The Cropped Denim Jacket Fashion

The outwear collection does not have to comprise only bulky and plain coats and jackets that are meant to protect you from weather elements. Outwear has evolved to comprise fashion statement pieces, and the cropped denim jacket is that one signature piece that you should not miss in your wardrobe. The jacket not only serves to keep you warm in cool weather, but it also gives your dressing code an intention, which is a big deal in 2021.

Although denim is more of a 90s kind of fashion, pairing a cropped denim jacket with your favorite jeans or over that little dress, will give you that cool, classic look effortlessly. The denim jacket will never go out of fashion, it is that must-have outwear fashion trend that will easily go with the statement pieces or a vintage-inspired look for perfect everyday wear.


How Do You Pick the Perfect Cropped Denim Jacket?

Consider the colour

The colour of the denim jacket you go for should be versatile enough to allow you to pair it with a variety of other colours and wear. While black is always a safe option for most, faded-washed blue denim is a must-have that will never let you down, and will hardly change in colour over the years as well. However, do not be limited to blue only, let your crop jacket colour bring out your personality, and explore with the many other colour options available, like the whites, indigo, greens, greys, and many other colours.

The Jacket length

The standard length of most cropped denim jackets is right before the waist, but some might go higher up to just below the bust area. No length is perfect for all, as it ultimately rests with one’sfashion preference and intent of wearing it. So, how high up would you wish to have your crop jacket?

Style and aesthetics

Different cropped denim brands have different features and styles, and so the choice of the denim you go for will depend on when and how you wish to wear the jacket. If you want a bold, casual style, a zipped black denim jacket would help you stand out. If you are looking to enhance your appearance, bright-colored denim would be a perfect choice. For daily wear denim, go for those that have a basic style so that it flows with a variety of outfits and compliments your style.

Buttons and pockets

The choice of the jacket will depend on other features like buttons and pockets, which affect both the style and the comfort of the jacket.  While others go for jackets with buttons, others find the zipped ones more appealing and fashionable. You may also wish to consider whether you will be fastening the jacket front to keep warm, or will be wearing it open to make a fashion statement. Also, consider if you would wish to have pockets on your denim, either for a stylish appearance or functional reasons.

Denim brand

There are different types of denim quality as there are many denim brands. Premium brands offer high-quality denim, while most of the lesser-known fly-by-night generic denim brands may not match the same quality and craftsmanship. So, if you are looking to buy a cropped denim jacket to serve you for a long time, invest in it and go for premium quality.

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