Do you know the Power of Testosterone

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Do you know the Power of Testosterone?

‘If you know testosterone, the male hormone, menopause after age 50 is fun?’ Male hormones are attracting attention with the emergence of sexual enhancement agents such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Until now, male hormones have not attracted attention relative to female hormones. As it did not cause distinct menopausal symptoms like female hormones, the symptoms caused by male hormone deficiency were recognized as a simple process of aging. However, as sexual function improvers are pouring out, the role of male hormones is being emphasized.

Sexuality, muscle strength, concentration… Make men more masculine

Man Issues with Testosterone

◇Dominate a man’s life=Why do men wage war and try to dominate others, and enjoy exploration and adventure? Also, why are men constantly trying to establish relationships with many women, speeding, yelling, and more destructive than women?

The main culprit behind it is testosterone, which is only a few hundred ng (nanogram: 1 billionth of a gram)/㎗. This hormone is produced from the 6th week of the fetus and contributes to the formation of the penis and testicles. And in youth, they change their voices, thicken muscles and bones, change their personality and attitudes in life. The amount of testosterone in adult males is 260~1,000 ng/㎗, and 2,000 ng in teenage boys.

It soars around 8 a.m.

◇The reason why sexual desire increases in the morning rather than in the evening = 18th century famous opera soprano singers were castrated men. He knew empirically that testosterone was made in male testicles. Testosterone has a direct effect on sex drive.

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Because of this, it decreases by 1% every year from the 30s, and after menopause, not only the desire for life but also the craving for sex disappears. In addition, the concentration of this hormone in the blood changes countless times a day. It peaks at around 8 a.m., and is halved just before bedtime. Women are told to wait for the morning rather than wake up their sleeping husband.

Skinny people have a lot of secretion

◇Even at the same age, the amount of secretion is different for each person = After menopause, muscle mass decreases, osteoporosis occurs, and abdominal obesity increases, which is deeply related to the decrease in testosterone. Also, even with the same age, the amount of secretion may be different. In general, fat people are lower than skinny people. The myth that’dry firewood has more firepower’ doesn’t seem to be wrong. In addition, when suffering from diseases such as hypogonadism, young people become feminine due to lack of hormones. Even if the same amount of testosterone is secreted, the result is different if the amount of receptors that accept the hormone is different.

◇Is it effective if I put it into the elderly?=If an animal is castrated, it turns like a cat, and if it increases its concentration, it acts like a tiger. Supplementing the hormones that actually fell on men strengthens concentration and motivation as well as dominant behavior. In addition, the intensity of exercise is increased and they show fierce competition, and the winning team players after the game maintain a high testosterone concentration even after the game is over.

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Naturally, even in the elderly, muscle mass increases, the will of life, the spirit of challenge, and concentration appear. Dr. James Dapps of Georgia State University, USA, answered the question, “What will happen to the elderly if they regularly raise their testosterone levels?” “It will become out of control.”

May fuel tumor growth

◇ If it goes too far, is there any problem? = It is fatal for people with prostate cancer. This is because testosterone promotes tumor growth. There may be side effects such as sleep apnea, which can block microvessels by increasing blood concentration or snoring badly. This means that the positive effect does not multiply. However, most of the excess hormones are metabolized without much effect. Dependency can be an issue. If hormones are continuously injected from the outside, the production plant in the body becomes lazy, such as reducing production activities. Therefore, it is a rule to test testosterone levels with blood tests and receive only those who are insufficient.

Testosterone Can Affect Males

◇Which drugs are available = Drugs in the form of injections, patches, pills, and gels are available. Instead of taking injections once every 2-3 weeks, the fluctuations in the concentration of hormones in the body are severe. The patch applied to the skin has stability, but skin problems such as itching are pointed out as a problem. Pills show a stable blood concentration if there is no discomfort to take 2 to 4 times a day. Although liver damage was a problem, products that overcome it were also released. The gel-type androgel, which is currently released under the approval of the Food and Drug Administration, is applied. Not only does it supply the proper amount of hormones to the body, there is no worry about skin problems. Currently, the industry estimates that the 1.4 billion won market will expand rapidly due to the emergence of new formulations.

The problem is that, except for hypogonadism, menopausal sexual function decline is not covered by insurance. Therefore, you have to pay 50,000~90,000 won at your own expense. The claim that women’s menopausal diseases are covered by insurance while men’s menopause is excluded from insurance seems to be convincing.

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