How to build an online grocery store from scratch?

Before getting into building your online grocery store, you have to focus on many aspects that allow you to create a grocery website which is top notch in performance with user centric features that gets satisfying customers.

Almost one quarter of consumers across the globe have already started ordering groceries online and they delivered it to their doorstep.

Hence, many retailers start getting into online selling keeping in mind the increasing mobile app usage for multiple purposes like: shopping apps, grocery list, coupons that facilitate hassle free shopping experience.

Are you also the one who can make your mark online with an online grocery business?

Want to know how to build an online grocery website from scratch? What are the technicalities required? Following are some of the answers to your queries.

To start with, you require a grocery eCommerce platform and a shopping cart system in simple term, which will be a smooth functioning online store.

How to find the best e-commerce Platform to start your online grocery store?

Here are several factors you need to consider while finding a grocery eCommerce platform.

  • Is it budget friendly?
  • Is it secure?
  • Will it give a beautiful look?
  • Is it easily scalable?
  • Does it incorporate 3rd party integrations?

These 5 simple questions can help you zero in on choosing your eCommerce software to create an online grocery store keeping today’s tech standards in mind. Experts suggest that having a Magento based online store is the best choice. Launched in 2007, Magento is one of the world’s leading platforms that always stay ahead in competition with its frequent upgrades and version releases to keep everything up-to-date.

What are the features you need to build for a successful Grocery eCommerce Website?

Your grocery online store must be equipped with various features that will sell, market and even be administered unlike a normal neighboring store.

Minimalistic Design and Excellent UX: 

If you want your online grocery store to outshine its competitors, you should have something special. Rather than pricing and free delivery, there is something that will make the shopping better and compelling which must be dealing with your website’s design.

Here are some useful design tips:

  • Have minimalistic design
  • Keep the interface cluster free and clean
  • Set call to action buttons like buy now, add to cart

Unlimited Product Listing:

A grocery online store should have at least 1000+ SKUs with variants and attributes. So, it should be capable in any situation just in case of the store’s sales volume.

Multiple Payment Integrations:

It is one of the most common things most business owners ignore without knowing its importance. Internet banking, Credit or Debit card, Paytm, Google pay are becoming more default payment systems. Also, it has become a necessity to include cash vouchers, promotional codes, gift cards and more.

Scheduling Delivery:

A recent report by Accenture shows that at least 60% of consumers are ready to pay extra fee for same day delivery or scheduled delivery. So, when it comes to selling groceries, home delivery is a critical factor. Particularly customers expect their order to be delivered on the same day at a time and place of their choice.

Apart from these, there are other common features you should be incorporating in your online grocery website:

Dashboard for Admin:
This should facilitate the user for listing products, approve vendors, monitor store metrics and more.

Vendor Moderation: Offer an easy and hassle-free way to approve, reject, and moderate sellers who supply the products.

Store Management: Managing customers, products, receivables, monitoring analytics, newsletters, sending emails and others.

Social Login: Logging in through social accounts may save the time of your customers and there is no need to remember passwords. You may also benefit from getting social media credentials for marketing purposes.

Single Step Checkout: Getting too much details from customer will force them to abandon shopping since long tailing forms are not preferred by customers.

Online Shopping Store

Finally Cloud or On-premise? Where do you want to host your grocery e-commerce website?

On-premise hosting is not common these days for many reasons. Cloud hosting is quite popular and is extremely scalable, meaning it doesn’t hurt even if your sales volume increases enormously. As there is no upfront cost, it is the best option for any startup with budget friendly options. Looking to Build a Compelling Online Grocery ecommerce platform?