Eskimo at the Igloo Hotel in Manali: costs, adventures, and things to consider

Igloo resort Manali: This winter, the Eskimo experience is waiting for you! Now is the time to get rid of the stresses and relaxation of the eventful year. And what better place than the laps of the powerful Himalayas for your holidays? Near Himachal Pradesh’s Manali is the Valley of Hamta, where Vikas Kumar and his team of five other Himalayan Adventure make five igloos each winter to welcome tourists. This year, too, Vikas now offers his guests a unique experience of the life of the skis in his igloo hotel. Here’s all you need to know to be ready for your igloo trip!

Price of stay

The hotel in Manali Igloo offers days at the Igloo site and offers overnight accommodation. During the day, the tourists could experience a number of adventure activities such as skiing, sledding, and tube sliding. For overnight stays, visitors stay two or two days and three days for one night. The stay on the igloo site only takes one night in both packages. The Iglu stay covers 24 hours with adventurous activities, a snack, night stays, and everything you can eat. On the other hand, the two-night package includes stays for one night at the base hotel in Manali and local sightseeing and igloo sites for the other night.

“Everything that we offer is enough one day at the igloo site. Nothing else would get tourists to stay another night. But sometimes they want to spend an extra night there and in this case, there’s a charge, so they can stay, but we didn’t make any package, as we don’t offer anything else on a second day. That’s why we have added Manali to our basic hotel price-including local sightseeing,” Vikas said, interacting with the Bulbul Dhawan online Financial Express.

For adults, the day trip to the igloo would cost Rs 1,500 per head and for children not less than 6 years Rs 1,200 per head. The Iglu package cost Rs5.500 per person on a double-sharing basis for a one-night, two-day night package. All activities and food and drinks at the site are included in this cost. Two nights’ 3 days package would cost Rs 7.699, double-shared, per person, with one night in the base hotel and one night at the igloo site. Breakfast or dinner at the base hotel, take-off and get off at the Manali bus station, half a day of local Manali sightseeing, All Igloo site meals and drinks and all Igloo site activities.

The hotel provides a 50 percent discount for children for families with two children who visit.

Facilities at the Manali igloo hotel

The igloo site offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, unlimited tea or coffee for tourists staying at night. Since the food is cooked by a kaccha path on the campground, it is kept simple and light and the menu has been arranged.

Lunch is Vegetarian and “pure paradise kadhi chawal” is treated to tourists. Tourists can, on the other hand, get vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dinner, typically including a dish of paneer, chicken, chapati, and rice. Lunch is available around 13:30 and dinner is at 9:30 pm. Lunch is served.

Currently, the Manali temperature rises to -4°C by 8:30 pm and can be lowered to -10°C at midnight. So Vikas and his staff provide people with internal fleece sleeping bags to keep tourists warm. Even at temperatures as low as -30 degrees, these bags are effective. Tourists should however note that although sleeping bags are very warm, the space for moving can make them uncomfortable.

In addition, tourists receive a bottle of hot water that can be very efficient in preventing cold. In addition, the walls of the igloo are 1,5 feet wide, increasing inside the igloo’s temperature by 7-8 degrees, as a big insulator is snow.

Before going to Manali igloo you have something to remember

Apart from the very warm dress, Financial Express Online asked Vikas what other tourists should remember before heading for the website.

Physical fitness

“Physical fitness is the first thing I’d say. We can go only by a 4-to-4 vehicle on the way from the base Hotel to the igloo site. We may also have to walk sometimes. It can be difficult for the team to care for all tourists in such a situation. Tourists should therefore be fit physically. We advise overweight people not to visit the site because it is difficult to walk in snow and can cause problems if they are unable to keep balance. In addition, children under the age of 6 are not permitted,” said Vikas.