Can Cryptme be your new digital asset manager? Review 2021 (

Exchangers all around the Globe know how imperative Digital currencies have become over the time of the past few years. Initially, the only digital currency that was talked about was Bitcoin but now thousands have come to the surface and people are actively investing in them. To date, bitcoin still manages to remain top of the list but with a limited measure of 21 million. Crypto has the potential to be your partner for all ventures to come.

Crypto exchanges made it to the market, keeping in mind the growing number of individuals who were interested to invest not only money but also the time in the area of computerized assets. You can make use of your officially sanctioned money to buy cryptocurrencies from the exchanges online. Thanks to these crypto exchanges that now many entryways have come forth that let the exchangers get thousands with correct ventures at aid.

If you’re sitting in your cosy warm bed, sipping your rightly brewed coffee, you do not need to worry about jumping out of the bed to get hold of these cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is, switch from your Netflix tab to google and search for ‘crypto exchange platform’, and hundreds of thousands of searches results all ready to serve you.

But wait can you simply trust any of these without looking into the pros and cons of these individually? Trusting someone with money and assets isn’t an easy job. I went through pretty much the same phase a few years back until one day I bumped into a platform named ‘Cryptme‘. Just like any other exchanger, I was super sceptical because I was somehow associated with the field and hence, I had heard of many people being scammed at the hands of tricksters.

I went out to my friends and colleagues with an intention to inquire about the platform. To my surprise, all of them told me Cryptme was a reputable platform and worth a try. That was when I decided to sign up for it.

When I first joined it, I was not an expert at operating such websites but what made me a huge fan of it was the fact that the layout of this website was incredibly simple. I soon realized it was both user and beginner-friendly. If we draw an analogy between Cryptme and other competitors, it certainly leads. Although none of them is free of flaws even then I’d rate it better. As we move on in this review, I’ll keep explaining the right reasons behind my choices.

When you’re new to a website, your first interaction occurs when you click it open to make your account or look at what it has to offer you. When I first opened it, I loved the fact that the theme was based on light colours. Graphics, font styles, font colours, and everything was to the point. All section headings were readable and rightly placed on the site.

When you open it, you see that on the top bar there are several options

  • Home
  • Blog
  • Contact us
  • FAQ
  • Fraud and Scam Protection
  • About us

Next to these is the option to log in and the one which helps you open your account if you’re new.

All of these options have proved to be helpful to me from time to time and I’ll explain their utility and the qualities that mark them distinct.

Home page

I have probably not come across such a well-designed web page. Color combinations, mobile graphics, flashing figures are all done just the right way. As you scroll down, you’ll see the statistics that you’ll need. These include Market Price, Bitcoin Transaction Volume, and the transactions done per day. You do not need to click anything for these bits of information. Go even down and find relevant details about top movers in form of figures and charts. Everything phenomenal! The home page offers you a quick guide of how to start off with the exchange, it’s simple to make your account, get it verified, pick an appropriate payment method and that’s it. You’re all set to do your first exchange with Cryptme.

You need not worry if you’re new and you want some tutorial. You will also find the okay button which will take you to the video that’ll help you get acquainted with the procedure in no time.

Account Types

Cryptme me has a total of 3 accounts to offer the first one is 0-2000, 2001-10,000, and 10,001-50,000 one. For all of these, you have to provide basic documents like IS, utility bills, selfie pictures. And all the users must get their email and phone number verified at the start.


The blog segment provides you with the latest articles about the crypto world such as trends, rates, fluctuations, news, and much more. This section is also a very engaging one and the graphics, in particular, are very catchy. This helps the reader pay attention for longer time spans.

Security first

When picking an appropriate exchange platform, security is the first concern that makes to your mind. And that is fully justified. No one wants their money on the verge of going down the drain. Ever since these platforms made it to markets the news of security breaches and subsequent losses of money and information are prevalent. However, I’ve never heard any such thing coming from Cryptme.

Cryptme is a firm that is professionally regulated and is a recognized and authorized company. They translate and impeccable policies such as Know Your Client and Anit Money Laundering are perfectly laid out. These help the company get to know about the customer and the customer to develop a relationship based on trust.

So much verification can be a headache for someone like me but deep down I knew it was for my good and security. The 2 Factor authentication or the 2FA ensures that no one can reach your account will a mal intention. Another layer of security is added to your assets in the form of their Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption. It codes your information in a way that programmers can’t reach your information.

You never have to worry about your private details being leaked since after a short span of time your data is auto erased. This doesn’t only help your data remain safe but also makes the servers less burdened, thereby improving efficiency.

Client Care Services

No firm can ever make it to the hearts of users unless it is has a welcoming and responsive customer care department. These people form the face of the organization and their competence translates into the positive reputation of the firm in the market. A good company is one that is open to all sorts of complaints and grievances from the customers. Cryptme has always been mindful of this and over the years I started feeling at home.

The extent of the company being client-oriented can be seen from the fact that their representatives undergo special training and preparation to fully equip them with the knowledge that they might need while interacting with the customers. They provide customers with multiple options to get in-touch such as live chat, phone, and email. Each one of these was equally convenient.

However, the phone option isn’t available for customers living outside certain countries and you get back email response in 24 hours. This could be improved. The most applaudable fact lies in the customer support timing. They take care of users all around the world. Due to time zones differences, there’s a difference in the time people call from different countries. This is why the representatives are available the entire day.

How do I register?

You must’ve been thinking to register for the platform because of its amazing qualities. I’ll explain the process. It’s very easy and fast. All you need to do is open the main page, and look for the register tab placed at the top bar. Click it and it’ll take you to a small form that you need to fill up. Add all the required information without the fear of being observed or exploited. Everything is safe with Cryptme. Once you’re done entering all the required data such as name, phone number, email address, county, etc you need to submit it and taadaaa! You are ready to make use of your account. Keep in mind that carrying out exchange transactions isn’t simple and you need to be very cautious. This is why you might have to provide the site with a little more information.

The Final Word

There’s a lot more about Cryptme that couldn’t be added to the review. Once you make use of it you’ll get through the procedure and realize what blessing the platform cryptme is. I cannot think of carrying out exchange without it thanks to the state-of-the-art tools and flawless services. There are a few points that need improvement but even then, Cryptme remains my best. I hope you each yours fast. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.