Can WaltonChase serve all your trading needs? – Review 2021 (

If you ever think of the trading world and associate money, luxury, and a lot of fortune with it you are partial, if not fully, mistaken. I have been in this profession for more than 10 years and for me it’s a lot about struggle and trouble together. But this isn’t to disappoint you or to take away your motivation. You can do great if you remain cautious!

Just a few years back, my cousin’s friend, an established trader, told me about WaltonChase. I had heard of it before but was skeptical because of the plethora of tricksters out there in the market. I did not want to risk my money initially but on his insistence, I decided to see what benefit WaltonChase could be off. My experience was worth it and that’s why here I am. To put forth my experience so I can be of any help to young traders.

Competitive Trading tools

I’ll start off straight by giving you an account of the features that every trader looks up to. The trading tools. WaltonChase introduced me to some highly efficient tools. I need to acknowledge; these have helped me the most throughout my venture. One of the best was the charting tool which lets you customize the experience. Chart types can be picked out of various options namely, OHLC, Spline, Line, Candlestick, or Scatter. The default type is candlestick which I do not like, but I could easily pick what suits me and make use of the delineated trading information bits. My friend was in love with the idea of spreading out current prices. He says this feature, in particular, makes WaltonChase stand-out. The zoom option at the bottom of the chart lets you have a clear picture of what’s going on exactly.


Theme and Graphics

Many traders think tools come after the theme of the website does. I know thatIt’s a popular opinion because it is the appearance of the platform that makes the users go deep into what the forum has to offer. For me,WaltonChase is extremely convenient to use thanks to its simple and direct designing approach. All I needed to do was click open the website and I could easily navigate through the site. The engaging format ledme to the feature I was looking for in no time.

There’s one thing I’d like to point out. The dark color scheme might be applauded by some users. But it would be great if an option is introduced which lets one pick a theme of choice. This is however not a hindrance in the way of rapid chart reading because of the bright and opposite chart colors.

Once I clicked to open the main page, just towards the left, I was met with a list of options placed there to make my experience smooth. I could quickly go through what these options have in store for me. The list consists of stuff I wanted to reach in no time. It includes Funds, Account Statements, Trade, Position, Settings, Closed Positions, and Support. At one point in time or another, I had the fortune of making use of all these options and my experience was phenomenal every time.

Secret Behind Success

All these years, I’ve figured out that WaltonChase runs on a principle of “Client before anything”. Once I signed up, I saw they discriminate amongst experienced and young traders. I personally feel like this attitude of firms takes them to unprecedented heights. The administration is spectacular. It won’t be wrong to say you’ll feel at home. The fact that they always go around the customer needs is what makes them this famous.

With the rapid developments in trading, the needs of customers have also undergone an evolution. WaltonChase has successfully kept up with the varying and growing needs of its users. One such example is the fact that they let you pick out of

  • Crypto
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Forex
  • Indices

I had no idea of Crypto a few years back. It was WaltonChase experts who helped me pave my way into the crypto world. If you feel like you’re new to any of the above, you can simply get in touch with the website representatives.

Meeting varying needs of the global client base

Any established and well-recognized firm makes sure that they keep in mind the fact that all users or customers do not have the same needs and expectations. A good firm works equally well for all of them and efficiently caters to a wide spectrum of needs.  WaltonChase has been mindful of this ever since I got to know them. This reminds me of a situation I landed in.

The person who told me of WaltonChase said that he used the platinum account. I being a neophyte wanted to sign up for it until the customer care representative introduced me to the 4 account types: Institutional, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. Once I went through their specs individually, I realized Gold would fit my needs. Although, sometime later I did upgrade to the platinum account that was only when I felt I needed more.

Education Center for all

Regardless of the number of years you’ve spent in this field, you’ll always feel the need to refresh your knowledge and to see what’s new that you might be missing. In fact, even I needed to stay updated the most. WaltonChase realizes how imperative it is to provide you all with advancing information. This is why they’ve made the education section a prominent part of the forum. I would say it is one of the most important and well-designed segments of the website. Let’s have a look.  You open the education page, and you’ll find the link to

  • Glossary
  • Asset Index
  • FAQs
  • Ebooks

The Glossary section is alphabetically arranged. If you ever come across a technical trading term, head over and click the initial alphabet. And there you go. The FAQ section is also very well managed. The list of questions is displayed, and the white color makes them easy to read. The Ebook section is yet another popular segment. The eBooks have been listed in a large size and bold style. A short description underneath helps you figure out if the book actually has what you’re looking for. The comprehensive list includes books on

  • Forex
  • CFDs and Stocks
  • Global Trading
  • Capital Management
  • Market analysis
  • Advanced trading strategies
  • Terms
  • Beginners strategy
  • Advanced Technical Analysis

Going through this section will again tell you how WaltonChase chase considers all sorts of traders in terms of experience before bringing any new feature. Beginners can pick the Technical Analysis and Beginners Strategy eBook. The Advanced ones are perfect for experienced traders. But I do think that the platform needs to add in more eBooks for the advanced traders.

The Asset Index section also has contents arranged alphabetically. You get brief insights into trading hours and expiry rules immediately.

FAQ section was my personal favorite because I never returned with a question unanswered. It substantially cuts down the need to contact the customer care representative. All questions that can possibly cross your mind have been thoroughly addressed.

Feel free to contact me!

If you feel like you need more details over a matter you can always make use of the ‘Contact us’ option at the bottom of the page. There are multiple ways I could get my grievances addressed. I simply filled out a short form and submittedmy question. Or drop an email at the given email ID. If I wanted instant answers then the live chat option was also made available. When I was not into typing and wanted a one-on-one verbal conversation the phone option suited me the best. But keep in mind the time slots these options are available in.

I have made use of all these options and found all of them equally effective. Also, the call option is only for customers in Australia. I think If more countries are added, it would be helpful for traders all around the globe.


Pay your way!

As mentioned above, WaltonChase is all about taking care of what you want. This is why the forum lets the trader pay in whatever form you are comfortable with. Also, it lets me explore other options and build up my portfolio. The payment options include Bitcoins, Credit Cards, Bank Wire, etc. None of these options is less efficient than the other so you need to stop worrying about it at once. Though the platform can try to add in PayPal alternative as well.

Choice is yours

By now you must’ve realized that my experience with WaltonChase has been exceptionally amazing. Ever since it made into my life, I’ve stopped worrying about my trading matters because they’ve been handled so professionally over these years. Everything from security to order execution had made me a huge fan of the forum.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.