Iron-Bits Reviews 2021- Can It Rescue Struggling Traders? (

It was 2014’s chilly night when I first told myself there was no option except for following my dreams. Since the day I turned 18, trading and business became my passion. I knew it was the only area I could excel in. Well, it took me a good 20 years to reach where I am today, and looking back I see how hard this venture was.

When you’re new to the dodgy trading world you’ve no idea how things will go. You keep looking for shortcuts easy way-outs but I’ve learned that these are only workouts that you do. A few months back, my friend made me realize that I owe a lot to the youth who plans on or has already made it to trading. And I think I totally agree, my life as a businessman has been a rollercoaster ride with highs and lows. Sharing my experience might help you get over the hurdle trading has to offer you.

My Venture

Throughout the journey, I’ve had some dedicated partners and driving forces that got me going. One of the majors was Iron-Bits. There is no better way than reviewing this popular platform as I keep sharing glimpses of my experience.

My dad’s friend was an established trader and I had an idea of how cautious one has to be as a trader. He always said, “Whenever you feel the trading world is clean, tell yourself it’s the dirtiest, and when you feel it’s the dirtiest, tell yourself it’s the cleanest”. Back then, it sounded like a badly delivered sermon of an isolated old guy who has no other job to do. But as years went by I realized what the worth of his words was. Where you find incredibly honest people, you’ll also bump into remarkably sinister minds. Pro-tip is “Research yourself”.

It was he who first told me of Iron-Bits explaining that if he wanted to give something to a fellow trader, it’d be an Iron-Bits account. Now that I am in this world for 8 years, I can tell what made him say so.

Before proceeding I’d like to make it a point that I’ll try to be as unbiased as I can. I’ll share my experiences to elaborate on what I love and what I don’t about the platform.

Why Iron-Bits?

Let’s jump to the pros and cons directly so you have an idea of how I grade this forum and what the criteria have been. Okay, so the first and the foremost thing that I’d like to mention is the professional tools offered. All of these are highly efficient and up-to-the-mark. They help you make your trading choices easy like they’ve never been because traders get a clear picture of the market. Trends, history, predictions all come together to help the user out. I can tell you out of the experience that these tools have the potential to boost your profits like magic. It is so because your next move is well analyzed and a thorough risk assessment is done.

It’s been more than 5 years that I am associated with Iron-Bits and all these years I’ve held it in my good books. Because this strong platform helps me decide quickly and then execute it even fast. Customers are dealt with like family, you need not to pay extra dollars in the name of commission and there is a minimum balance requirement. What else can a trader ask for? Iron-Bits has always had the answer to this question which they provide you in the form of a wide range of assets to make use of.

Charting and Analysis

Traders and charting are two things that go hand in hand. You’ll find both of them incomplete without each other. Iron-Bits realized this way before we did and this is why they take your charting procedures to a whole new level with their innovative tools.

Safe and Secure

Security concerns are another very decisive factor. If a platform fails to provide you with a secure trading environment, they are gone. Here at Iron-Bits I never felt vulnerable thanks to their impeccable management. Security regulations have been laid out perfectly in a foolproof manner. These well-designed security processes are one of the greatest reasons why the platform continues attracting loads of customers every day.

Customers First

When you become a part of an organization, you only stay for long if you fall into a healthy relationship with them. These efforts have to start at the company’s end through their customer care representatives. These super professional reps always remained so patient and made sure my problems were sorted at an astonishing rate. You can get in contact via email, phone, live chat, or by merely submitting a question.

What the company needs to work over is that they need to further maximize the hours they are available for customers. Another drawback is that you can only get in touch through calls if you are living in Australia or U.K. This has to be improved because of the worldwide popularity of the platform.

Educating You

I love the fact that Iron-Bits has dedicated a whole section to the education of customers so they know what they have landed in. In this section, you’ll find information in the form of eBooks, answers to FAQs, Glossary, and Asset Index. It would be great if more books are added. I’m sure many users aren’t huge fans of reading the information in fact they’d like to hear it in a video form. If videos are added it will maximize the number of people benefiting.

They have a comprehensive education plan to offer. You can evaluate your knowledge and ability levels and then easily go for the most suitable plan. These plans have varying features for your needs if you’re a new trader, master, or even a researcher.

Whatever profession you belong to, you always need top-up courses to stay connected to the updated world. Iron-Bits have been very mindful of this need and off and on they keep organizing webinars and seminars for their users. I have attended around 40 such webinars in a year and found these immensely helpful. I had my trust established so I kept upgrading my account till I reached platinum which was why I was allowed to attend a large number of these along with my accounts manager who kept blessing me with his expert opinion.

A lot of traders have highlighted that to make payments there are times when they want to make use of PayPal but unfortunately, it isn’t available. Making it available will add value to the forum.

Theme and Graphics

Let’s talk about the theme. Initially, it seems like a trivial issue but trust me once you become a regular user you do not want to see boring colours and graphics. Here the theme isn’t as bad but colour scheme customization options will improve massively for people like me who have short attention spans.

Fund Management

Referring to more technical areas, Iron-Bits is brilliant at funds management. Money that you haven’t invested in an Iron-Bits investment fund will procure the firm no revenue. You can transfer funds between broker and reserve accounts within seconds. This feature lets you exploit the financing prices a few times more than the default interest rates of most of the other businesses.

Ease of Access

These days if something requires you to be at a point or is place-dependent then it is likely to fail. Because we are almost always on a move. Another thing that I adore about the forum is that you don’t need any downloads. If you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry because a mobile phone would work perfectly. I’d like to particularly mention the collaboration between Recognia and Iron-Bits to offer free tools such as

  • Tax Ramification Recognizer
  • Probability Checker
  • Profit and Loss calculator


These are some of the tools that I can remember helped me a lot but as I upgraded my account more tools came in. All of these made me thank myself for going for an upgrade. There are a total of 4 account types

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum
  4. VIP

All of these have distinctive specs. Just go through and pick any which you find appropriate. If you still feel sceptical, hit up the customer service representative and see your worries fading away.

Worth a Try

If you are a beginner, an experienced broker, a fine trader, or even a naive learner I will recommend you all to consider Iron-Bits for once and watch your opportunities expand and profits maximize in no time. All the specs and qualities discussed above are a small reflection of what you’ll get your hands onto once you sign up. Remember, research yourself. Good luck with it!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.