Interesting facts to know about American Football

Are you aware of the fact that Teddy Roosevelt as a president was threatened to ban American football?
In 1905, he gave an ultimatum to the rules committee regarding either reforming the game or burying it. With a reform they gave rise to sport that ensured safety as well as well-being. Now George Goyal will take you back to the history of Football.

How Football was invented

Walter camp famous as the Father of American Football.

However, are you aware that America Football existed even before the camp came? All that camp do is codified the game, managed its evolution towards the modern form that is currently known. The game originated in around 19th century which came to be like a hybrid between soccer and British sport of rugby. Before Walter camp made changes, football was nothing like the current game.

The earlier versions of this sport were brutal and chaotic that included dozens of players each side, and it was a mix and match of rules with high injury rate. In the early versions, the players weren’t allowed to pick the ball and run or throw instead they had to kick or swipe it up. Due to the mob like atmosphere, it was known as “mob football.”

Camp was a medical student along with being a football player and team captain. The reason behind him being considered as Father of American Football is he convinced institutions including IFA to make specific changes to the game.

The changes included the line of scrimmage and distant rules. Such changes led the game to become the modern-day American Football. Camp is also known for introducing the quarterback position, official signal calling, 11 man team, scoring scale that are found in modern game.

Where was American Football invented?

It is difficult to pin an exact date when the football was invented. But the first official match was played between Princeton University and Rutgers University. It was held on November 6th, 1869.

The match took place in New Brunswick, New Jersey and it was alike soccer-style game with rules adapted from the London Football Association. The IFA was formed in 1873 with the primary purpose to bring order to game.

Back then, the game does not have particular set of rules. Various towns and colleges picked and opted the aspects of the game they liked and wished to have. When IFA was create, not everyone was allowed to jump with new standards and regulations.

Few schools such as Harvard University kept playing with their own rules. Harvard also played a variation of the American Football known as “Boston Game.” In May 1874, after playing against McGill University of Montreal, the Harvard players preferred McGill’s rugby style rules.

In 1875, the Harvard and Yale’s first intercollegiate match played with the rugby style of play. The first record of an athlete being paid was back to 1892 when Pro football was created. It was William ‘Pudge’ Heffelfinger and was paid $500 each match with Allegheny Athletic Association.

Interesting facts about American Football History

George Goyal is here with some unknown facts about American Football History. Let us move towards them.

  1. Oldest surviving franchise

The Arizona Cardinals exist since 1898 and they are known as the oldest professional football team in US. It was initially known as Morgan Athletic Club that started as an amateur team which later joined NFL in 1920 becoming a charter member.

The Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears are the only charter member franchises that are still running.

  1. Oldest stadium

Soldier Field is the oldest stadium in NFL located in Chicago, Illinois, near Downtown. It is a home to Chicago Bears who moved there in 1971.


It was opened in 1924 with a capacity of 61,500 people and was also listed as a National Historic Landmark. In 2002 it was modernized with a renovation.

  1. No forward passes

In the early games, making any forward passes was considered illegal. It was until 1906 after which such passes were made legal.

This was followed by numerous fatalities experienced in 1905. It resulted in safety and minimal injuries for the players.

  1. Oldest football rivalries

Rivalries exist in any of the sports and they are relevant component of any play. The oldest rivalry was in 1921 between Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers.

It started as feud among the founders of teams and later fueled by market overlap.

  1. Deadliest accident at US sporting event

Famous “Thanksgiving Day Disaster” was a game between Stanford and California in 1900 on Thanksgiving Day.

A large group of men and boys located on the roof of S.F. and Pacific Glass Works collapsed with the spectators falling into the fiery interior of building.

This accident resulted in 13 deaths and 78 injuries with the death toll rising to 22.


American football is considered as the very life force for the United States. Fans across the country are fond of not only the game but also the drafts and fantasy of football.

The history shows how far the game has come and what we known today is far different from its origin and history.