How to take care of your skin Care in spring

Right now, spring is coming, the weather is getting warmer, the seasons are changing, skin care has become a concern of many girls. The plan of the year is spring. Spring skin care and winter skin care methods are not the same. After the dust of winter, spring is a vigorous time for the recovery of all things. The vitality of cells in spring is accelerated. If you use winter skin care, you will Discomfort such as allergies occurs. In spring, when bathed in the warm sunshine of the spring breeze, the ultraviolet rays begin to become stronger. At this time, the melanin is rising, the sun is shining, dullness, and stains still appear, which makes girls very annoyed, and many people will react. There will be a lot of white skin on the skin. It seems that spring skin care is really particular, and there are many things to pay attention to. What should I pay attention to in spring skin care? How to skin care in spring? Now, Xiaoxue will give you a detailed introduction.

Change skin care products, do not add oil

In spring, the dry land has gone through a winter’s drying, looking forward to a shower in spring. After the spring rain, everything recovers. The same is true for the skin. Moisturizing is always a constant topic of skin care. However, it is worth noting that skin care and moisturizing in winter focuses on moisture retention. With the advent of spring, the metabolism speeds up, and the skin should pay attention to keeping the pores open. Therefore, when spring is coming, try your best Use less cream with more oil. Pay attention to hydrating, but balancing oil is very important. At this time, don’t use too much of many water-locking products used in winter. If it is too much, the skin will have too much oil, and the skin may be prone to acne. In addition, spring is the season for acne breeding, so you must pay special attention. Buy skin care products and don’t miss Amazon promo code UK

Watch out for melanin

Spring is the season when spots are easy to grow. When spring comes, melanin becomes active. Many people may not know that in spring, ultraviolet rays are actually not inferior to summer. Many people have whitened skin after a winter, but after a spring, their skin is tanned before summer. In fact, ultraviolet rays are also very strong in spring. Ultraviolet rays can cause melanin deposition, which is less tanning and melanin deposition. If the skin is dry, it may also form pigmentation spots. Therefore, in spring, you should also pay attention to sunscreen. When you go out or travel, remember to apply sunscreen. Not only that, you can eat more fruits, such as oranges, which are rich in vitamin C, which is effective in preventing melanin. Buy amazon promo code nhs at NHS Discount Code

Be careful about washing your face

In spring, to beware of acne, you must pay attention to unclog pores and deep cleansing. But in spring, you must pay attention to washing your face. In spring, your skin is prone to allergies. Therefore, you must pay attention when choosing facial cleanser. Choose mild facial cleanser. Do not choose the whitening or stimulating type, which is very bad for the skin. In addition to choosing a mild facial cleanser, when washing your face, it is best to use alternating cold and hot water to cleanse your face. First wash your face with hot water to open the pores, and then wash with cold water. This will not only clean, but also promote shrinkage of pores. , Can deep clean. Promote skin circulation. For spring skin care, this is a good way to wash your face. In spring, to prevent infection and bacteria, you can also wash your face with running water, which is also very good for skin cleansing.

Pay attention to prevent allergies

Spring is a very allergic season. The pollen in the spring breath will cause some skin irritation and allergies to many people. At this time. You have to pay attention. Even if your skin is not sensitive, you should pay attention to it. Don’t always stimulate sensitive skin. At this time, for sensitive skin, the first step to do is to replenish moisture. If the skin is full of energy, it will not be so allergic. Even if you are really allergic and have some acne, don’t squeeze it with your hands. You can try to apply some hormone ointment to the wound. In addition, try to apply some soothing anti-allergic mask, such as chamomile, which has anti-allergic effect. But try to apply such a mask. In addition, if the condition is serious and your skin is very sensitive, you can take some anti-allergic drugs in advance, such as astemizole. In short, the spring anti-allergic environment must be well prepared.

Pay attention to detoxification, drink eight glasses of water a day

Spring is the season when bacteria are easy to breed. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to detoxification in spring. Pay attention to detoxification of the skin. In addition to cleansing, you must also pay attention to detoxification. If there are too many toxins in the body, it will also cause endocrine disorders and make the skin lose its luster. The best way to detoxify in spring is to drink water, be sure to add enough water, clean up the rubbish of the skin in time, promote the metabolism of the skin, and the skin can be healthy. It is recommended that you must drink 8 glasses of water every day in spring, which is also a prerequisite for healthy skin in spring.Skin care