How to get a vehicle tested in the UAE 2021

Before anyone sells any car in the UAE, it is obvious that it needs to get tested. For this purpose, we’re here to tell you all the information required for vehicle testing. This is important to know because without a test certificate, no one can sell or buy a car.

From where you can get the vehicle tested?

Although a lot of testing centers are found in UAE, the most credible ones are Emarat Shamil, ENOC Tasjeel and Tamam. There are other testing facilities which are affiliated with the authorities. Most of these are situated right across to the registration center all over UAE. 

The expenses of testing a light motor vehicle is AED 120 from the RTA, at Shamil it costs AED 170 and in Tasjeel it costs AED 100. 

What is checked in the test

The technical inspection of the vehicles cover the following areas:

  • Axles
  • Gearbox
  • Braking system
  • Suspension
  • Wheels
  • Exhaust emissions
  • Tires
  • Engine
  • Visibility
  • Lighting equipment
  • Frame and bodywork

If the tires are 2 years of older, they are considered failure. Moreover, the test will also fail if the windshield is cracked. When the inspector will clear the test, he will provide a test result certificate which is obligatory to sell the vehicle. This certificate is valid for only 30 days. 

The AED 20 fee is also needed for the standard innovation or knowledge test. If the vehicle is registered in another Emirate, the vehicle can not be tested in a different Emirate. For instance, if your vehicle is registered in Sharjah, it can only be tested in Sharjah and not Dubai. 

What happens if the test is failed

If any of the above-mentioned areas of the vehicle are faulty, it will result in the failure of the test. Failure means that the vehicle can not be registered in the UAE. Even if the fault is as tiny as an oil leak, it should be fixed before you can move forward with the process. 

After the fixing, the vehicle should be re-tested along with the old inspection report. The expense of re-test is AED 50. However, the Emarat Shamil offers a free retest but only in the Northern Emirates. This offer is valid for only 15 days after the previous inspection and after this period, they charged the same standard price. 

If the vehicle has a big accident in history or damage to the chassis, it is considered a red flag. 

Requirements for vehicle

Before going to the inspection center, do the following:

  • Clean the license plate
  • Clean the vehicle
  • A types of stickers and ads should be removed unless they are approved
  • Take out the underside cover
  • The warning safety triangle, fire extinguisher and a spare tire should be within reach and visible

If these requirements are not fulfilled, the test will be failed even if the vehicle is in satisfactory condition. 

Procedure and required documents

The following documents are required:

  • Vehicle registration card or Mulkiya. This should be original
  • Emirates ID. This should be original as well.
  • If the vehicle is registered in another Emirate, you will need to give the Transfer certificate.

The inspection test of vehicles is the same throughout the UAE.

After arriving at the testing facility, wait for your turn. Follow the driving etiquettes with the other drivers. When your turn comes, give your documents and the keys of the vehicle at the reception desk. 

For carrying out the test, the test bay will be cleared and your vehicle will be transferred to the area. Two rules are compulsory in all the centers; 1) You can not enter the test bay 2) You can not talk to the inspector. 

The duration of the inspection is 30 minutes and after it’s completion, the inspector will provide the test result certificate. 

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