Look Stunning on Every Occasion with These Trending Women Shirts

Shirts are a great choice for casual, formal or loungewear. You can buy different styles of shirts and wear the right one as per place and mood. When it comes to shirts, there are huge options available online and in retail stores.

Why Do Women Love To Wear Shirts?

Shirts are versatile types of women tops that you wear with any type of bottoms. Palazzos, skirts and formal trousers are the best bottom choices with shirts.

Shirts can be worn to your professional places, colleges, interviews, house parties and in resort lounges. There is a shirt for all mood and purpose. The best part of wearing a shirt is that you look smart and classy. You can mix-n-match a shirt with the type of bottom you like.

Shirts And Body Types

You will find different types of shirts that fit a particular body type. One has to pick the right fit and style when it comes to buying a shirt. Women with apple-shaped bodies look great in v neck shirts with full sleeves. If you are a petite woman, you can flaunt printed shirts in different sleeve styles such as deep cuts and high necks.

With an hourglass body type, one can go with any type of shirts they like. Rectangle-shaped women better wear slim fit and bold coloured shirts to accentuate their curves.

Types Of Shirts To Wear

  • Long shirts in floral or polka prints are fabulous for the summer and spring season. Even if it is a gloomy day, you can cheer up by wearing a vibrantly coloured shirt with a long skirt or with a pair of jeans. Long sleeves and quarter sleeves are good for bright shirts or printed ones.
  • Tunic shirts are another very desirable piece to wear on all the year round with jeans or straight cut pants. You can wear a tunic style shirt with a scarf for a smart professional look. Tunic shirts are also great for everyday college outfits. Printed or solid coloured tunic shirts are the best choice.
  • Quarter sleeve formal shirts are perfect for your office. The corporate style shirts are great for meetings and conferences. You can wear formal skirts or trousers with a long sleeve floral shirt. Solid and soft colours are suitable for a professional look. If you are a working lady, get some formal shirts in black, white, beige, pastel green and blue shades.
  • A classic chiffon shirt with a denim skirt or with skinny jeans is a very desirable combination for modern women. High-heeled shoes and leather belts are the best accessories to choose from for your classic outfit. Chiffon shirts are ideal for vacation and evening outings.
  • The linen shirt for the summer cool style is absolutely perfect. You need not think twice with a linen shirt. They are comfortable, soft and chic. Make sure you buy pure linen shirts and go for a little loose fit style so that you can pair them fitted slim or skinny jeans.
  • The checks and stripes in shirts are always evergreen. You can confidently carry a chequered shirt with a dark washed denim. A striped shirt is great for your office wear. Trousers, denim and even shorts look glamorous with checks and stripes. For checks and stripes go for deep colours over a contrast light base. Fabrics like cotton, rayon and linen are great for such shirts.

    Trending Women Shirts 2021
    Trending Women Shirts 2021

Shirts are excellent for any time of the day. Ear simple makeup and carry handbags to complete the attire. Sneakers, canvas shoes and flats suit shirts. If you are going for a fusion style then you can wear junk jewelry and ethnic jackets on top of your shirt.