Top five hottest and innovative cyber-security companies

We all are aware of the term cyber security as the protection of the computing networks. There are top five innovative cyber security companies around the world that provide cyber securities for the internal data and networks of an organization.

  • Fortinet: It has steadily built a reputation as a top cyber security company in the world. Fortinet secure SD-WAN can now scale up to 100,000 SD-WAN sites that have been adopted by 21,000 organizations.
  • Knowbe4: This company has risen from niche players from a couple of years back number one in cyber security training.
  • Cisco: This organization is gradually expanding into security and storage and has built a wide range of security products for the organization’s data.
  • Splunk: Splunk is considered the heart of the IT service management market and it has expanded from ITSM into security and operations.
  • Pixelette Technologies: They provide security operations for the sensitive data of an organization.

Leading company 

Pixelette Technologies is the leading cybersecurity company in the world as it provides security for digital marketing and sensitive data. The most important concerns of an organization are the following

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Cloud security
  • Network security
  • Operational security
  • Application security

These security measures are provided by Pixelette for the protection of sensitive data. These applications of all cyber security companies do well for the company’s internal data and some of these services provide different and safer routes for the data transfer. As we all know that cyber threats have been seemingly growing every day and the cyber-attacks are becoming more and more aggressive. To prevent the data and organization we need to apply these applications.

What do these securities do?

  • Critical infrastructure: The digital devices and systems that are connected to this network are prone to breach and damage from hackers, so this service protects that.
  • Cloud security: Operational security refers to the process of monitoring online and offline activities. This is done to prevent any leakage of the sensitive data and stops any activity that is prohibited.
  • Network security: Network security secures the computing network and the data stored in it from unauthorized access from the outside user.
  • Operational security: This security policy helps the network by using different technologies and software. Your cloud and network data are well secured with us.
  • Application security: All the work and data you use is always at high risk from intruders so the application network helps to prevent it from being damaged.

Why Pixelette?

We consider Pixelette Technologies as the top company of cyber networks because it is among the top leading cyber security companies in the world. Whereas, we have discussed the applications of cyber security services that Pixelette provides which are authentic as we speak. You can easily contact them via email or by visiting their website.

So, we have read about some of the top cyber security companies in the world and if you are looking beyond to protect your organization’s internal data from being damaged then you would need these cyber security services.


Top 5 Companies to Consider for Investing In Cyber Security Stocks

With the digitization trend of every business, the need for cybersecurity has increased big time. This industry is expected to show growth every month. With both software and hardware utilization by the industry, it serves individuals, businesses, government and other organizations.

This inclination has increased the profits on cyber security stocks that are a huge investment opportunity if you are looking for one.

Cyber security stocks
Best companies to invest in cybersecurity stocks

Top Cybersecurity Stocks Opportunities In The USA

Are you looking to invest in stocks? Then consider investing in the cyber security industry. With the demand for cyber security on the rise, you can earn big profits on your money.

The top companies to invest in for cyber security stocks for USA investors include:

  • NortonLifeLock Inc.

This cybersecurity company provides top-notch services to protect home networks, devices and online privacy. The performance on the stock market for this company can be summarized as:

For the 1st quarter of FY 2021 that ends in July, this company will show promising growth even amid this pandemic, the detail of the report goes as follows:

  • 9% growth for year-over-year in consumer report billings
  • 400,000 more consumers as compared to the previous number last year for the same quarter


  • CACI International Inc.

If you are looking for a good opportunity to invest in cybersecurity stocks, then this might be the company to look for. The services of this company include:

  • Systems integration
  • Reengineering
  • E-commerce, etc

The company’s Domestic Operation segment is utilized by many U.S Federal government agencies. The International Operation services are utilized by several foreign governments which shows promising profits on the investment.

  • Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

This company provides both software and hardware solutions for IT security. The services of this company include network & gateway security, data & endpoint security and solutions for management.

The stock market 2nd quarter report for 2020 of this company shows:

  • 4% YOY increase in revenue
  • 4% increase in GAAP net income

The company has shown promising growth during the pandemic of 2020, so if you want to invest in cybersecurity stocks, it can be an effective choice.

  • Qualys Inc.

This company offers quality IT security services. The services that you can get with this company include: address vulnerability management, malware detection, web application security, and policy compliance.

For the Q2 of 2020, the company shows:

  • 5%YOY increase in revenue
  • 3% increase in net income

The trend of remote working during the pandemic 2020, has resulted in fast growth in revenue for this company.

  • Zscaler Inc.

This company is known to provide great cloud-based web and mobile application security. This year, the company has extended its services with a collaboration with other organization under the name of VMware Inc. This action was taken to expand the services to global enterprises.


To invest in cybersecurity stocks is an optimistic opportunity for individuals and businesses who are looking to enter the stock market. With current pandemic, many organizations have moved to remote working that gave a boost to the industry of cybersecurity.

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