The 3 Pillars Of The Online Marketing Conversion Circle

The online marketing conversion circle is something that has a beginning but should never end. And it has a fairly close relationship with the case.

If you’re lucky, your target audience will spend a few minutes on your AdWords ad. But, if the opposite happens, it will go unnoticed. In case you are lucky, the fact of clicking will also depend on the case, in addition to whether they remain on your page, buy or repeat the experience.

The ideal would be to be able to control that luck, something rather complicated explainer animation video agency. However, who said you can’t work on it? The good thing about the online marketing conversion circle is that there are many automatable processes and thousands of tips to apply so this wheel never stops.

In fact, the key point is not to be lucky. But by working on those points that gradually guide your campaigns towards the desired results. Of course, like any strategy or goal, nothing is achieved overnight.

Consistency is the key to opening doors. It’s what will make your online marketing conversion circle stabilize and function without facing any major issues. But what is the online marketing conversion circle really about? What elements or processes form it? How can you work with it?

The online marketing conversion circle is built on 3 basic pillars:

1.- First of all, acquire quality leads

In the marketing discipline, a lead is someone who shows interest in a product or service. And, consequently, you should register via an ad hoc form that provides your data. A vital action to get to work and create a consistent database. Therefore, this is the starting point of the online marketing conversion circle.

Lead generation is an ever-changing process for any business looking to survive. Generating sales leads is a necessity to maintain the goals you are pursuing. But it’s not just about paid traffic.

There are many different ways to attract traffic without the need to invest in paid advertising. They are much more interesting and have the ability to generate recurring visits to your website in the medium and long term.

For starters, although the online marketing conversion circle is focused solely on the digital sphere, you should know that to acquire quality leads, you can also rely on more traditional media. Among these, as seen in the image, there are:

  1. Brochures
  2. Catalogs
  3. Events
  4. Cross-Selling.
  5. Telemarketing
  6. Networking

On the other hand, you shouldn’t forget about digital channels – do you take advantage of these alternatives? Here are a few:

A.- Landing page


A landing page should focus attention on what really matters. And, for this reason, there are a number of features that always appear in an effective landing:

  1. A contact phone numberon all pages. Believe it or not, this action increases your company’s trust and credibility towards users.
  2. A well designed data collection form.
  3. Live chat. Offering live chat helps answer any questions. And, as a result, you will be able to acquire email addresses.
  4. Generate and share effective messages so your landing pages are effective.

B.- Social media

Social networks are a basic element for acquiring contacts. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are some of the most powerful digital social platforms that you can use to acquire leads.


Factors such as dynamism and the publication of relevant content are fundamental axes for the user. In fact, one of the tips you should follow is to always think about it and take preferences into account. To achieve this, there are listening tools. Only in this way will you get loyalty, although you must keep in mind that one of the main goals of social networks is to capture traffic to redirect it to your landing pages.


C.- Content Marketing


The online marketing conversion circle would be nothing without constant content generation. Of course, it is relevant to users and provides information.

L ‘ Inbound Marketing is one of the trends in the world of digital marketing. Your website lives on your audience, but it feeds on your content. So in no case can you forget about it. Among the rules to remember are the following:


  1. The content must be of
  2. Combine various marketing techniques to drive traffic to the site .
  3. Marketing automation
  4. Loyalty . Keep customers happy, give them useful information, and make sure they keep betting on your products.

D.- Email marketing


Capturing leads is slow and complicated work on many occasions. Do you have many online tools that allow you to run A / B tests in a simple eg through email marketing platform of MDirector . With these comparisons you can test different templates of the same email to find out which one works best in your database.



Emphasizing organic search engine rankings is a basic technique if you want users to find you when they search.

Most likely, any user uses search engines (especially Google) to find the answers to their needs. Therefore, it is important to be well positioned with relevant keywords that can give you an edge. We also recommend that you use several tools that will help you improve your brand positioning on search engines.

2.- Activate users to generate trust and purchase requests

The second factor in the online marketing conversion circle is the activation of users, to guide them, from first contact to final purchase. To do this you can use webinars, lectures or face-to-face trainings where you demonstrate your knowledge on a specific topic.

If you need to fill out a form to participate in these initiatives, the same applies to its digital version. By registering online, you can collect basic information from attendees which you can later supplement based on their behavior and questions during the webinar.

Plus, through these types of content or assets, you won’t be positioning yourself as a user-only value brand. But subconsciously they will come to you to resolve their doubts and you will create some bonds that will lead to the purchase.

In short, to activate users you need to build trust. Numerous studies indicate that most of the purchases a brand generates are made by people who have already been corporate customers. Which translated into data means that taking care of your customers can generate up to 74% of sales.


How to build customer loyalty?

Some ways to build customer loyalty are:

  • Share valuable content. The key is in customization.
  • Offer loyalty rewards. What is the main factor that determines that a customer opts for your brand or your competition? The price. Try to develop the right offer for the right customer at the right time.
  • Innovate, surprise and create new experiences. There are several reasons why you will gain customer loyalty in exchange for specific actions. For example, be ahead of the times.
  • Newslettersare one of the best options for engaging your customers via email.

3.- Grow initial sales to make them recurring

The online marketing conversion circle has already managed to capture quality leads and activate them by focusing each strategy on purchasing. However, do you think it is clear to the client what to do and how?

Any question that may arise for the user will become one less conversion. For this reason, it is necessary to detect all the barriers that interrupt the purchase and remove them. For example, there are common problems that go unnoticed such as:


  • Your website loading speed is too slow.
  • The simple fact that the mobile version of your site doesn’t allow payments.
  • Your landing pages are too long. Or, even worse, they are not complete.

While you may not pay attention to it at first, finalizing every detail is more important than you think. In fact, a user will no longer buy anything from you if they have already had a bad experience. The value of a company is not in its ability to sell once. It lies in being able to repeat the purchase continuously.


You have to be consistent. The online marketing conversion circle must detail each stage and work day in and day out. Your current customers should know they are important to your brand. Not just when you need it. They must always be important customers. They have to find out what you have to offer them that others cannot give.

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