Denver Outdoor Decorating Ideas

With summer just around the corner, people from Denver and elsewhere around the country are looking for creative ideas for decorating your outdoor space. By investing in your yard or modern outdoor living area, you can add value to your home and increase your current quality of life.

There are many different ways in which you can approach an outdoor decorating project. Focusing on aesthetics and thinking about how the different features interact with one another will help you create a truly enjoyable outdoor space.

If you are planning on decorating your Denver outdoor space, you may be unsure where, exactly, to begin. Fortunately, there are many highly qualified modern outdoor décor companies that can help you craft an outdoor area that meets your needs.

In this article, we discuss 10 outdoor decorating ideas that are perfect for almost any home in Denver. Whether you use one, none, or all of these ideas, taking some time to consider the options available will help ensure your outdoor project goes smoothly.

1. Earth Tone Seating

Earth tone seating is perfect for anyone who wants to incorporate a modern outdoor sofa in an area that blends in with the natural environment. In an ecologically diverse city like Denver, there are many different earth tones you can potentially use, including tan, forest green, stone gray, and more. Incorporating earth tone seating helps avoid the flashiness of other colors and can help cultivate a relaxing, welcoming outdoor living area.

2. Rock Garden

In Denver, there has been an active movement away from grass yards (which are water-intensive, high maintenance, and potentially invasive) in favor of many alternatives. When building a rock garden from scratch, it will be important to think about the size, shape, color, and positioning of each of the rocks that you choose. Fortunately, whether you are creating a Zen garden or are simply trying to cover some square footage, you’ll have plenty of choices available.

3. String Lighting

String lighting is the perfect option for setting a relaxing mood during an outdoor summer gathering. Furthermore, thanks to the rise of LED lighting, creating a well-lit and sustainable patio space is easier than ever before. LED lighting is more efficient, longer-lasting, and more dynamic than the older incandescent alternatives. Placing some string lights around poles, rails, overhangs, and other features can help you craft a truly timeless aesthetic.

4. Artisan Fire Pit

Nothing says summer like a nice, warm fire pit complete with marshmallows and a few of your best friends. An artisan fire pit offers the functionality of a traditional fire pit, along with increased functionality and greater aesthetic variation. Two of the most popular types of artisan fire pits include concrete fire pits and metal fire pits. However, depending on your personal tastes and the layout of your yard, you may want to consider a custom fire pit to help meet your needs.

5. Adjustable Umbrellas

Denver is well-known for its very volatile weather patterns, especially in the summer. Though the summer is typically dry and warm, sudden drops in temperature and sudden rainstorms are not uncommon. An adjustable umbrella is a perfect option for anyone hoping to make their outdoor living area a bit more adaptable, no matter what type of weather there might be. Large, adjustable, outdoor umbrellas are available in countless patterns and colors, making it easier to create a full aesthetic.

6. Thought-Provoking Art Panels

Many people assume that art is something that needs to be kept indoors, but there are actually many different styles and forms of art that are specifically designed for the outdoors. A large art panel, for example, can help your yard become more visually appealing and also offer your guests a great conversation structure. A common theme among outdoor art panels is nature, helping to blend the beautiful patterns of the natural world along with the creative touch of humankind. Flowers, geometric shapes, and trees are all popular panel patterns.

7. Ski Fence

When people think of Colorado, one of the first things that comes to mind is the Centennial State’s excellent skiing scene. A ski fence, as you might guess, is a fence that is made entirely from skis. Typically, these skis are older, relatively thin, and made of polished wood. However, even modern skis can be used to create this unique decoration. Whether you construct your ski fence using old skis you’ve found on your own or purchase a “pre-built” fencing option, installing a ski fence is a great way to add some genuine Colorado character.

8. Modern Planters

Planters are perfect for any homeowner that wants to increase the natural features in their yard without making any major structural landscaping changes. Fiber cement planters, ceramic planters, and other types of planters can hold flowers, small trees, cactuses, and other varieties of visually appealing flora. Consider purchasing multiple planters to help create a cohesive theme, juxtaposing different colors and shapes next to one another.

9. Running Water

As most decorators and landscapers will tell you, running water is one of the best ways to add value to an outdoor space. While adding running water is not always a feasible option (this will depend on the layout of your yard), when it’s possible, water is ideal for creating an idyllic, calm, and enjoyable environment. If there’s no way to add running water in “naturally”, consider installing an outdoor waterfall or even an outdoor fountain. A well-placed art fountain will certainly make your outdoor space a bit more memorable.

10. Adobe Pizza Ovens

With people spending more time outside, outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular. An outdoor kitchen might contain a wide range of different features, including a stove, grill, and—of course—an outdoor pizza oven. A well-crafted adobe pizza oven is perfect for anyone who plans on hosting guests and having a little bit of culinary fun.


Redesigning or redecorating your Colorado outdoor living spaces can be very exciting. However, before you begin making any commitments, you should take a little bit of time to think about the aesthetic you are hoping to create. Each of the ten features mentioned in this article can help give your yard a bit of personality and charm.

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