London-Gates Review- Is this broker better than the others? (

With the access to thousands of brokers available online, they come with the same number ofreviews or more. So, you can’t read or go through them all. In most of the reviews, the user talks about the contents he/she felt were suitable to them according to their needs. And same goes with the cons they might mention that didn’t mark up to their satisfaction. But the opinion on that same feature could be different for another user.

So, I would recommend to anyone who is indulging their interest in online trading, to at least read over 5-6 reviews. Going through the trading platform and evaluate them would be a good option as well. I believe an excellent review is the one that sheds light on every feature and service a broker offers. It should tell about all the strengths and weaknesses of that platform.

In my review, I will share my personal experience and all the pros and cons of London-Gates. Meanwhile,below, I have summarized them.

Evaluation Table

Trading Platform 83%
Educational center 78%
Assets, charts, and tools 75%
Account types& withdrawals 93%
Customer Service 90%

Trading Platform:

After facing many hurdles in online trading, I was on the verge of giving up. I had to bear some heavy losses because I couldn’t find a suitable broker that catered to my needs and understanding. With this thought in my head, I stumbled upon London-Gates and itchanged my perspective of trading.

As a trading platform, I can easily say that London-Gates has made me a better trader than I was before. It was my first platform where I made more profits than losses. And it was all because of London-Gatesefforts to make their platform user-friendly, easy to use, and educational for their clients. Using advanced technology in their charts, tools, and customer service has made this platform efficient and reliable for me.

I wanted to go through some reviews on London-Gates, but I couldn’t find much data online. So, I took a leap of faith and joined and explored this platform on my own. And so far this has been the best decision I made in trading. Before becoming a member of this platform, I spent some time browsing and exploring as much as I could. Most of the insight information was available to users free of cost, which I found to be very helpful for my decision.

My first expression on their webpage was very pleasing. I liked how inviting their webpage and layout were designed. The color contrast, pictures, and videos they used were pleasing to the eyes. When I had my first look at their webpage, I noticed everything was properly laid out on the front page. I didn’t have to go through different pages, and I never got lost to find my way back to the main page. I didn’t find the webpage very complex, as most of the trading platforms are. It was easier for me to operate and navigate myself on their platform with no difficulty.

Educational Center:

Their educational center was one thing I took the most advantage of. As a new trader, I knew little about trading and its terminologies, so this sector helped me a lot in my venture. As a beginner, I needed proper educational material where I could expand my knowledge and which I could rely on as well. So, being able to find both in one place was thrilling and hassle-free for me.

There were 12 e-books available free of cost, and anyone can easily have access to them. This way I could explore their e-books, glossary, and their FAQ as well before making an account. But once I read these e-books, I felt like there educational material available for the advanced users was less in numbers than for the beginners. They do offer webinars, but those can only be accessed if you become a member of the platform. This issue can be solved if they keep on adding one-books for advanced users as well.

The platform offers an “asset index” as well, which is alphabetized. It was easier for me to go through the asset index to find the details of a specific asset. The trading hours and Expiry rules of each asset are also mentioned below.

Assets, charts, and tools:

In my experience, I have found the chart to be of utmost importance for the new traders. Most platforms have charts that are extremely complex for the new traders to follow or make use of. I highly prefer the London Gates chart. It was easy for me to follow the chart and make my analysis: I can easily use all the indicators, tools, and analysis for my asset. This platform has over 200 tradeable assets that are then the most trending in the market. I have invested in Zoom, Yelp, some forex currencies, and crypto. Being able to make investments in stocks and forex options available has made helped me make more profit than I have ever made on any other platform. The chart has always come into play for me to make better investment decisions.

This broker has made trading more interesting for me with a dedicated account manager and customer service, along with webinars my analysis and strategies have only improved. Though the account manager was sometimes busy, he could still help me figure out some assets that I wanted to invest in. This is one of the many reasons I plan to remain a long-term member of this platform. The innovative chart and trending assets available keep me attached to one platform rather than reaching out to different brokers and selecting assets from them.

Account types& withdrawals:

There are 5 different accounts are being provided by this broker. While setting up an account myself, I noticed that each account type has unique features that fit according to the skill level of the user. As I was a beginner and a new member of their platform, I opted for the “self-managed” account type.

The Self-Managed account is the account that requires the least minimum balance out of all 5 is  $250. This account comes with the features like

  • Over 200 tradable assets
  • Market review
  • Flexible leverage up to1:100

The second account type is the “Select”. This requires a deposit of at least $10,000. It has all the features of a “self-managed” account type plus:

  • Dedicated senior account manager
  • Bonus funds
  • Flexible leverage up to 1:200
  • Spreads from 1.5 pips
  • Tier-3 trade room analysis
  • Financial planning
  • Risk management planning
  • Special venture promotions
  • Monthly webinars
  • The level-3 prioritized withdrawal process

Personal”: A deposit of a minimum of $50,000 is required. This account type has all the features of “select” plus:

  • Flexible leverage up to 1:300
  • Spreads from 0.5 pips
  • Tier-2 trade room analysis
  • Weekly webinars
  • The level-2 prioritized withdrawal process

Honors” demands a minimum balance of $250,000. It offers features of a “personal” account and the following as well:

  • Leverage up to 1:400.
  • Ultra-tight spreads from 0.0 pips.
  • Full access to webinars and analysis.
  • Level-1 prioritized withdrawal process.
  • Access to VIP events.
  • A special gift worth $5000.

Wealth management”: to get an idea of what minimum deposit is required, you would have to talk to one of their managers. This account holds all the features of the “honors” account type plus an exclusive account for a tailor-made solution.

In most of the platforms, the process of withdrawals is slow. So, when I joined this platform, I knew I might face this issue as well. But to my surprise, during the process of withdrawal, it took little to notime, which I didn’t expect at all. The withdrawal process is even faster when you upgrade your account to advanced levels. After experiencing the withdrawal process that went smoothly, I knew I wanted to upgrade my account from a “self-managed to personal” account type.

Customer Service:

A broker’s customer service should be excellent, as this is a great way to satisfy the clients. I found London-Gates customer service to be satisfactory to my level. What I liked about this platform was that they were actively available and can be accessed 24/7. In my early trading with this broker, I faced few issues which upon asking for help from their representatives were solved in an instant. During my contact with them, I got to know that these representatives are brokers themselves and they have a wide range of knowledge on trading. SO, I knew I would be in better hands and will be dealt with by the professionals.

Last thoughts on London-Gates:

So far, in my experience, London-Gates has been worth the investments. Each service they provide is to help their clients and make trading easier for them. I could expand my knowledge and grow in the trading business on this platform. Throughout my journey, the experience with London-Gates has been great. The customer service and security they provide are immaculate. This broker is great for beginners and advanced level users, as it takes into account the needs of both.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.