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Quick home decoration ideas to jazz up your home easily this Diwali

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Are you done with decorating your home for Diwali? As Diwali is approaching, I know all of you must be busy in some kind of preparation because Diwali is not just about bursting crackers and clicking pictures, this part comes a lot afterward. Diwali is a big festival and one of the most favorite festivals amongst people. You have all the right to be excited firstly because Diwali comes once a year, and also everything about it is so celebratory that it makes you do anything. Don’t you wake up early to put on lights before Diwali irrespective of how much you love your morning sleep? That is the excitement I’m talking about. Quick home decoration ideas to jazz up your home easily this Diwali.

Quick home decoration ideas to jazz up your home easily this Diwali

Well, Diwali is indeed a predominant Hindu festival and we have deep sentiments attached to this festival. Celebrated by people of all religions, It is believed to be a very auspicious day by Hindus. Actually, according to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama returned home after a long 14-year exile along with his wife and brother, on this particular day. That is why the day is beloved to be auspicious.

People welcomed them with full enthusiasm and they continue to do so. Also, it is believed that goddess Laxmi visits people on Diwali eve. So, people leave no stone unturned to clean and decorate their houses. The decoration is an important part of the celebration. The idea of the decoration is very different in every house. If you are also looking for ideas, you are in the right place. Here are some easy yet quick ideas for decorating your house for Diwali. Don’t worry about the gifts, let the Diwali gift express delivery take care of it, you concentrate on the decor. 

Floor decoration

Beginning with one of the most common decorating ideas seen on Diwali – floor decoration. Decorating the floor on Diwali is quite common and also an easy option for decorating too. To begin decorating your floor, you can make rangolis. Rangoli is a traditional pattern made on the floor that looks great on completion. It is made with powders, colors, rice, haldi, flowers, and complied with diyas and candles. Rangoli designs are truly vivid and add to the stylistic layout of your home. Make pretty designs over your front entryways and passages to set off this Diwali in style. You can likewise infuse life into them with Diyas. Organize the Diyas inside and around the rangoli to polish off the look. Search online and save some beautiful rangoli ideas to make your home festive ready. You will find all kinds of designs from easy to difficult ones, pick one that you can easily draw out. 


Talking about decoration and won’t include flowers? How can I even commit this crime? Well, flowers and decorations go hand in hand. Where there is a need of decoration, flowers are always there. For your Diwali decoration too, you can make good use of flower power. There is so much that can be done with these simple blooms because you can easily fold and mold them to make beautiful patterns. You can use both petals as well as the full flower in the decoration process. If you are using just the petals, you can put petals in a bowl with water and make a pretty centerpiece for your table, put petals in your rangoli. You can also make garlands with flowers for your decor and hand them at the side of your doors or the glass windows. It is an easy way of decor and you will love the way it will bring a twisted newness to your space. 

Homemade craft

If you like to get deep into decorations, you may have to do the dirty work too. Time for some crafty work, so gather the stationery that you have been saving since your school days. Since the same day Diwali gift delivery is taking care to deliver your Diwali gifts to your loved ones, you can relax and make decorations for your home. When you are making decorations at home, the best thing is that you can make so many things and that too at a cheap price. For example, you can make a beautiful lampshade in multiple colors just with colorful paper. Now, that is a very cheap yet gorgeous decoration. 

Brightness with diyas

Diyas are a must to complete the decoration of your place. You know, no matter how many fairy lights you put on your place, the kind of brightness and warmth diyas will spread is unmatchable. So, complete your declaration by buying earthen diyas for your place. You can light diyas and place them near windows, on the balcony wall, on stairs, in your rangoli, and near the door.

Conclusion | Quick home decoration ideas to jazz up your home easily this Diwali

These are the ideas of decorations that you can use in this online Diwali gift to jazz up your place. These are easy and quick ideas that anyone can do.

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