Plant Protein Based Protein Taking Over The Whey Market

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It’s 2021 and VEGAN Plant Protein based protein is the new buzz that has been on the roll, among every individual in the fitness & sports world.

Even the most persistent whey users are moving towards this cleaner and greener protein alternative, and you have every right in the world to know why you should too.

The Universal War Between Users: Whey Vs Plant Protein

Every brand providing post-workout fuels would know of this never ending debate, but take it from us, ‘pea protein’ is the next big thing. Not only it stands as an equal contender to whey when it comes to performance, but in fact, it is the real knight in shining armour when it comes to other benefits easily surpassing whey protein.

The major highlight is the fact that unlike whey protein, ‘pea plant based protein’ is anti-allergen and is super light on the stomach which means no ballooning up after consuming your post-workout drink.

Plant Protein

The Difference No One Talks Out Loud

There are many people out there who are lactose intolerant which means these people find it hard to digest dairy. Moreover, most folks struggle with gut issues, gastric problems and many other issues in general due to the presence of dairy and gluten.

Sadly, this has made fitness enthusiasts step back in the past from taking supplementation during their workouts. Coming to those who are vegan depending mostly on their plant-based diet, the struggle is even more real.

Thankfully, with green plant protein shakes coming forefront, this untapped section has finally found a protein that otherwise wasn’t available to them.

Only Those Raise Fingers Who Haven’t Tried Pea Protein: How True Is This?

Partially. Being completely transparent we believe there are still strong adamant followers of whey protein, and pea protein is seen in a slightly lower light when it comes to its strong plant taste, which vegans love nonetheless.

However, this has been mend real quick with flavoured options in the market for those who want to get better benefits and results than whey in the same good taste.

Not Just Any Switch, But, A Vegan Switch

We’re finally at the section where we self-reflect!

Here’s a question to ask yourself.,‘if you are getting the same performance with better benefits and in the most cruelty free way, ‘what’s stopping you?

Well, absolutely nothing! No need to think twice before making the switch to the cleanest conscience that comes with cleanest vegan protein powder. Choose the “clean difference”

The Clean Difference

Those who have been using vegan protein powders for a while would know how amazing it feels in terms of the clean conscience and usage. Designed in the most thoughtful way, pea protein is for those who want to do it for the muscle, animals and the planet.

One of the major differences between the two is the approach which has brought to reality a product that is equally good performing with no harm to the planet and adds up to the cruelty-free gains.

Is It Even Worth The Hype?

Anything that vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and made from non-gmo ingredients deserve every bit of praise it gets. The world is awakened enough to be moving towards a more cleaner, greener and natural path to fitness and similar supplementation should match up to its pace.

Here’s A Myth Buster!!

“Plant Based Protein Is Not A Complete Protein”, says only those who know little about actual facts. As long as any protein conforms to their 9 essential amino acids profile, they are complete proteins. In fact, the pea protein shake helps in muscle growth and recovery just like any other.

Don’t believe us? Believe science!,

Many scientific studies have proven the results of pea protein as equivalent to any other animal based protein in terms of muscle growth, recovery and performance.

The Need & Nutrition?

The recommended daily intake of protein is 0.8 grams per kg of body weight – that translates to about 0.35 g per pound.

For Fitness enthusiasts relying on high protein food, and athletes on the look-out for vegan or plant-based ‘protein-rich food’, ‘bGREEN plant based protein’ is a great supplement with a nutrient-rich profile.

Nutrition per serving (33g) with bGREEN Pea Plant Protein,

  • Energy: 121.8 kcal
  • Pure Plant Protein: 25g
  • Carbs: 3.2g
  • Fat: 1.12g
  • Vitamin C: 20mg
  • Vitamin E: 5mg
  • Green Tree Extract: 250mg
  • Added Enzymes: 44mg
  • BCAA: 4.6g

With all 9 essential amino acids profile.

Usage: 1 scoop (33g) with 300ml cold water.

Best way to take it, ‘as a protein smoothie’ for delicious taste and enhanced recovery.

The Real Question?

How do you feel about this on-going battle and what choice would you make?

Whey protein shake and pea protein, both are great options when it comes to fueling your workouts but the ‘clean difference’ is what puts forth the ‘pea & brown rice protein’ over and above all other animal proteins.

This is the biggest reason why athletes, body-builders and folks into well-being, all are moving to pea plant protein for their post-workout needs.

Let us know your thoughts on ‘plant-based protein’ & whey protein in the comments.

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