and pause, one feature which you will use every day and be odd every time it works. The battery life is 12 hours which is great considering Lenovo and Infinity has only 8 hours. Even today we would recommend you to get these over similar price neckbands.

They still sound good with a warm sound signature, the treble rolls off a bit early but the sound stage is better than all the neckbands we’ve talked about previously. You will love hearing all types of the song on these. However it’s 2021 and there are a couple of things missing on the Realme wireless neckband.

Noisefit Tune Charge

The noise fit tune charge offers one major feature over the Realme wireless neckband. And that is dual device connectivity and believes, every Bluetooth audio wearable device should have multi-device connectivity. It’s a pain in the back to connect a Bluetooth device from the phone to the laptop and back and forth.

Anyways, once you connect the noise fit tune charge to your android device, unpair it, and then connect it with a windows device. Once done, connect it back to your android device and now you have it connected to two devices at once. Here’s the best part, if you’re watching a video on your windows device and you suddenly get a call in the middle on your android, it automatically pauses the video on windows and jumps back to the android device.

Once you hang up the call, the video is played and the neckband is back to the windows. Additionally, you also get a dual equalizer mode which takes you to bass mode. The only thing we would complain about is, there’s no magnetic play and pause.

Oppo Encore M31

Next up we have Oppo Encore M31 which is quite popular amongst music enthusiasts. Oppo offers 12 hour battery life which is 10 to 11 hours in real life. Type C charging 10 minutes of fast charge gets you 4 to 5 hours of playback. And most importantly, these are the only ones in this range that offer LDAC Hi-Fi audio.

In case you don’t know, with Bluetooth earphones, the audio needs to be coded on your mobile and then send over to the earbuds and decoded over there. This brings Bluetooth codec algorithms in place. And LDAC Hi-Fi is one of the finest Bluetooth codecs present right now.

Also, If you double-tap the power button, it switches to bass mode. This mode is really insane and has a lot of reverb. But you can’t watch Youtube videos or listen to. Next, it can switch between two Bluetooth paired devices. Just press and hold the volume up and volume down button for three seconds and it switches to the previously connected device. It’s not as seamless as noise fit tuned charged but something’s better than nothing.