Should you trust KeepABit with your money? – Review 2021 (

In a period of the past few days, crypto has very much become the talk of the town. Since then, numerous exchange platforms have made it to the market. All of these let you exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies and other assets. KeepABit is a reliable and famous platform used by many people all around the globe. It came into existence a few years back and since then it continues providing clients with professional and impeccable money asset management services. The exchange is possessed and regulated by Tactive Pty Ltd., an Australian company, with registration number ACN 640 555 764, situated at 57/12-16 Berry Street North Sydney NSW 2060 Australia, with AUSTRAC digital currency exchange license number DCE100709736-001and Independent remittance license number IND100709736-001.


I have been associated with KeepABit for quite some time now and they have never failed to impress me with their exceptional services.  A friend of mine first told me of it and said it’s a highly regulated and trustworthy platform. It was then when I decided that I need to sign up for this. All these years of association with the forum have taught me a lot and I feel like I owe it to all of the neophytes out there who might be exploited at the hands of imposters in the market. My experience with KeepABit has been phenomenal.

I will briefly touch all the aspects of an exchange platform that you need to consider before starting your venture with any of them. We will talk about the platform itself, security scenario, Fee, Registration procedures, and all that you should know.

So be it an exchange platform or any choice that you have to make in your daily life, you always look for aspects that help you decide if it’s the right pick or not. How do you validate your choice? Well if you’ve been looking for answers to such questions you have landed at the right place.  I will put forth the features of a good exchange platform that’ll help you figure your way out. Let us start!

The Platform in itself

Not every user who makes use of online exchange platforms is a web designer or a software engineer. A large chunk of users are people who’ve never been associated with any online business. This is why they lack computer skills. KeepABit, keeping this in mind, provides its users with a rather simple web page, which is easy to navigate. You can easily reach the button for your required operation if you can carry out basic computer functions.

The theme and graphics are what I adore a lot. The white backdrop and catchy graphics are just perfect. An old colleague of mine said he is a satisfied user but the theme looks childish to him. An option to customize appearance might help the company sort this issue out.

The tools and highlights available for users are programmed and have been placed just the right way. Being an old user, I can say they’ve helped me a lot all this time. Once you get to use them personally you’ll see what magic they can work for you. I can’t remember fumbling through pages or complaining about the orders not being executed smoothly. If you’re an experienced trader or a young one, this is a one-stop solution for all of us.

Security of your funds

Security remains one of the most important factors that you need to consider before going for an exchange platform. If you keep hearing news regarding a platform being hacked or losing assets, it needs to be deleted from your “pick the best” list. Because if security breaches occur then your money is surely at stake. Ever since I joined KeepABit, I’ve never heard of any such breach. In fact, they make use of foolproof security highlights such as SSL encoded servers and the 2-factor verification before logging in and carrying out exchanges.

Also, the cold and hot wallet storage of clients’ funds is commendable. While exchanging, as an additional security measure, users are supposed to present identification proof data. All sorts of clients are supposed to undergo all these security checks before they can use the services. Sometimes you might feel like so many security stops make the process very stretchy but I never wanted to get rid of them since they are there for my good.

Salient Features of the platform

There are a few specs of the platform that let it rule thousands of hearts all around the globe. Let’s look into them one after another. 97% of the money of the clients is kept in what we call the cold wallets. Since these aren’t connected to the internet, these offline wallets stand the lesser risk of a breach. The company makes sure they guard not only your money but also your private information. This is why they have got military-grade encryption to deposit and keep your data safe.

The correspondence between client and company representatives might leak leading to losses, so it is encoded using HTTPS.  The Anti Money Laundering policy is very comprehensive and perfectly laid out. And the Know Your Client policy also known as the KYC policy is something you should go through to develop trust.

The forum ensures a high level of virtual security is given. I noticed that the site manages many activities per second and was rather astonished by the efficiency. Sometime later I found it was due to the robust order coordinating motor behind it. A special thanks from me and my fellow users to TactivePvt Ltd. for regulating it in such a flawless manner.

I cannot forget to mention the purpose-built guidelines and regular provision of reviews by TrustPilot.  There’s a lot more to the platform that cannot be put into words and you can only make the most out of them if you use it.

How much money will it cost me?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you got all these spectacular services at low rates? Well, it is wonderful because the forum is really affordable and pocket-friendly as compared to the other digital exchange platforms. You’ll see that charges per exchange are very reasonable. Deposits and withdrawals don’t cost you anything.

By now I’m sure, most of you must be thinking of registering. To help you out I’ll tell you the steps for signing up for this platform. Okay, so the process is fairly simple and convenient. You need to click open the link and reach the landing page. The ‘Get Started’ button awaits you in the top right corner. Click it and the procedure begins. You will have to enter your email in order to link your account to the email that you use. Enter all the data required, give them your email address, your number, and set a password. Never fear your data is at stake because KeepAbit guards it really well.

Next comes the legal part. You are recommended to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly so you’re fully aware. Once you’re done, hit Sign-up. You’ll get a code on the entered email for verification.

Put in deposit funds and start exchanging! You can deposit money in AUD, USD, or EUR.

Highlighting the Pros and Cons

I’ll simply list down all the pros and cons so that you can quickly go through them.

  • KYC policy adds to the security layers, making your assets more secure
  • You can deposit and withdrawal using Fiat Cash and Cryptocurrency
  • A welcoming help center with a day-in and day-out client assistance service.
  • Multiple exchanging platforms to make sure it serves people of varying experiences.
  • User-friendly for all sorts of customers
  • Constantly updated market news keeps displaying
  • The professional tools and highlights available for all users
  • Security of assets is the number one priority of the forum
  • The large exchanging volumes help convey the liquidity to the digital exchange platform
  • You can always make extra money by saving on cryptos and also get rewards for staking Cryptos

And a lot more.


Whatever platform you use, you’ll see that there’s always a margin of improvement. There are factors that companies and platforms need to work on. So does KeepABit.

  • The sound security layers might be time-consuming and unnecessary for some users.
  • There’s no number that can be used from all around the globe
  • It isn’t compatible with mobile; android and IOS.
  • There’s no demo account to help you learn the backs
  • No theme customization option.
  • Offered only in German and English dialects

The Final Word

For me, the platform KeepABit is the best one online because it not only guards my assets well but also gives me immense benefits and ease. Simplicity and efficiency are all one can ask for. Whatever exchange forum you go for, always do your research. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.