Here's Why Realme is Known As The King of Low Budget Mobile Phone Brands

Here’s Why Realme is Known As The King of Low Budget Mobile Phone Brands

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If you are looking for a low-budget smartphone that meets all expectations, one brand will stand out from the rest. Over the last few years, Realme has been cornering the high-spec, low-cost smartphone market. To be fair, this market has seen its share of mobile brands all vying for a piece of the pie, but Realme is, without a doubt, the undisputed leader. Here’s Why Realme is Known As The King of Low Budget Mobile Phone Brands.

Here’s Why Realme is Known As The King of Low Budget Mobile Phone Brands

Realme’s line-up of smartphones comes with high-end features otherwise found in flagship phones from top brands. This could be in the form of high megapixel cameras, high RAM size, multicore processors, or crystal clear displays. If unhinging performance matters to you, you can opt for a model like Realme Narzo 10A, which is considered by many to be the best smartphone under 12000 INR. 

So how did Realme emerge on top in the low-budget mobile phone space? What strategies did the company implement that made it stand out from the rest of the competition? This article looks at the reasons why Realme is the king of the budget mobile segment. 

#1 Chinese, but Not Really

Unlike most other budget mobile brands, Realme didn’t launch in its native country of China. The company strategically placed its budget phone line-up in the highly demanding Indian marketplace in a bid to disrupt the space. At the time of its launch, the prices offered on its feature-rich smartphones were unheard of. This strategy proved to be like striking gold among the one billion budget-sensitive populace. 

#2 E-commerce all the Way

The focus to go completely online through various e-commerce channels proved to be a genius move. Buyers at the time were gradually moving towards online shopping and flash sales; Realme, as the adage goes, hit the iron while it was hot. While other brands were throwing money on retail marketing and distribution strategies, Realme stole the cake with product demand previously unheard of. Buyers were literally “lining-up” online to get their hands on a budget Realme phone. This demand automatically gave way to considerable publicity and curiosity in the market. 

#3 Zero Marketing and Distribution

One of the ways the company could keep costs down was to spend close to nothing on marketing and distribution. At a time when other top brands were spending as much as a quarter of their budget on marketing and distribution, Realme decided to do away with burdening expenses and pass on the cost savings to its customers. 

This was, without a doubt, a defining factor for Realme’s success. Smart buyers who had to pay an arm and a leg for a prevalent smartphone inadvertently found that they just paid for a fancy showroom with glitzy lights, and complicated marketing jargon.

Conclusion | Here’s Why Realme is Known As The King of Low Budget Mobile Phone Brands

If you believe in the saying “let the product do the talking”, that was all Realme did at the time. Their budget smartphones were speaking, and the buyers were eager to listen to what they had to say. As it happens during most festive seasons, mobile phone offers are expected to rain down this year too. If you are looking forward to buying the best smartphone under 12,000 INR, online sales are the place to be for the latest Realme upcoming phone such as the Realme V3.

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