Bitteks Review 2021- Why I chose this broker? (

I can clearly recall, when I was new to the trading world, online trading didn’t seem like my thing. But as I learned and grew, I felt the need of being associated with an online brokerage firm. However, the choice wasn’t easy. Picking up the right platform is not as simple as it might sound. If you’re someone who’s going through something similar you seriously need to stop worrying.

Being an experienced trader, I had a constant urge to share my experience with you all so that people new to this field stay cautious of traps saving time, money, and effort. Let’s make it a point from the beginning that I’ll put forth whatever I actually feel about the platform and be totally unbiased. Also, since I have used this forum as a trader, all my opinions and suggestions are based on my personal experiences, and since all traders have a range of demands and expectations so I’ll try to present you with facts for your

All around the globe, and particularly in the trading world we keep hearing stories of novice traders being exploited at hands of neophytes. Staying aware of possible risks and taking corresponding safety measures is always applauded. In order to play safe, not only me but every other experienced and sincere trader will suggest you make an account on a trusted brokerage firm. They not only help you boost your trader but also ensure there’s no scam involved thereby regulating your trading sessions efficiently.

Now the next step is to go look for a reliable trading platform. Since a plethora of platforms are available how will you pick a firm which is right according to your needs? Well, I am here to answer this question of yours and make decision-making less stressful for new traders. I have been using Bitteks for many years now and I have closely and accurately analyzed each and every feature offered. So get ready for an honest yet helpful review.

Administrative Aspect

I am an avid supporter of the opinion that a large probability of success lies with the impeccable administration of any firm or business.  Administration penetrates into the rest of the departments and drags them all together, taking the entire organization towards accelerated growth. Some important areas within a brokerage company that need probably the most attention are its financial tools and legal framework. Bitteks is a champion when it comes to these two areas in the world on online trading. Apart from these two areas what marks Bitteks company unique from the others is their customer care service. These three things together have undoubtedly paved the way for success for the forum thereby making it a trading partner of 500,000 traders out there.

Customer Care

Giving you further insights into the customer care area, when you visit the website you’ll come across a ‘Contact Us’ option. Fill up a quick 2-minute form, add attachments if needed and submit. Yes, it’s done. It would be unjustified to say that this option to correspond is inefficient but I have not been its frequent user, to be honest, so I’ll refrain from giving a further opinion.

Remember the live chat option cannot be utilized the entire day, It works only from 4:00 to 13:00 GMT, Monday to Friday. Calling is another efficient service available to make sure none of the customers have to stay lined up in the queues waiting for urgent responses.


I have experienced a delay in reaching out to the representative a couple of times though but that’s largely a consequence of increased traffic within the peak hours. Also, the utility of the phone option is rather limited because customers from Australia and the U.K. can make use of it for now so these are the two areas where the platform might like to work upon. A very commendable measure is its feedback surveys. Every time you interact with the correspondent, you are requested to fill out a form regarding the service. This makes the firm instantly address any grievances.

Aiding Trading

Now let’s move towards the main function of the forum which is facilitating you as a trader. Bitteks has trading tools that help you clearly see and analyze where you are heading as a trader. A rather simple approach has been employed towards the laying out of tools which makes the process of navigation within the site fairly easy, thereby rendering it user-friendly. The server has been designed and is managed in a way that the commands and orders are instantly executed. This along with ultra-tight spread gives you an edge in the market.

Now another, applaudable measure is that the platform itself takes the responsibility to market the tools in a way that the new users or young traders know how they can make use of these according to their requirements. Being able to pick any tool from a large variety makes your trading experience worth it and saves you a lot of time, money, and headache. The outstanding analytical tools also aid one to paint a clear picture of what’s going on in the market exactly and how you should take your next step.

Whenever a person, be they a trader or not, clicks open a website, the first thing they come across is the theme and the colour scheme of the platform. I believe that stocks and all financial matters handled here are too dry and boring colours make the process even dull. Bitteks has a blue background and white text which is although visible and clear but the overall look could’ve been changed to make it more attention-grabbing. Charting analysis is also not an easy job for someone like me who has never been a monochrome person. I can’t rule out the possibility that a lot many people would love it but it would be a great idea if the user is allowed to pick a theme for themselves. The idea of incorporating a stock bar report is just incredible because you are constantly and effortlessly updated about the premium stocks such as Facebook, Tesla, Amazon, etc. Having joined Bitteks, you earn another benefit of having access to 200+ tradable assets which include Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Indices, and stocks.

Although you don’t have a lot of say in how you want the website to look, the charts can be customized to a great extent. For example, you have a total of nine options that help you modify chart intervals according to your desires and ease, helping you to keep an eye on the market conditions. Other analytical and trading tools offered here are also quite efficient. Once you go through them, only then you realize what help they can be in terms of business expansion.

Security comes first

Now that you have an idea of how the functional operations go on at Bitteks let me address another very important concern which is security. As I’ve discussed before, the legal aspects have been explicitly stated and discussed under the ‘Legal’ section. This is further broken into subcategories to make it easy for the users to quickly reach what they want. These include

1- Terms and Conditions

2- Withdrawal, Refund, and cancellation policies

3- Privacy Policy

4- Bonus Policy

5- Anti Money Laundering policy

6- Risk disclosure statement

If you only read the carefully phrased terms and conditions you’ll realize how serious Bitteks is all about the wellbeing of their customers. The rest of the policies are also comprehensive, but if you still have any doubts, they are always welcoming questions. A disclaimer has also been displayed on the site along with necessary documents which serve as proof of the platform being authorized and recognized. This transparency is irrefutable evidence of the fact that Bitteks can go to any extent to keep your trading operations free of security threats. I feel the need to mention here that most of the competing platforms refuse to publish such documents.

Payment Methods

With the rapidly developing trading world, there is a growing need to introduce a range of payment methods to take care of the customer’s comfort. This allows an easy withdrawal and deposit of funds. Three means of transactions are catered namely, Bitcoin transfer, Debit and Credit cards, and Bank Wire Transfers. Most people are in a habit of using these means but the ones who are not will be at the losing end. Bitteks has to make sure they take measures to cater to the needs of people who use payment methods like iDEAL, PayPal, etc. Talking of the withdrawal operations speed, it is not something bothering but if you wish to enhance it further you can always think of upgrading your account.

In the end, I would love to mention the fact that the forum stresses enough on customer education and keeps updating the ‘Education’ section to update them about the platform. You can find answers to  Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about Bitteks, allowing your bond with the firm to strengthen.

Give it a shot

I have tried my best to highlight the blemishes where I referred to the positive points with the hope that by the end of this review you are able to see if the platform fits your needs or not. You must’ve judged by now that all these years, I’ve been a satisfied customer and would recommend you all to become a part of the Bitteks community if you are in search of an optimal business environment. Good luck with your trading venture!

Disclaimer This review has been written from my own experience and self-knowledge and this is not a recommendation