Having Your Vehicle Body Repaired Is An Approach That Should Not Be Neglected.

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, issues of personal safety and insurance must be taken into consideration. In order to carry out this process, there are three possibilities: restore your bodywork alone, call on an approved professional, or have your body repaired by learners in vocational technical high schools, which implies a lower budget.

At first glance, having your body repaired may seem like a purely aesthetic process. Bumps and other twists that do not directly prevent the use of the vehicle. However, the stakes in the medium and long terms are of another order. The safety of the driver and occupants may be at risk. Insurance companies can also refuse to insure a vehicle whose body condition does not guarantee the safety of users or the protection of the driving elements against external aggressions. The manufacturer’s warranty is also canceled by the presence of excessively damaged bodywork. Among the consequences are possible corrosion and premature wear of the vehicle chassis. The cost of repairing the bodywork is then more important. The damage caused to the bodywork can also encourage professionals to demand a follow-up inspection following the technical control. A neglected body also has a financial consequence. The value of the vehicle, in the context of a resale, is significantly reduced. Overall, the longer one waits before repairing a damaged body, the higher the repair cost. It is best to act at the first signs. The higher the repair cost. It is best to act at the first signs. The higher the repair cost. It is best to act at the first signs.

Most of the symptoms that indicate when it is time to straighten your bodywork are visual. A sunken hood, crooked bumpers, or large scratches are obvious signs of degradation. Among the obvious symptoms, we also find the gaps or abnormal friction between the body of the vehicle and the elements such as the doors, the trunk or the hood. Broken items are also important warning signs. The taillights or front broken or poorly secured, the side mirrors rattling or that can no longer be adjusted. The presence of folds on the chassis or on the floor are also signs of an emergency to straighten the body of the car. Particular vigilance must be observed after an impact or a collision.

Make repairs alone

Body repair is expensive, especially when the damage is severe and the work is done by a professional. However, it is possible to straighten the crumpled sheet on its own. To do this, you need to have some know-how or follow the tutorials and internships offered by professionals in the sector. It is also recommended to have a sheltered garage, and adequate tools.

The tools to repair a sunken body

To carry out the repair on your own, a number of tools are essential. Among these tools, the straightening bench is valuable. Attached to a hydraulic bracket, the bench accommodates the damaged vehicle. The two articulated arms of the bench, connected to a jack, are fitted with a chain. The latter is positioned on the part of the sheet to be straightened. By actuating the jack, the sheet is forced to return to its original shape. Marble is also an indispensable Used luxury auto sales utensil. It is the tool which integrates, expressed in millimeters, the initial dimensions of the manufacturer. It makes it possible to straighten damaged sheets while respecting manufacturers’ standards. The references taken into consideration by the marble are the anchor points of the shock absorbers, the engine block fixing areas, or the reference areas of the side members. There are three distinct types of marble: universal marble, laser marble and measure beam marble. Third essential tool for carrying out repairs alone: ​​special bodywork sealant. The latter is used to repair dents, reseal damaged body or plastic components.

It is also possible to have your body repaired by a professional. The most famous garages like Midas, Speedy, Eureka or AD now all offer websites that simplify the procedures. The big names in the sector are organized into networks, their partner mechanical workshops forming large networks. It becomes easy to find the nearest garage to your home and get repair quotes in a few clicks, without time-consuming research or travel. However, it is strongly recommended to make different estimates, ideally three, before entrusting your vehicle to a professional. Prices in this deregulated area vary significantly from one bodybuilder to another. Prices are calculated according to the precise damage, door to change, hood to straighten or simple scratches, and according to the working time and the workforce involved. In the event of multiple body repairs following an impact, an all-inclusive repair package may be offered by the garage.

Vocational technical high schools are constantly looking for vehicles on which apprentices can practice and learn the trade of bodybuilder. The repairs are all carried out under the supervision of a professional in the sector who passes on his know-how to the apprentices. The advantage of the process is financial. The final repair bill is often 50% lower than that of a professional garage. The average hourly rate is 45 € per hour, while it is around 95 € for a professional. The downside is the time allotted for the repair. Patience is essential. The goal is educational and the school gives priority to learning. Once the vehicle is dropped off, you have to be able to do without it for a while.