StocksCM Review 2021- A Deep Analysis Of This Uprising Broker (

We all know by now that online trading has taken over the world with its full force. Trading has never been this easy with-it being web-based. But at the same time, it has many risky factors because of which many traders are reluctant towards investing online. As it is said that every problem has a solution so, does this one.

The solutions for this problem are quite easy but extensive. When I indulged myself in trading, I had the same thoughts of getting scammed but then I started exploring and interrogating different brokers. In evaluating a broker, the different reviews given by different members of respective platforms help me a lot. Finally, after trying to investigate and exploring many brokers, I came across StocksCM.

StocksCM platform
StocksCM platform

As a beginner in forex trading, with the help of the StocksCM platform, I was able to learn more and become the decent trader that I am today. This platform had some amazing tools and features that made my trading journey very pleasant and that is why I felt the need to write a review on this broker.

Exploring the platform, myself gave me a much better idea and visualization of whether I found this broker fit for myself and my level of trading.

Platform’s Outlook – 78%:

Taking all things into consideration, we’ve arrived at this platform, so I’d like to share my knowledge and experience. When it comes to the trading point, there isn’t anything to say that isn’t already obvious. The platform is incredible and dependable.

To be precise, you can look at different assets within the platform and find the assets that concern you without much difficulty. I found the platform’s design format to be very pleasing as it was captivating for me to keep on exploring it, however, I found its web-page color-contrast to be off-putting, for me.

Some details didn’t go unnoticed from my attention, like the feature of date and time which they have added at the very top right corner. Besides this, there is an option for dialect as well which includes English and Deutsch. I do think the platform could add some more options for languages, but these are just minor suggestions that I think they can improve over time.

The platform can be accessed through any device as long as I have a steady internet connection. The platform’s layout was very decent as I didn’t feel like I was lost during my exploration of this platform but rather it was very easy to navigate myself through sections of their web pages.

Trading Platform- 81%

cm stock

StocksCM provides its users with a diverse range of trading tools and educational assets, from computerized dictionaries of useful trading words to a comprehensive evaluation of the most recent trading capacities, and so on. Each trader can build up their capacity and knowledge over the trading market with their rich vault of market data, financial assets, charts, and tools.

All of these are meant to help the new traders to make trading as easy as possible for them. This is why I think I found myself engrossed with StocksCM for over a year now.

The Glossary section attracted my attention in particular. It serves as a term guide for all of the important trading words. The glossary is organized alphabetically so it is a no-brainer to find the terms you are looking for, explaining them in easy words that are simple to understand.

StocksCM shows a chart on its trading page that can be modified easily but the chart is set against a dull scenery which didn’t make the format that engaging for me. I was able to trade with the well-known asset categories of Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Currencies, and Crypto. The chart pointers are very easy to understand and utilize while making an analysis.

The use of advanced tools in the platform for trading had a significant effect on my analysis. From the left-hand panel, you can view Positions, Closed Positions, Trade, Funds, Deposit, and Account Statement. You can trade with over 200 assets and on the asset list, there is an option of sorting the assets through terms of trending, regular percent change, and name of the assets.

Account Types- 88%:

The assortment of account types that StocksCM offers are something that traders can appreciate. I for one discovered it to be extremely smart of the trading platform to give a scope of account packages, and the reason why I refer to “account types” as account packages is because they offer a rundown of features and access to tools and services to their members according to the account type they choose. StocksCM offers 4 account types which incorporate Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP.

As I was evaluating this platform for the first time, I chose the Silver account, for it had the least deposit balance of €250. Even though I got the least highlights with this account type, I was ready to try out its trading tasks. I got huge leverage up to 100 on more than 200 tradable assets with a market review.

StocksCM Review 2021- A Deep Analysis

Once I got the hang of this trading platform and found myself satisfied with it, I decided to opt for an upgrade. I opted for the “Platinum” account. As I discovered this account type to fit my trading requirements very well. It has a minimum deposit balance of €50,000. Other than the extra assets, Platinum spreads, trade room examination, financial planning, and risk planning, etc., features were also available. I also had been appointed a devoted senior account manager. The account manager truly assisted me with my aptitude in trading and directed me regarding my own choices while trading. He had various customers allotted to him too, which is the reason he set aside an effort to hit me up. Yet, I truly valued the way that he made a point to consistently assist me and answer my questions.

Besides these two account types, there are Gold and VIP, as well. The minimum balance required for the Gold account type is €10,000 whereas, for the VIP account type, you can only access it through an invitation. VIP is the only account type that lets you access all of this platform’s features. Some of them include complete access to the trading room, access to Lucrative VIP events, complete access to webinars, and significant leverage up to 400 along with many more features.

Withdrawal and Deposit- 80%

To ensure stable trading, StocksCM consistently tracks withdrawal and deposit measures. The platform has strict measures in place to prevent market law breaches, which is why they make sure that every customer is well-informed of their rules and regulations on the platform.

StocksCM’s withdrawal and deposit methods exceeded my expectations. Each account type offers different levels of prioritized withdrawal methods. This means if you want to have a high level of prioritized withdrawals you can always upgrade your account type. In regard to the withdrawal hold-up, my Platinum account gave me level-2 prioritized withdrawals, and I was satisfied.

The procedures for withdrawal and deposit included:

1) Bank Wire Transfer

2) Visa

3) MasterCard

While the platform tries to oblige most worldwide payment methods, clients of PayPal may end up at a burden, for this choice is as of now not accessible on the platform.

Customer Support – 85%

StocksCM aspires to be a customer-driven trading platform, which is why they deliver a variety of methods for engaging with their customers and requesting their feedback. You have the choice of contacting them via phone, live chat, or email.

I found their live chat to be captivating because they manage to respond to my queries in a manner of seconds.

The timings for the live chat are Monday to Friday 07:00–14:00 GMT and telephone support hours are Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 GMT. Though, The telephone service is restricted to Australia and the United Kingdom.

StocksCM Review 2021- A Deep Analysis

I mostly got to experience the phone and live chat service. I had the most fun with the Live Chat as it was very instant, and I felt like I was talking to a real broker on the other end. He was able to talk to me professionally and was very polite, as well.

The phone service is just as responsive. I know that some people hesitate while talking on the phone but trust me, the representatives are very nice and professional.

My final thought on this platform:

StocksCM is attempting to establish itself as a first-rate trading broker. I’ve been using this platform for a while and have had the opportunity to see it develop into a leading service provider. I think this platform provides some great features that can be used by both beginners and advanced users. The education center has some great e-books to instruct all levels of traders. So, in all, this broker has the potential of becoming a pioneer in the industry very soon.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.