Important Travel Tips For Safety During Coronavirus

Travelling should only be done if you and those going with you are healthy! Should you develop symptoms, stay back at home. Have you thought of the possibility of getting medical attention for any sick member while abroad? The whole essence here is to protect one another.

A comprehensive insurance covering covid-19 is important too. This can cover you while away. Besides, it’s important to get a PCR test near me before travelling.

How safe is it to travel?

Your destination determines your safety. Is it a high-risk area? Travelling at a time when it’s safe is the best, otherwise don’t.

Find out your destination’s travel and health policies including quarantine, use of face masks, etc. and stay updated until you travel.

How to travel

Want to take flight, drive down, or any other means of transportation? Make sure to protect yourself and adhere to the CDC’s guidelines for safe flights and travels. Remember to social distance as much as possible.


Will there be a need to self-isolate upon your return home? Get ready for this and any other consequences that are attached to your travelling.

Local transport

How do you intend to move around when you get to your destination? Maybe you will take a public bus, train, rent a car or drive yourself. Public mode of transport will require extra care. Don’t travel during rush hours. Use your face mask, hand sanitisers, and disinfectant wipes.

Inside or outside activities?

Having fun outdoors is much safer than indoors. So, avoid karaoke bars and any other indoor vibe. A walk on the beach can be just fine. Keep it outdoors!

Is it accessible?

Be sure that all the spots you’d like to visit at your destination are open and operating. Abide by the rules when you get there. Be open-minded, expect anything because sometimes, even when your research reveals your planned places of interest are open, it may be closed when you get there.


Like to visit that place you’ve always desired? Now’s the best time, especially if you’re crowd shy. You can have all the fun without worrying about people’s presence.

Who’s your travel companion?

Actually, this article is for all those beautiful women making plans to travel alone. Should you go alone, it means you know your risk level. But you can also go with someone or other people.

Hotel and lodging

Since you’re not at home, your safety abroad will depend on the hotel, motel, or wherever you’ll be staying. Make sure to find out that their cleanliness policy is great.

How clean is clean?

As places gradually open up, every business owner in this case hotel owners are making sure to put new systems that guarantee the safety of guests in place as they won’t want to close business again.  Check hotel safety policy before booking.

Cleanliness rating

A lot of online booking system has a cleanliness rating clearly stated. Places that were always clean before the pandemic will do better right now. A hospitality business or airline that pays attention to details is one of our best recommendations this period.

Consider reviews as important

Hotel and restaurant reviews are extremely essential right now. For hotels in the UK, you can trust any review from the month of March, while for restaurants, review from July can be trusted. But this may vary depending on the time the business was locked down.

Cancellation policy

Bookings that offer cancellation policy are the best at this time. Make sure you understand their notice period, level of compensation, and cancellation policies. Don’t want to lose money? Choose wisely.

Make calls ahead

Contact your destination hotel or car rental before you arrive to be reassured of your safety. If they tell you of their new systems happily, you can rely on them. If not, make another choice. Information on policy changes may also be provided to inform your expectations. Get to know all you should beforehand.

What to do on arrival

You can tell how clean or comfortable the hotel is once you arrive. Communal areas may be a big problem – what’s their present condition? Switch hotel if not comfortable. When in your room, disinfect frequently touched surfaces and wash hotel items like plates and spoons yourself. Sometimes there may be a need to take a PCRcovid test near me.

Eating options

Gone are the days of simply eating at a place because of its looks. Choose where to eat carefully.


If you can rent a self-catering accommodation, do so. You can save money by doing the cooking yourself. Wash every cutlery and plates provided before use.


Don’t feel like eating out? Simply get a take-away and leave. In the UK, this option is becoming more popular.


Inspect that hotel you’ll like to stay before time. What’s their social distancing measures for tables? Do they encourage face masks for both guests and staff? Booking ahead, for now, is the new normal.

Contact tracing

Will the establishment ask for your details to effect contact tracing? Do find out during your pre-survey and prior to booking.

Things to travel with

Carry all your essentials and enough to last you for the duration of your trip. For a road trip, ensure you kit your car. Go with face mask, hand sanitiser, antiseptic sprays and wipes, gloves, and neck scarves and use them accordingly.

Want to know more? Contact us for more information about safe travel during coronavirus. At our clinic, we offer private covid test near me.