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When cholesterol production is excessive, deposits are formed that can clog veins and arteries, producing cardiovascular accidents and saturate the organs

hindering their function

the liver usually is one of the most affected by the excessive accumulation of this substance that sometimes produces gallstones.

The body produces its cholesterol that is synthesized in the intestine, adrenal glands, testes, ovaries, and liver, the latter being the most important in the total production of human cholesterol.

Depending on the lipoprotein-associated with fat transport, cholesterol can be of high or low intensity,

affecting differently when produced, and it can be easily detected with a routine analysis.

Low-density LDL cholesterol is transported by LDL lipoprotein from the liver to the bloodstream.

High-density HDL cholesterol is the one that is transported from the blood to the liver and is also known as good cholesterol because

it removes the accumulated LDL deposits in the veins and arteries restoring their normal functioning.

In a blood test, cholesterol values ​​above 200 mg/dl are considered a risk factor in predisposition to heart disease and high risk is attributed when it is above 250.

These values ​​are not parametric in all people since the patient’s age sex, and clinical history of coronary pathologies will more accurately determine the ideal markers to preserve cardiovascular health and avoid complications.

Causes and treatments of cholesterol

Low diet:

it is the leading cause of high cholesterol in most people of all ages since process foods are rich in saturate fats

that raise the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and favor the excessive accumulation of triglycerides.

Improving eating habits usually is sufficient when there is no pathology relate to coronary diseases, and the values ​​normalize in one to three months.


cholesterol tends to rise as we age, and although the relationship with the decrease in the production of sex hormones has not been 100% determine.

they seem to be closely link, so that measures that are becoming years more careful eating habits to alleviate the symptoms of wear and tear associate with aging.

Sedentary lifestyle:

it is postulated as another cause that favors the excessive accumulation of cholesterol since inactivity stagnates blood flow.

hindering the regular transport of this substance through lipoproteins, and this would be a possible explanation for why elite athletes

present HDL cholesterol values well above average, while LDL is significantly lower than the standard population.

Oral contraceptives:

especially those combine with estrogen and synthetic progesterone.

raise cholesterol levels in many users.

This situation is easily revers by changing the preparation or suppressing the administration of the hormonal compound.


it has also been point out as responsible for excess cholesterol in some cases whose history shows repetitive patterns of familial hypercholesterolemia associate

with one or two defective genes depending on whether they are inherited from the mother, father, or both. Which determines its severity and treatment.

Familial hypercholesterolemia is associate with a single defective gene.

Those who suffer from it have twice the average values ​​and should be subject to periodic check-ups and study of the family’s medical

history to avoid cardiovascular complications in the future.

Familial hypercholesterolemia associate with the two defective genes (from the father and the mother) is called homozygous hypercholesterolemia.

Although it represents a small percentage of all patients affect with hypercholesterolemia, it is a severe pathology that requires treatment and lifelong reviews.

It may present values four or five times higher than the average.

which conditions the patient to suffer a cardiovascular accident and myocardial infarction at an early age.

Home remedies for cholesterol

There are various home remedies for cholesterol and in this way keep it stable and lead a healthy life.

Next, we mention some of the most use and known.

  1. Garlic to control cholesterol

The garlic properties are innumerable, and it has components that eliminate bad cholesterol; this makes it possible to stabilize it naturally.

It is only necessary to eat a clove of garlic daily on an empty stomach

after 10 minutes we can continue with our usual breakfast.

The garlic Peele and it is recommend to add a little salt so that its flavor is not so strong.

Learn more about the health benefits of garlic.

  1. Horsetail tea

Tea can be ideal for controlling cholesterol; many people resort to this type of infusions. Horsetail is one of the herbs that help various diseases and also allows us to have stable cholesterol.

Just taking 300 milliliters of this infusion before going to sleep will reduce our cholesterol from the first week.

  1. White or red wine

Indeed many times, you have heard about the properties of wine.

it is that it is ideal for keeping cholesterol under control. It is recommend to have a glass of wine at lunch 4 times a week.

thus, our cholesterol will begin to be reduce.

  1. Oatmeal water

According to some studies, the fiber in oats helps lower cholesterol levels by mixing with it in the small intestine and being absorb less into the blood.

Mix 3 or 4 tablespoons of oatmeal in a liter of water.

let it sit overnight, and the next day you can drink it throughout the day.

  1. Omega 3 fats

Prevention and treatment for cholesterol

A healthy diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids is the best preventive to keep cholesterol at bay. We can obtain these healthy fats from natural sources such as bluefish, which is the most decadent food in this compound. However, some vegetable sources such as seeds, nuts, avocado, and olive oil also include lower proportions.

Practicing physical exercise is also necessary for proper cardiovascular health, and maintaining stable cholesterol markers, conditioning to the same extent as diet.

Weight control, if you have extra pounds, losing them will help reduce bad LDL while increasing acceptable HDL cholesterol levels.

Increased consumption of vitamins receives a correct supply of vitamins B, C, and E to reduce the accumulation of cholesterol and clean the arteries.

Avoid saturated fats and processed or fried food

  • they are rich in cholesterol, so their consumption must be avoid as much as possible.
  • Fiber, its consumption helps to reduce it, has a significant impact on fat metabolism, and, consequently, eliminates cholesterol. Among other foods, oats, beans, barley, and plums are rich in fiber.
  • Omega 3, the consumption of omega-3 fatty acid that found in oily fish such as salmon or trout, among others, reduces our triglyceride levels and, with it, the level of fat in the blood.
  • Nuts, various studies indicate that their consumption helps reduce the level of LDL. A moderate consumption to be rich in calories, walnuts, or almonds can be very advisable. Fildena 100mg and Super p Force treat to men’s ED problems
  • Virgin olive oil, its consumption helps reduce LDL (bad) without affecting the good HDL.
  • Avoid bad habits such as tobacco, alcohol, or a sedentary lifestyle; these incorrect habits increase.

Please consult with the doctor before taking any dietary supplement, or when in doubt, it is essential to consult with the medical professional. You should know about any alternative or complementary practice that one performs; some supplements may have unwater interactions or alter some drugs (if they are take).

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