Planning To Depart? Apply For Bridging Visa E

What are bridging visas?

Bridging visas can let you overcome the problem between your previous visa and a visa you are applying for by keeping you legitimately in Australia. With the help of these visas, you can continue to stay in Australia legitimately. Bridging visas are provided while you are in Australia. There are six types of bridging visas which all have a different purpose to solve for its users. We will dive deeper into bridging visa E and all its features.

What is Bridging Visa E?

Bridging Visa E is a temporary visa that permits a person to remain in Australia after their visa expires with the goal that they will be not allowed to enter Australia again. It allows the applicant to prepare the leave documents.

How can an applicant apply for bridging visa E?

 To apply for this visa, the application of bridging visa E is made alongside the substantive visa.  If an applicant is looking to apply for this visa separately, they can achieve it based on the interview done at the time of visa which completely depends on the applicant.

What people are granted this visa?

It is important for a person to understand the different bridging visas and how it can help them in a better way. International students should become familiar with all the rules and regulations which they need to know for applying for a visa. Below you can read about what people are granted visas.

  1. Making plans for applying for a meaningful visa

2. Applicants who are planning to move out of Australia.

3. Applicants are under migration detention.

4. Applicants who are engaged with legal obligations.

What are two different types of bridging visa E

  • Bridging VISA Subclass 050
  • Bridging VISA Subclass 051

Difference between subclass 050 and 051?

For subclass bridging 050- An applicant must be an unlawful citizen who is applying for a substantive visa and planning of leaving Australia. 

For subclass 051 – An applicant who has been refused by an Immigration clearance and who has been rewarded with protection visas.

What are the rules of eligibility for bridging visa E both Subclass 050 and 051

This is helpful for those up-and-comers who are (Subclass 050):

  1. Intending to leave Australia.
  2. Applying for a considerable visa.
  3. Under legal audit or sitting tight for citizenship demands.
  4. Looking for Ministerial Intervention

Bridging Visa Applicant (subclass 051):

The people who can apply for bridging visa E are

  1. The individual who is  Migration confined.
  2. Applied for a Protection visa
  3. The individual should meet Health and Character Certificate

What can an applicant be eligible to do with Bridging Visa E?

With Bridging Visa E subclass 050 and 051, an applicant can enjoy the following benefits like:

  • Permitted to remain legitimately in Australia with a crossing over Visa E while managing the departure process from Australia. 
  • Permitted to work if the applicant abides the conditions.
  • Permitted to stay in Australia for a specific date, which is given by the Immigration department.
  • It also allows Applicants to bring family members with the visa application if they can fulfill certain conditions.

Some other important information regarding the bridging visa?

How long an applicant could stay in Australia on Bridging Visa E? 

To determine the duration of your stay and how long you will be eligible to stay in Australia will be determined by the basis of your Grant letter. The immigration department pays close attention to all the necessary documents and ensures that you are a genuine candidate. The department officials should be satisfied with your records and the documents you produce for them.

What is the cost of Bridging visa E?

The applicant need not pay a single penny for the bridging visa as the Australian Immigration doesn’t impose any charges. However, they need to present unblemished records to the officials for approval.

The above-mentioned information will indicate to the applicants who are looking for clear and complete information regarding the bridging visa E and what all are necessary documents they need to prepare to get it. 

To introduce a mistake-free report to the migration department officials which gets approved smoothly, many individuals look for the counsel of talented Migration Agent Perth which helps in seeing all the necessities and presents unmistakable data to the migration office. The talented group of officers is experience holders in setting up all the essential desk work and reports for their candidates. The previously mentioned data is a finished insight regarding connecting visa E and how it can benefit its candidates.

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