ManCapitalGroup Review 2021: Is this broker worth your investment? (


For most businesses out there, stagnancy is one thing that they fear the most. If you do not know your next step or your next move, someone else might avail of those opportunities before you. This is why you need an efficient broker that allows you to keep up with the market.

Online brokerage firms continue to define the trading scene as countless new ones flood the market today with the beginning of the new year. I have always been a little apprehensive when it comes to these online trading platforms as I find them a little less secure. Also, they do not hold any liability and are not always bound by strict guidelines.

You can have a list of different strategies for your trading business but when it comes to selecting an online trading platform, you need not exhibit any qualms when it comes to security protocols. I know in my experience how going easy on the security assessment can cost you big. Not only do you have the chance to lose your entire capital investment, but you will also lose stability in the market.

My colleagues convinced me of joining an online trading network of brokers under ManCapitalGroup last summer and ever since then, I have stuck with the company. The platform showcases a range of financial instruments with advanced technological tools that will help you progress in the trading world.

In this review, I will provide a detailed inside account of the platform and its extended services. I aim to provide information regarding the characteristic features of this platform and relate my personal experience while trading on it.

How is the server design?

When I accessed the platform’s web-based server, the first thing that I noticed was the theme. Innately, that is the first thing that will catch your eye as it is quite distinctive. Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the colour scheme that was selected but I do realise that it is each to its own.

What you do need to focus on is server integrity. You see considering how prevalent these platforms have become, there has been an increasing number of spam servers that have been introduced in the market.

These servers will not be equipped to handle the traffic of the actual global market. One way to test these servers is through the application of different types of trade strategies in your trading sessions. Most of the time the servers cannot handle a load of day trading and they crash just as you make your way through the buy and sell operations. I experienced such a situation during one of my trading sessions which is why I am extra careful.

ManCapitalGroup has a standardized layout that is designed to be user-friendly. You will be able to access information easily as the navigation is made to suit a variety of traders. So, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will find the platform optimized to cater to your requirements.

Does this broker provide secure trade operations?

You know as they say, “Once bitten, twice shy.” This works the same way for me when I take a look back on my first few online trading experiences. I would always end up losing money and spending a whole lot more on financial security.  Platforms out there allow you to integrate third-party security networks in order to secure their servers.

With ManCapitalGroup I had the surety that the platform is self-equipped and will not depend on an external resource for optimizing its security regulations. Trading in the global market is a risk in itself which is why you need to associate yourself with a broker that takes this into account. ManCapitalGroup manages to gain the confidence of its clients by maintaining the transparency of its policies.

Even though I wasn’t a fan of the theme that was selected for its server, I did appreciate the way they integrated features such as the support services and disclaimer. Right above the disclaimer you will find the legal framework of the platform neatly displayed. All this documentation is up to date and displays everything from the privacy policy to the risk disclosure statement.

More so, there are times when you want to cancel your account on a platform, ManCapitalGroup has a list of guidelines to help ease that process for you. I know there have been times when I have faced issues in being able to leave a platform as most of the time you end up losing all of your deposited money. In most cases, this happens only if the platform is not regulated under a reliable authority.

How easy is it to verify your account on this platform?

Once you are aware of the stringent security regulations on a platform, you will already perceive their verification procedure to be extensive. While you might not be wrong about the extensive procedure, you will soon realise that you need to affirm only a few identity documents for verification.

With ManCapitalGroup, I was able to finish my registration process within 5-6 minutes and this is because the sign-up only required me to state my full name and provide my email address. After that, all I had to do was follow the instructions that were sent my way and I have to say the process has been made as simple as it can be. Beginner traders will not find themselves lost trying to navigate their way through the sign-up process and will easily be able to open an account.

Is this platform equipped with advanced charting tools?

ManCapitalGroup does not just put out generic promises about helping their clients strive for success. This platform aims to provide resources to allow clients to excel with skill and authority in the market. The customized chart for example is one such element of a trading platform that can help you keep track of your favoured assets.

Long gone are the times when you threw money at random securities without assessing why the price was going high or low. Now, if you want to build your portfolio you are going to have to keep up with the market stats. The way you can do that is by making trade reports using the analytical tools and technical indicators that are provided to you.

If you have experience with trading tools, you will realise how well ManCapitalGroup has integrated these tools into its design outlook which makes them easier to use. I was able to track price movements using overlays and oscillators. I do credit the platform’s representatives for helping me find my way through these technicalities and providing me with knowledge regarding chart interpretation.

I preferred to use the scatter chart type from the available five types of charts. I do believe the colour scheme is one to blame for the redundancy in features and this is exactly why I chose a chart that I found easier to interpret. The platform should introduce means to change the colour scheme of the chart as well. It has a number of other features such as chart intervals, types and indicators. You can also flag certain positions using the different flags, hence, another feature would only do more good.

I could zoom in and out on the chart using the panel while also having a list of assets characterized into Trending, Daily % Change and Name on the left-hand side. The currency pairs give you a direct outlook into the foreign exchange market with a quote on the buy and sell easily available for you to assess.

How responsive is the client support network?

The deal-breaker for me has always been a discrepancy in the communication network of a trading platform. I cannot assess the dependability of a platform without evaluating its support group. The client support that ManCapitalGroup provides is easily accessible from the Contact Us section and here you have a variety of available options. You can get in touch with the platform’s service operators through phone, live chat and email and you can avail of either of these options at respective times.

I am always a little apprehensive while speaking on the phone which is why I preferred using the live chat option. Also, the phone support option is available only in designated countries. The live chat requires you to ping the operator before typing your query and this service is efficient and responsive. My experience with the support network has always been satisfactory and I have found them really easy to communicate with.

Conclusive Arguments

ManCapitalGroup is well on its way to building a considerable reputation for itself and provides its clients with an incredible trading experience. Making use of the platform’s services, you will be able to build your profile. I know that there are a number of aspects that the platform needs to work on, but ever since I have been associated with this platform, I have seen it grow and this is why this broker continues to excel and progress in today’s market.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.