Carter-Williams Review 2021: What I thought of this broker? (


If you are looking to be an active member of today’s market, you will first need to educate yourself. You see, being a neophyte, you might be subjected to a lot of strain when you witness how overwhelming the market can be at times. I know in the beginning I used to perceive trading and gambling as one. In hindsight, after learning trade strategies and analysis, I realise that there are many tricks of the trade that you need to know for both.

You cannot just throw money at securities without having an assessment of how the price varies. The price action trading allows you to analyze the basic movements of the price. While this billable negotiation is one method, online trading platforms today are equipped with technical indicators that allow to keep a track of the price movements better.

The way the online trading scene continues to shape the trading world is exemplary indeed. Just like every other industry, it continues to flourish. The digital world is just another venture for the global market that continues to pay off. Brokers that were lined up under companies can now extend independent contracts with newer firms. Either way, the market continues to expand, leaving traders to up their game.

I recently got on the bandwagon of the online trading world and signed up for Carter-Williams. The flood of new online brokerage firms last year provided the availability of a number of options. You can list down the features most suitable for you before making a choice. Before selecting Carter-Williams, I went through its service features and evaluated them based on their quality and efficiency.

What was my first impression like?

If I am surveying a number of platforms, I need to be enticed by a platform’s initial outlook in order to explore it more. This is exactly what Carter-Williams had in mind when they designed such an interactive interface. The bright outlook with a purple theme makes for an interesting display. I did notice that there were way too many graphical elements on the page which can be overwhelming at times. They can tone it down a bit, as that will allow users to navigate through it a lot more convenient.

The stock bar report was another engaging component of the landing page. I was a little confused at first while assessing it, as the design can be a little confusing. Carter-Williams has infused a different font for the report, which can confuse people. A beginner trader with less experience in the market would prefer that the full names of the assets are listed as the monograms can be confusing at times. They are also subjected to make a lot more mistakes with respect to trade terminologies, and this is exactly why having instructive tools at hand proves to be useful.

Assessing the layout

Moving on towards the different components of the landing page, you will witness that the platform is fully equipped to take on the trading world. From the learning resources to the investment opportunities, this proprietary platform is designed to provide easy use to both beginners and veteran traders.

The language selection option is on the top right corner while the date and time are on the top left corner. Even though the language selection seems easy, you have only one option available at the moment. You can access this server from anywhere around the world, without any glitch, and the server has been designed for both your laptop and your mobile. The mobile browser does not however feature the date and time. Also, the option to login in hidden in the mobile browser and if you open the pop-up list to access it.

The dynamic features that are integrated into the software make the platform more engaging and help avoid clutter. You don’t have to worry about an overfilled main page. There are drop-down lists for both the education centre and the info section. While this is for the open desktop browser, the mobile browser requires you to click on the three bars on the top right corner to access the service options.

Which account should I opt for?

Carter-Williams lays out four account types for its clients, and these accounts are well-sorted into packages. Based on your requirements as a trader, you can make a suitable selection.

I opted for the Basic account for the first few months as it allowed me to get an initial assessment of the platform. Significant leverage up to 100 is not the only feature this account has to option. You also get to diversify your portfolio by investing in any of the over 200 tradable assets. The market review that comes with it is an added bonus feature, and you will soon realise how essential it is.


Knowing the current and future market helps you make calculated decisions which will further translate to produce profitable results. It is because of this acumen that traders are able to progress in the market.

The main reason that I decided to upgrade was that I was interested in expanding my horizon as a trader. Not only did I want the special venture promotions, but I also wanted to avail more webinars hosted by the platform. The expert service representatives on the platform include independent experts which include brokers that have immense knowledge of legal, tax and financial. So, if you face any trouble navigating through the market, you can always seek help from the platform’s experts. While they may not directly influence your decisions, they will guide you on how to make the best from the opportunities provided to you.

How am I supposed to get access to funds on this platform?

Carter-Williams is a well-regulated platform, which is why it monitors all its clients’ transactions. The platform has three methods of withdrawals, which include:

1) Bank Wire Transfer

2) Credit Cards

3) Debit Cards

I did observe that there were no e-commerce payment methods such as PayPal, iDEAL etc. Users of these methods will be at an inconvenience with this platform as no such means have been introduced yet.

In my experience, the withdrawal process is a whole lot more efficient if the method you choose is similar to the one that you used for the deposit of the funds. I upgraded my account to get a higher priority level on my withdrawals, so you always have that option available.

What are the learning resources offered by this platform?

You might have different learning styles as a trader, but the way a platform features its resources can help you a lot. Carter-Williams has a separate section designated as the education centre which features the Glossary, eBooks, Asset Index and FAQs.

There are 12 eBooks that are lined up in this section which range in information for both beginners and expert traders alike. I personally like the fact that they give a short synopsis on each of the books so you can select based on your requirements. The CFD and stocks eBook was one that helped me grasp the concept of earning an income without actually owning the real asset. Having an underlying asset allows you to make price predictions accordingly.

I did spend considerable time in the FAQ section as well. I would have preferred had they introduced an upgrade option, as the query questions do not refresh with time. The five sections categorize the queries well and allow you to find information easily.

The two lists of Asset Index and Glossary are alphabetically aligned. Carter-Williams has over 200 tradable assets along with detailed features such as trade hours and expiry rules. The glossary will provide you with technical knowledge and allow you to equip yourself with the market lingo. Neither of these lists features a search engine so you cannot actually search a word or asset for yourself. You will have to scroll through the options to find what you are looking for.

Is the Customer Support Service up to mark?

Carter-Williams strives to be a client-oriented platform, which is why it monitors all parameters of its service. Customer support features three means of communication, and this allows you to connect with the platform’s administration well. You can call to connect with a phone support service, ping the live chat, or leave an email. All these options will get you an immediate response from the platform.

I preferred to use live chat as it allowed me to get my query across without having to speak. I am a little apprehensive of communicating via call. I did notice that the phone service is also not available worldwide. You can only use it if you are from Australia or the United kingdom.

Final Comments

Carter-Williams is a forex broker that is making progress in today’s market, and I have seen it flourish first hand. In the short time of my own association, I have seen its administration strive to achieve success. I believe the platform has a long way to go and is definitely a worthy investment.