How to Buy a Certified N95 Mask?

It’s been a year of coronavirus. Mask is still in the discussion for everyone. Yet, there is confusion in people whether to wear it or not. If wearing a mask, then which mask is best for them.

There is only one mask that is most effective that is the N95 mask. The N95 is still in trend because of its filtration efficiency and tight fit, and now it is coming in different shades you can wear according to your outfit. So now Kn95 becomes part of the outfit for people.

Initially, it was easy to purchase the mask; then, due to the lack of the N95 mask, people are in tension that which mask will be a better option for them.

N95 Mask: Online

After increasing supply, it is still not easy to find authentic N95 mask online and offline both. People don’t know which is genuine and which is not. First, search online and differentiate the mask according to your need and budget.

Then go for their description, read the product number and details, then go for government portals like The Centre. For Disease Control and Prevention, here is a list of mask agency their product number, and their ranking with filter efficiency.

Order from Recognized Source :

Suppose you are ordering a mask online. Then do not order from any ordinary website order mask from relevant and authentic sites. and read their description properly, then rate any product. Check the spelling of brands and their number, google the number, and then add to your bucket list.

N95 vs. KN95 Mask:

N95 vs. KN95 Mask

The main difference between the two masks are –

N95 have straps that tie at the head of the head, which makes them snug, making them a little uncomfortable to wear for a long duration.

It can irritate. It can also create problem who are already suffering respiratory disease like asthma and other.

KN95, which National Institute for occupational and Safety rejects further approval by The Food Drug Administrative. Food and Drug only approve for urgent use for Health care professionals. It consists of Earloop that makes it more comfortable than other masks. The drawback of KN95 is it leaks air and not as protective as N95.

Why is the Original N95 Mask Essential for the COVID?

The original N95 mask has a more effective filter that filters the particles of 0.3micron and low particles from the environment.

It also prevents us from Aerosole and droplets and other viral infections and from pollution too. Thats why The National Institute for Occupational Safety Approves only N95 masks for covid. It proves multiple times its effect. The World Health Organization also recommends the same.

Fake or Real – N95 masks

There is a considerable increment in the spurious face mask and face mask in the market. Buying a mask and written n95 mask in bottom doesn’t make it original. These masks are made from cheap and duplicate products. Due to this issue, the manufacture of the N95 mask changed their pattern and provided proper detail of the product in the mask.

So, like this, you can identify the product’s authenticity. NIOSH’s website also provides the detail and list of certified mask lists with the license holder’s name and their unique TC number written in it. The government makes your purchasing easy and authentic.

How to Check the N95 Mask Quality?

N95 Mask Quality

If you already bought a mask and you want to confirm either it is original or not. Here are vital steps-

  1. Nose piece: If a metal clip pinches you or is easily moveable, it may be mask is not manufactured with quality materials. A high-Quality material mask metal clip will not pinch either irritate you. and it is easily moveable and durable too.
  2. Seal and Joints: If the joint part of the mask is easily detachable by stretching or wearing two times. Then the material is not used of high quality.
  3. Straps: If straps are loose and not a tight fit and easily detachable, then the mask is not authentic. It is made of low stuff. The high-quality mask is not easily separable. It is properly made and a tight fit.

Conclusion :

Before buying your masks, it is essential to carry out the inspections. The tips above can consider initially, check the source of your masks. However, if you order large quantities for medical reasons, we strongly recommend ensuring that the masks have to comply with the N95 masks properly. Wear your mask before checking all the details, either buying online or offline. Must read the brand name and their unique number and other masks’ details and match them with the government sites and check its authenticity. Then wear and recommend to others. Except masks maintain distance, wear mask gloves before stepping out of the home.