6 Content Management Systems that You Can Consider for Blogging

Content Management Systems for Blogging

A personal blog site is of the utmost essence if you wish to flourish as a blogger. But even before you think about creating a website, you have to consider the Content Management System (CMS). This is because a good or a bad CMS can make or break your empire. Thus, you have to conduct an investigation into each CMS and know its pros and cons. Content Management Systems for Blogging

So, let us delve straight into the different CMS.

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most widely used CMS. As far as the statistics are concerned, WordPress dominates Google’s Search Engine Results Pages with 2.28 billion results. Moreover, the users make around 70 million new posts and 77 million new comments each month. It is quick to set up, and one can write SEO friendly blog posts with ease.

It also allows you to monitor digital assets, content from any computer as it is browser-based. The blogging capabilities are already built on the platform; hence, it is easy to integrate. Since it is a self-contained system, it does not require HTML editing software. Furthermore, you will find thousands of templates to work with. And with the powerful plugins, you can extend WordPress’s functionality and make your blog look professional.

  1. MovableType

MovableType has an interface that is quite similar to WordPress. It has multi-site publishing capability across multiple domains. One of the major advantages of using MovableType is its ability to scale to meet the requirements of any website. You also have tons of templates to make your blog stand out from the millions of blogs posted every day.Content Management Systems for Blogging

MovableType shines in many of the areas as the CMS mentioned above. You get to enjoy content editing, publishing, user registration, and comment management, plagiarism checker. If you wish to use the latest version, you have to upload it to your server manually via Secure Shell Protocol, or FTP.

However, MovableType has a bit more to offer with built-in activity logs and backup creation. And if you come across any issues, you will get assistance from the responsive support team.

  1. Ghost

Ghost is a relatively new CMS, and it has been built around the needs of a wordsmith. The admin panel is exceptionally well designed, and it consists of powerful dashboard widgets. Moreover, it an SEO optimization, which is a must-have in the blogging world. You will also get to see XML sitemaps, Google AMP pages, canonical tags, microformats, Facebook Open Graph tags, etc.

If you use Ghost as a headless CMS, you will get major benefits. It comes in handy when your needs go beyond the purpose of just rendering content on web pages. If you use headless CMS, it would be extremely easy to generate a static site that can be generated globally. Most importantly, getting started with Ghost is easy whether you rely on Ghost-CLI or Ghost Pro.Content Management Systems for Blogging

  1. Joomla

If you are not familiar with Joomla, then you should know that more than 1.83 million sites are powered by Joomla. Moreover, it comes second with a 5% market share. It is absolutely free of cost as it is an open-source CMS. You can easily integrate any Payment Gateway it Jumla. There are more than 8000 Joomla extensions, with which you can include social media gadgets on your site. This would help while you promote your blog post.

If you want to site to rank higher on the Google search, you should opt for Joomla. It contains built-in SEO tools, which help the web crawler to go through the content easily and enhance the discoverability of the site. Not to forget, there is a huge number of templates that will make your

write-up look refined. You can also take the help of the content editors to proofread the content quickly before publishing it.

Content Management Systems for Blogging

  1. Blogger

Blogger is one of the first blogging platforms and is a Google-owned service. Besides the user-friendly interface, it is reputed for its easy setup and is ideally suited for the beginners. If you use the default subdomain yourblog.blogspot.com, you will see that running a blog site on Blogger is completely free. It is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform, and the level of transparency is high.

Blogger offers a lot of hosting and maintenance facilities. You do not need any coding proficiency to use the CMS. You get Google’s additional robust security and integration opportunities with Google Drive. This is why there are 459+ thousand live websites relying on Blogger. So, if you are looking for simplicity, get started with Blogger now.


Usually, known for its “micro-blogging” concept, Tumblr is a free blogging platform designed for those who prefer to publish short-form content like infographics, quotes, images, etc. here, the blogging platform comes with an inbuilt sharing option. You do not have to share content manually. It is the perfect place for bloggers who want to start publishing their posts straight away.
Furthermore, it is also a great place for those who don’t want to convert their blog into a business project. You also get great customization options. And if you decide to move your blog from Tumblr to another platform like WordPress, you can do it via CMS2CMS automatically. The CMS is particularly useful if you create a site like a photoblog.

As you can see, there are lots of options when it comes to choosing the best CMS for blogging. Based on the information provided, you have to analyze which CMS is best suited for your purpose. 

Furthermore, if you are working on a paper-based on CMS, benefits, and market statistics, you can take pointers from the information stated above. If you wish to get hold of updated facts and figures, you must pore through various resources like websites and blog posts. And if you find the task to be daunting, take assistance from the essay writing.

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