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Luxury automobiles are those cars which are designed with luxurious and top-end features. The features are added in the car not because of any necessity but for improving its comfort. The term premium refers to the better equipment, enhanced performance, manufacturing superiority, greater convenience in terms of driving. The luxury automobile is developed with stylish design and technical innovation. That represents the brand image, status and grandness when it comes to travelling in the car. When talking about cars, we take this great opportunity to inform you that you can rent BMW in Dubai. It is a luxury car that has been ruling the market for decades. This luxury auto can be easily booked on rent in the Emirate. Therefore, for your convenience, we are providing a list of top 5 luxury rental cars for family trips in Dubai.

In addition to big luxury cars, if you have an interest in luxury sports cars you can always rent Ferrari in Dubai.

Rent a BMW 7 Series Dubai

  1. BMW 7 Series

Besides being one of the bigger cars, BMW’s new 7 Series standard edition auto is a flagship car that is fun to drive. The better side of this auto is that it provides a bit smoother drive than most of its rivals. The 7 Series is streamlined and highly economical when it comes to fuel consumption. Moreover, the car comes with several noteworthy gadgets. It is one of the family luxury cars that provides plenty of space for passengers. When opening the door of 7 Series, you will require one of the two keys. Amongst these keys, a key has a 2.2-inch screen that shows the details about the car performance. Once the driver gets inside the car there is great news for him because the car has an electric seat and adjustable power steering wheel. Therefore, it is easy for everyone to sit in a comfortable driving position. Hence, you can always take your family to different venues in this car.

Alternatively, you can rent Ferrari in Dubaifor moving around the city with style.

Rent a Audi A6 Dubai


  1. Audi A6

Audi A6 is a sleek, quiet and high-tech saloon that is elegantly built. It has a sophisticated infotainment system that is easy to navigate. Making it a favorite choice for your family trips to the nearest recreation facilities. The interior of the car has been neatly created with an extraordinary degree of build quality. The materials applied for building the seats and dashboards are excellent and very expensive. There is plenty of aluminum used in the trims. There is an option for the trims. They are also provided in the fine-grain ash wood on demand. It is one of the most comfortable premium cars in the market in which you can take your family to the nearest restaurant.

For premium car fans who want to travel in a new luxury from time to time, they can also rent BMW in Dubai.

Rent a BMW 6 Series GT Dubai


  1. BMW 6 Series GT

BMW 6 Series is a car that is superior to all its competitors because of its noteworthy and spacious interior, quality specifications and seamless driving experience. The engine unit of the Series GT is simply designed. The car comes in two types of engines, the first one is 4-cylinder 630i and the second one 6-cylinder 640i. The car is also manufactured in two diesel models called 620d and 630d. This is an ultimate family car that can make your family’s travelling experience enjoyable. Sitting in the soft seats of this car is a pleasing experience. Its driving seat is pliable and supportive. The car runs with a great grip on the streets. It is one of the highly-demandable premium cars by the families.

If you are interested in a powerful sports car. To excite your senses, you can also rent Ferrari in Dubai.

Rent a Mercedes S-Class Dubai car


  1. Mercedes S-Class

It is very amazing to find out that S-Class has reached second place in the ranking. Mercedes S-Class has been one of the elite luxury saloon cars. The brand is known for providing comfort, top performance features, spacious seats and devices that any luxury car fan requires.

The car has a 282bhp auto engine. It has a 2.9-litre specification and comes equipped with a straight-six diesel edition called S350d. That can cruise the car from 0 to 62 mph in just 6.0 seconds. It gives the driver of the car a satisfactory feeling. The high-power S400d has more power, with an additional 53bhp, providing it even extra acceleration.

The S-Class is built with a standard electronically adaptable seat. It has 4-way lumbar adjustment and a power steering wheel that can move in and out. Also, up and down.

The dashboard of the automobile is attractively designed with primary controls combined intelligently. They are all easy to reach. Moreover, plenty of them are either voice-operated or automatic, so you rarely have to interact with them physically. The car comes with a sophisticated audio system. That makes it easy for you and your family to enjoy the long ride to your favorite attraction while listening to catchy tunes.

Also, if you are impressed by all the premium cars mentioned in this post, you can give them a try. So, being a starter, you can Ferrari rental in Dubai.