Can Investment Center fulfil your trading needs? (Review 2021-

Whenever you come across a well-established trader, tell yourself he’s gone through a number of things that shaped them into what they are. If you meet me today, you might see my bank balance or my Ferrari or my house but what’s hidden from your eyes is the struggle that I had to put in to reach here. Overnight fame and money can never be long-lasting unless you got your hands onto some great magical potion.

Today when I have a look back at my trading venture, I still remember my helpless self. My mom and dad were nurses at a local hospital and we were always struggling to make it to the next month. When I hit my 25, I told myself this is it. Either you die struggling or you go and change it for yourself.  That was when it happened to me that the only profession I could excel in was trading. It seemed like an unachievable target, a hard to come real dream. But I never gave up on my passion and here I am.

When you reach the age I have, you keep asking yourself if you owe someone anything. I kept telling myself, no I didn’t but the question kept coming back to me. Until one day I met a young man, outside the barber’s shop, deeply immersed in his thoughts. I asked him what was bothering him at an age he should be maybe at the hockey field. He smiled and told me he was a young trader who was worried about his future.

“Oh is that it?”, I asked him quickly. “It isn’t trivial for me,” he said. Now I had my answer. I need to tell the young traders out there the dos and the don’ts of the world.

Here I am today, in an attempt to put the responsibility off my shoulders. I’ll try to give you an account of my journey and I expect you all to keep taking notes.

For the first 5 years of my trading life, I was a loser. In all these years, I could not figure out what to do and how to do it. Until one day I heard my neighbour talking about the Investment Center. I had no clue what it was. “The Investment Center has changed my life, I wish I could reach out to the owners myself and thank them”. These remarks made me think again. What has he been offered with which makes him feel this way? On inquiring, he told me it’s an online trading firm that is distinct from the billion others in so many ways.

All these years my experience with the Investment Center has been remarkable and memorable. If there’s a gift I can give my naive traders, it’d be the advice to sign up for the Investment Center. I’ll explain the reason behind my choice and by the end of this review, you’ll stand convinced that you need to give it a shot.

Theme and graphics

Whenever you open a trading platform’s website the first thing that you come across is the theme, graphics, and colour scheme. The moment you click it open you see the pleasant, light colour combos blessing your eyes. The stencil graphics greatly complement the colours and the layout. I am a huge fan of light colours so for me, it’s a 10/10 but there are many people who like darker colours. It might not be appropriate for them, this is why the platform needs to introduce an option to customize the appearance.

It is eminent that the designers were mindful of the fact that the best site is the one that is time-saving. An example of this is that the logo at the top has graphics that let the user jump back to the main page from whatever section they landed in. This is what marks it as a user-friendly platform.

Security not for sale

The overall outlook of the website is what your eyes are looking for, now let’s head over to the issues which can consume your brain. Yes, security regulations. This is one of the decisive factors, which the users care the most for. Web-based trading rests on the foundations laid by the trust. I came across the best security regulations on the internet at the Investment Center. Did you know residents of the U.S. cannot access the page? Why? Despite a large number of people interested in signing up for the established Platform, they aren’t allowed to use it because of the associated security concerns. This policy proves the statement correct that the Investment Center won’t compromise on your security at any cost.

Impeccable legal framework

If you want more insights into the security and other legal clauses and terms, reaching them is a matter of a few clicks or touches. Scroll down the page and you’ll see the legal section which is well designed to help you easily navigate between the following sections

  • Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Anti Money Laundering Policies
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Withdrawal, refund, and the cancellation policy

Once you go through these flawlessly designed policies you’ll feel your trust establishing because of the amount of transparency they had to offer.

Easy Access

Old telephones became obsolete because they couldn’t be carried everywhere. If you look back everything which met replacements fast was because it wasn’t mobile. The Investment Center holds a special place in users’ hearts because of another factor which is that it is compatible with a number of devices. If you’re sitting at your office’s table, a laptop would work. If you’re in your bed and are super lazy, then your phone can also be used.

You can access a platform easily, you can use it even easier and get your orders executed in no time without any security concerns. What else can a trader ask for?


Diverse deposit and withdrawal methods

In the last few years, the trading world has undergone massive developments. Those who failed to keep up with them lost as traders, while the ones who did are at the winning end. One such area was the introduction of various transaction methods. It has been seen that traders need to pay in various different forms. Fortunately, the Investment Center took great care of this need and all the users to make deposits and withdrawal in the form of

  • Maestro
  • Bitcoin
  • MasterCard
  • Bank Wire

There’s one drawback that I’d like to point out here. The Investment Center does not offer PayPal and other such services. If the company introduces it soon, it’ll certainly be commendable.

Privacy first

A feature that marks the Investment Center distinct from other trading platforms is that makers believe in self-dependence. There is no external app or software which provides the users with services such as price prediction, asset management, market alerts, etc. This is done in an attempt to cut down the chances of security breaches by other apps. This remains one of the most applaudable features in my eyes. Because if you look into it carefully, you’ll see that this also enables the platform to analyze the needs of its users directly and then take measures accordingly.

Customer Care service

If you ask me to name 3 factors that make the users stick remain loyal to the firm for long periods, I’ll include customer care services. If you’ve flawless services but you fail to address the problems on time, no one is going to stay back. Investment Center has one of the best customer care services. They offer complete assistance in all matters to their users and ensure their issues are sorted out fast.

Let me share with you how this platform has always put its best foot forward while catering to any situation at hand. Their broker Andy Klein was assigned to me and he felt the dire need to address my concerns in due time.The way he talked to me and rushed to solve a problem that wasn’t as harmful to me impressed me greatly. This showcased his commitment to his clients which I found to be the most essential factor for customer support.

Right tools for you

When you’rea trader working on an international or even a national level you need some tools to help you through the process. When I signed up for the platform, I came across many such tools which I was oblivious to before. These tools here helped me find tons of opportunities and expand my portfolio. One such example is the one that helps you better understand the charts. You can switch between 5 chart types, refer to 35 chart indicators and see what 9 chart intervals have for you.

Final Word

By now you must have an idea of what makes me such a huge fan of the Investment Center. Whatever factor you probe, it will leave you satisfied. If you’re a neophyte, this firm will help you through the ride. If you’re an experienced trader, you’ll have chances to learn what you did not know. Although, there are a few points that need to be worked upon even then the platform is worth a try. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.