Sales Merchandiser: Step By Step Guide To Grow Your Business

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about a dramatic shift in the retail landscape. Most people are sticking to ordering online owing to the threat of contracting the virus at a public space. However, five months into this pandemic, more and more places are opening up. Customers and shop owners are adapting to the new demands of an economy coping during an epidemic. Sanitisation is taken seriously, and masks cannot be skipped when customers are stepping out to shop.

If you are a retailer whose sales are still picking up, here are a few sales merchandiser tips to get you back on the right track and soon.

Make your customers feel safe

During the Covid-19 times, customers generally feel anxious, and they do not feel extremely safe in public spaces. As a store owner, take steps to assure them that your store is a safe space. In order to do so, have a clear communication strategy and inform your customers about the sanitization measure employed by you.Sales Merchandiser

In fact, put your sanitization and social distancing measures right in front of the door so customers can see it right when they pass by or enter your store. Instantly, their concerns will reduce, and they will shop with more ease.

Make sure your store shows up on Google.

Now more than ever, customers are relying on Google for various store updates. For a long period of time, restaurants were closed all over. Since July, the government has removed restrictions from restaurants, but people are still unsure if outlets near them have opened up.

Therefore, Google is a great place to list your business and update your opening-closing time.

Sales Merchandiser

1. Having strong in-store visuals 

This might be stating the obvious, but in times when people can buy groceries and food online, the cues to make you purchase offline have to be stronger than ever. As a store owner, employ the right merchandising company to ensure that your visuals are hard to miss

  • Make your displays multidimensional by adding colors, design, and height.
  • Make your displays actionable. Show how the products listed in your store work and create the best working displays to improve sales.
  • Eliminate any distractions and have focal points for sales. Displays that are too distracting might just overwhelm your customers. Pick one visual element and just make your categories stand out, rather than distracting.

2. Update visual elements regularly 

At a time when there are fewer customers out on a daily basis, keeping visuals fresh is an underrated art. Staying indoors, mostly locked at home, makes people seek new visual experiences when they step out of the houses.

So, as a store owner create a reputation for your store that regularly updates their visuals and themes. Your store needs to constantly embrace new seasons and new festivals. Since we cannot celebrate most of the festivals with the same fervor as before the pandemic, having a festival themed store can bring in many customers who associate with a festival and celebration.

These were a few extremely relevant ideas during a pandemic that will get customers to your doors. Pick a few, if not all the suggestions above and witness your sales picking up again. Coronavirus may be a challenging time, but with the right sales merchandiser, every retail merchandising store can achieve its sales targets.

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