InfinityCapitalG Review 2021 – A Look Inside This Trading Platform(

Basic Information About This Platform


Phone no.

–          Austria +43720971687

–          The United Kingdom +441519470604

–          Australia +61879148639

Assets Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Indices, and Commodities
Spread From Basic to VIP
Maximum Leverage is 1:400.
The Maximum Deposit can be up to 50,000 Euros.
The Minimum Deposit is 250 Euros.


Throughout this review, you will see the foundation of this representative as well as the trading instruments of the platform. Using my multi-directed method, I was able to analyzeInfinityCapitalG in terms of trader charts, trading instruments, markets, and trading styles. I also analyzed the charges of this platform as compared to other stock trading platforms, forex representatives, and CFD.

The major provider of CFD trading is InfinityCapitalG. Through a great trading platform, the firm can provide and execute tight spreads which simply means that the entire platform is automated very well with reserve funds that are related.

If I simply focus on the CFD instruments, the platform can offer various markets including commodities, crypto, options, ETFs, forex, indices, and stocks. The platform is available and has access to many different countries and nations. The number of clients worldwide exceeds 1,000,000. Moreover, the platform offers trading administration in only two languages, English, and German which I think they should improve. I was able to get a trading climate that is easy to understand on this platform which is further strengthened by the solid administrative structure.

In my experience, I have seen that the platform is very inclined towards development and innovation. Due to this very reason, brokers appreciate its easy-to-understand interface. I had hoped to discover all that with some couple of other additional items, too. The platform is not perfect or flawless throughout, it does need an increase in the number of languages available on the platform.

Fees and Commissions – 4.6/5

The platform is very straightforward in breaking down all the trading costs involved, to their clientele. This practice is apparent in other intermediaries as they are of the opinion that a solid selling point for them is their pricing.

The platform provides spreads to the clients and that is the source of income for it, even though I can also consider direct commissions with the execution. These spreads, that the platform provides, can be as close as 2 pips. This fact is well-contrasted by different traders in the domain.

It was my observation that neither are there any hidden charges on the platform nor did I pay any extra charges.

Tools and Platforms–3.8/5

Many monetary markets offer CFD trading. While many other different dealers may offer a greater number of markets than this, it is ultimately the scope of the trading instruments that will prove to be an adequate item for most. By delving more into the platform, I will be able to tell youmore, for example, 13 Crypto markets to exchange are well-contrasted.

What I liked most about the exclusive platform of InfinityCapitalG is the fact that it is very user-friendly. The route is so natural, and the clients get immediately acquainted with the contribution through the default format.

Idid not have to go to the “settings” alternatives to change the appearance and the format. Icould change both of these by using single-click usefulness.

Another helpful and useful tool is the Account Snapshot. I can now get a perspective on the data design in the most informative and appealing way on the account.

Client Support – 4.5/5

The platform gives customer support 24/7 through their alternatives of Live Chat. Other alternatives include Phone, email, and a forum. I have used all the alternatives in my venture of exploring the platform and finding out more about the broker. In my opinion all the services actually admirable. They have real brokers sitting on the other end who are educated in trading so they can readily solve the client’s issues.

Phone-based help is only available in three regions, namely Austria, United Kingdom, and Australia.

As I have mentioned before that the email and phone services are the best to get to the representatives of the platform. I think that customer service is provided in multiple dialects can further improve their platform.

They have a lot of educational data available on their site to help clarify between diverse trading instruments, tools, and charges. The broad FAQ area deals with any other queries or concerns that you have by answering the most common questions posed by customers. I guess the platform can go ahead and update the FAQ a little or add in more questions for new visitors to keep their content and queries up-to-date.

Education – 4.1/5

InfinityCapitalG has given a vast variety of educational material for all kinds of trader i.e., Glossary, Asset Index, eBooks, FAQ, Webinars, and even private analyst sessions where I was able to discuss the market and all trends related to tit with my account manager to get a better grip of what is going on in the trading world.

I don’t mind the lack of how to use videos and step-by-step guidelines because it is explainable by the fact that the platform has a very simple interface. It does not require any specific instructions for operating.

I have to mention the eBooks here! There are 12 eBooks on the platform that is available for free to anyone who visits the site. If you go through the books, they are so interesting and beginner-friendly that you will be able to grasp everything from them.

I mostly took advantage of the glossary. I was never good at remembering the trading terms so I would always lose grip of a conversation when someone would use a certain term. This is why I decided to use the glossary with InfinityCapitalG more seriously. Now I am proud to talk more directly about trading and the market. The platform has done a lot to boost my confidence.

Usability – 4.2/5

Opening an account on InfinityCapitalG is no rocket science for me. It barely took me a second to sign up on this platform. But the process is highly secured, and Ihad to provide extra documentation for verification.

While making an account Ihad to agree to the terms and conditions and Know Your Client (KYC) policy, and adherence to it indicates that InfinityCapitalG is mindful of its consistent commitment. The process may seem tedious to some, but I believe that it is there to ensure the safety of my funds and personal information.

The methods available for payment on InfinityCapitalG are bank transfer, MasterCard, and Maestro. I have used bank transfer and MasterCard services and they have always been without a glitch. I never had to wait an extra minute for my transactions. A drawback in my opinion is that the payment methods are few and they need to add PayPal too.

The order of execution is extraordinary simple. It has a clean visual showcase that offers a wide range of order limits such as Trailing Stop, Guaranteed Stop, and Close at Profit/Loss.

InfinityCapitalG caters to all kinds of traders. They have six different kinds so accounts that can fit your needs and funds. These account types are Self-managed, Basic, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP. Traders can open a professional account by going through motions and can build their leverage up to 1:300. The base deposit for the platinum account is 25,000 euros and it offers leverage of 1:300.

Robo Trading

InfinityCapitalG does not validate computerized information passage trading. Breaking this condition can get your account removed.

Digital Currency – 4.0/5

InfinityCapitalG offers a wide range of crypto markets for trading including Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Ripple XRP, Stellar, BitcoinCash, IOTA, Monero, and Cardano. Similarly, they have Ethereum/Bitcoin cash pair and Crypto 10 Index. I had complete access to trade in so many markets that makesInfinityCapitalG a grounded facilitates in this area.

I was able to trade crypto CFD from a single platform saves you from the trouble of setting up various accounts at an expert crypto trade. Moreover, I did not need to hold any real resources. Having a synthetic rendition of cash is enough. Traders can easily estimate value developments and accept short as well as long situations.

The market is accessible 24 hours of the day except on Sunday and is possible to apply to Stop Losses, Trailing Stops, and setup Price Alerts. This was helpful when Itook into consideration the volatile nature of these tools.

Final thoughts

In my opinion, InfinityCapitalG is a reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand platform. I have been a member of this platform because it is simple to use, and customer support is available 24/7.  Their tight spreads made me feel that I was approaching the market at a reasonable pace. Though the addition of educational centers and introducing diverse dialects can make this platform better. The functionality of the platform is not only suitable for beginners but expert traders too.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.