Importance of Appropriately Design Custom Rigid Boxes

In this hyper-competitive market, packaging and advertising are huge markets that are continuously growing at a rapid rate. Many companies and brands rely on custom rigid box packaging and advertising to draw in buyers in cosmetics. Unless the consumers have previously used a product, the custom rigid box packaging is a significant part of their purchase decision. Consumers form an opinion about the product based on its overall appearance before looking at the ingredients and the price tag.

Custom rigid boxes act as an advertisement and as an extension of the product itself. According to the Packaging Republic’s team of experts, a “beautiful packaging box sets up an expectation for a great product.” The consumers expect excellent packaging from an expensive (and presumably, high quality) product. In the beauty and cosmetics industry, the consumers’ experience at point-of-sale (POS) remains the most important. Conversely, a consumer may perceive a product as being more high quality and luxurious than it is due to the packaging.

In addition to the packaging of a cosmetic product, the retail environment may also play a significant role in the consumers’ buying behaviors. It is usual for consumers to expect high-quality products to be sold at high-end retailers and cheaper products at lower-end retailers. They expect to pay specific prices in certain retail environments, which may influence their perception of products’ quality and price.

It is paramount for businesses and companies to implement their marketing strategy by effectively targeting their desired consumer. This can be quickly done through appealing custom rigid boxes. This is quite important in cosmetics, as the cosmetics industry is dominated by several large companies and high-end brands that market multiple businesses on different levels. Though many of their products are relatively similar, all product lines must be advertised and packaged differently to reflect the setting at which they are sold.

Custom Rigid Box Packaging and The Selling Environment

Many brands and rigid box manufacturers USA assume that they must create packaging that evokes a sense of elegance and high quality. The custom rigid boxes wholesale must be appropriately designed for the environment in which the encased product will be sold. There is a chance that your products may be passed over for either looking “too expensive,” leading the consumers to perceive that the product is too expensive, or the custom rigid boxes wholesale looking “too cheap,” leading consumers to perceive it as a low-quality product.

There may or may not be a massive difference in the chemical composition of high-end makeup products versus low-end brands, the perception of a difference in quality and price based on the packaging is very real. As a business, you can sell an expensive cream in a very high-end department store in costly packaging and another cream in the mass market drugstore chain, containing the same ingredients and cost one-tenth the price. All of this can happen through the magic of appealing packaging.

Moreover, while considering the retail environment, many rigid box manufacturers in the USA believe that the packaging boxes must match the setting in which it is expected to be sold. An expensive product with premium packaging will look out of place in a lower-end retail or brand environment and may not sell. Similarly, a product with low quality or cheap packaging will not sell in a high-end retail environment.