RosewoodTrust Review 2021: Why Should New Traders Look Into This Platform? (

I have come across a trading platform that is absolutely perfect to its last detail. In the last few years, I have gained some not-so-nice experience with online trading due to which I have learned a lot. Now, that I have come to learn from my mistakes, I have decided to write a review on the trading platform that I have decided is the most decent one out there in the market. I came across RosewoodTrust a couple of years ago. To this, I still believe that this platform has something unique to offer to its clients.

I know for new traders out there it is difficult to get started and learn how to trade. The most essential things a new trader needs to look for while venturing into online trading are the security factors, Charts and Assets, Education Center, Account Types, and much more that I will discuss in this review. I have been using RosewoodTrust for some time and hence have gained some experience on this platform to write a complete review for all traders who want to consider this platform to be their potential long-term brokers. So, let’s jump right into it!

Trading Platform

The Trading platform and the layout of the website tend to be the most attractive thing about the platform. These days new platforms out there make their outlook to be the central focus because they want to distract their clients. With RosewoodTrust not only the outlook but the services and the features of the platform are also great.

I was instantly attracted to how they have constructed their platform. Everything is available on the front page. The sign-up option was at the top for me to easily see and access. I also noticed that the customer care option of live chat is also available on each page. These little things that are integrated into the platform increase its value and also show that the broker is genuinely trying to make the website user-friendly.

The broker also offers education which includes Asset Index, eBooks, Glossary, and the FAQ page, those I will get to in a short moment. But the point is that this platform is filled with services to help the new trader get on track and start trading like a professional with ease. But obviously, not every platform is perfect and with RosewoodTrust I found some things that the platform can work on to improve it. The first is to include more language options for a wide range of people to help them access this platform. I will detail more things that the platform can work on in this review as I go along.

Charts and Assets

Charts and Assets are the heart of any trading platform. You can always look at these two things and decide whether you want to be a part of the platform or not. When I looked at the chart on RosewoodTrust I was really impressed by how easy to use the chart and its tools were. To the left, I found all the listed assets and their categories (Stocks, Commodities, Crypto, Indices, and Forex). I have to mention here that the indices options were less in comparison to other categories. I never actually dealt with indices anyway, so it didn’t bother me. Though I have had considerable experience with Forex, Stocks, and Crypto. Some great and trending offerings like in stocks they offer Tesla, Walmart, Zoom, Yelp, William Hill, etc. and so many more trading options. I think I have managed to create a second income from this platform and that says a lot about why I like this platform very dearly.

Though I feel like sometimes that market is moving too fast, I also never have to worry about it since my account manager and the customer care administration is always there to help me out and increase my knowledge.

The chart has been an absolute blessing with this platform. I can easily zoom in and zoom from the bottom of the chart to see better details of the assets that I choose. In the meantime, I can also set the time interval which ranges from minutes to hours to monthly even. The chart type is available in 5 different settings. The only thing I find irritating is that I always have to change the chart from its default settings to the ones that I want. I don’t mind that as much because I have had experience with other brokers where even those options were not available. You can check out the chart at the site yourself and see how amazing it is fully customizable.

Account Types

Account types are very important for the broker because they want to make sure they are receiving all kinds of traders. Now there are advanced traders and some new traders out there. So, depending on the experience level of each trader the broker has decided to make sure the account types are also available; to each one’s needs and requirements. The great thing about RosewoodTrust is that it gives 4 very diverse account types to all its members. They are Savings ($250 deposit), Passive Income ($5000 deposit), Retirement ($20,000 deposit), and Wealth-Builder ($100,000 deposit)

I started with the Savings account when I first joined the platform but that was because I wanted to see the services that platform provided and whether this broker is actually safe to put in my money or not. It was not even long enough when I realized that I actually enjoy trading on this platform, so I decided to upgrade my account type to Retirement. With the Retirement account type now, I have weekly admittance to webinars, trade room-2 analysis, and even level-2 prioritized withdrawal process.

It has been a great time trading with this account type and especially with the help of my account manager I have been able to learn a lot about trading and the stock market. Sometimes my account manager seems to be busy, but we manage to make time for whatever I need to discuss with him. Overall, I would say that brokers provide a pretty decent number of features in its distinct account type that anyone from no experience in the trading world to having the most experience can easily make an account with RosewoodTrust.

Customer Service

In the past, I have had a weird relationship with customer service when I landed on RosewoodTrust that somehow changed drastically – and I mean in a good way. The customer service at RosewoodTrust is the most active part of the platform. I see that the representatives that handle live chat and even the phone and email service are all well trained and very professional in their work. I mostly go for the live chat as to me it seems the most convenient to get my issues sorted on. For the live chat to be good, they have to be very fast in getting back to the client. Whenever I have contacted the live chat I was dealt with instantly. And the thing that impresses me, even more, is the fact that they are all brokers who are trying to help you. So, I always knew I would get reliable answers from them.

I don’t disregard the email, form, and phone service either. They all are amazing in their own right. It is more about the preference that I lean more towards the Live chat sometimes towards the phone service as they are the most efficient and quick.


Security is of utmost importance because it makes sure that my funds and identity both are kept safe on the platform. I believe security is one thing that the platform puts the most emphasis on. At the bottom of the main page, you will notice RosewoodTrust has provided all the policies it follows. When I first made the account, I was supposed to agree to its privacy policy and the terms & conditions which helped me feel more at ease just as I was about to become a member of the platform.

Other policies that the broker follows are KYC (know your customer), AML, Bonus policy, Withdrawals, Refunds & Cancellation policy, as well. It provides a sense of protectiveness to know the platform is taking care of you.

Last Comments

Lastly, I would like to say that it is up to you to decide whether these services and features match up to your level of experience and expectations. I have had a very fun experience with RosewoodTrust and see that the broker is trying to improve each and every day. In the end, one thing I would mention is that the platform could include PayPal as a payment method. Even though I use the bank wire option and it has worked effortlessly, I think more people would appreciate the PayPal alternative.

Above all, the chart, education center, security, platform, and everything included in it has been a delight to get to experience.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.