Five Best Things to do in Bohol, Philippines

Home to the famous Chocolate Hills, it’s no wonder Bohol makes it to the list of top ten tourist spots in the Philippines. You’ll be equally amazed at the breathtaking beauty of other attractions in Bohol that include old churches, beaches, coral reefs, rivers, waterfalls, mangrove forests, caves, hanging bridges, tarsier sanctuaries, rice fields, fishing villages, and much more! What enchants tourists even more is Bohol’s laid-back vibe! If you are planning a trip to this island in the Central Visayas, do not miss out on these best things to do in Bohol. Also, don’t miss the incredible deals and discounts on flight tickets to the Philippines at iEagle .

Check out the Chocolate Hills:

Naturally, any list of the best things to do in Bohol starts with Chocolate Hills, the most popular tourist attraction in Bohol, if not in the whole of the Philippines. Chocolate Hills refer to a peculiar landscape consisting of thousands of gigantic mounds spread across 50 square kilometers. The otherwise lush green hills turn chocolaty brown in the dry season, and the hills look like huge chocolate kisses!

Cruise the Loboc River:

Cruising the Loboc River, which makes its way through the dense jungles, is an overwhelming experience. It’s the most recommended thing to do in Bohol, particularly if you are a nature lover. As you cruise down the emerald green river under the shade of palm trees that line both banks of Loboc River, serenity is all that you feel! With the best of Filipino food served on board, the cruise experience becomes even more pleasing to the senses!

Visit Baclayon Church:

Baclayon Church, officially known as ‘the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary Parish Church’, is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines and a significant historical place to visit in Bohol. The church is built in the neoclassical style of architecture, and it’s interesting to know that the mortar mixed from egg white is used to cement together the coral stone walls of the church. There’s also a museum inside the church, where you’ll come across several religious relics and artifacts.

Sunset at Alona Beach:

Alona Beach, situated on Panglao Island, is the best place to enjoy sunsets. The pristine white sand, clear blue waters and stunning coral reefs attract beach lovers to this tropical paradise. It is also a perfect place to enjoy various activities, including scuba diving, snorkeling, and dolphin-watching. This beach is home to a few luxurious bars and restaurants. Isn’t it wonderful to experience the sunset at a beach while relishing your favorite food and drinks!

Hang out at Dimiao Twin Waterfalls:

If you wish to spend some peaceful time in the midst of raw nature, one of the best things to do in Bohol is visiting Dimiao Twin Waterfalls. Also known as Pahangog Falls, the twin waterfalls rush down the rocky cliffs (from the height of nearly 25 m) forming a large pool below. You must be prepared for the challenging trek through the dense jungle to reach Dimiao falls situated in the heart of the jungle, but believe us, the sight of the twin falls is extremely rewarding! Relax by swimming in the turquoise pool, try cliff jumping, and explore the surroundings!

Some more interesting things to do in Bohol include visiting Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary to closely observe the tiny tarsiers, riding through the Mahogany Forest, swimming in the freshwater lagoon inside Hinagdanan Cave, watching hundreds of species of butterflies at Bohol Habitat Conservation Conservatory, walking across the Bamboo Hanging Bridge, learning the history of Blood Compact Monument, having fun at Danao Adventure Park, and eating delicious organic food at Bohol Bee Farm’s restaurant!