How To Structure The Main Body Of An Essay?

The main body of an essay is paramount as it compiles a narrative. Each paragraph in the main body is a small argument or idea put forth by the writer. When all paragraphs are combined they show a bigger picture to the reader.

Thus the main body has to be well structured and academically sound so that you don’t have to reach out to professionals’ last minute with a “rewrite my essay” request. Writing the main body is easy and if you follow the instructions precisely and understand the format of a paragraph you can do it yourself.

It is obvious though that college life keeps a student busy with several assignments, homework, and other activities. Thus, no one will judge you if you look for “write my essay for me” In fact, outsourcing assignments online and getting professional help has become very common these days. After all, you wouldn’t want to take chances with your grades.

In case you wish to learn the technique for future purposes then read the steps below on how to structure the main body of an essay:

Structure Of A Paragraph 

Every paragraph has four main components:

  1. Topic statement

It should ideally be the first line of your paragraph. It shows the goal of that paragraph or a statement that you will prove in the coming lines. Every paragraph must have only one statement or one small argument that needs proving.

  1. Evidence to support the topic statement

From the second or third line, you should present your idea or opinion over that topic statement. Put forward literature from other authors, journals, previous experiments, etc. to make your point. You have to persuade the reader that you are confident about an argument.

  1. Explanation

Allot maximum words to explain your topic or argument. No matter how much literature you put forward, you must explain your idea in your own words. This is where the uniqueness lies. You will get a chance or an opportunity to present your idea in your own words. Connect the dots for your readers. Show how your topic, your idea & evidence link to each other. Showcase the relevance between them.

  1. Link & summarize

This should be the concluding part of your essay paragraph. Just summarize your argument and interlink everything from your topic statement to evidence and literature.

The same components will be there for each paragraph. If you follow the process correctly there won’t be a need for “Rewrite my essay

You won’t need professionals to fix it last minute.

  • Paragraph length

An academic paragraph can go up to 200 words. There are a total of 3 paragraphs in the main body in a 5-paragraph essay as per standard format. It means you have enough space to make your arguments and convince a reader with your idea backed with references. Though different institutions may give different instructions for writing the essay. Follow the guidelines shared by your college.


Hope the above information to structure the main body will help you write your next essay well. Nothing can stop you from scoring exceptional grades.