The Five Types Of People Who Love Art Jamming Team Building Workshops

Most offices, when planning outings, workshops or team building activities often fail to account for people who may not enjoy mainstream activities as much as other people. These individuals either have to sit out those activities or participate at the risk of their health and preference.

Art jamming team building is one of those activities that almost all kinds of people enjoy doing. This has to do with its versatile range of options, an easygoing atmosphere, and a lack of limitations.

So, who are these people who enjoy art jamming as a team building activity? Scroll down below to find out.

What is art jamming?

Art jamming is a group activity that individuals undertake to relax and enjoy themselves. The group of people making an art project get together and collaborate on an artwork that allows them to express themselves in a way that is mentally stimulating and fun.

There are several activities that individuals can do under the umbrella of art jamming. These include sculpting, painting, sketching, etc.

The types of people who enjoy art jamming

There are many people who enjoy art jamming because it allows them a chance to express themselves freely. Other people love it for different reasons. Some individuals love it because it appeals to their preferences. Scroll down to find out what kind of people are more likely to love art jamming team building activities.

  1. The nonathletic types

People who hate running, hate moving and hate being out of breath will all enjoy art jamming as it does not require them to exert themselves a great deal. They can sit in a chair, brainstorm ideas for their artwork, work on it in peace and connect with their coworkers.

  1. The antisocial types

Those individuals who do not like socializing can rest easy knowing art jamming will not require them to talk. They can work in silence on their artwork, only needing interference when a group activity is involved.

  1. The indoorsy types

People who do not like going out prefer art jamming as a team activity. This is because it allows them to be creative, let out their inner artsy side, connect with their employees and enjoy themselves, all while being indoors.

  1. The artsy types

Those individuals who enjoy dabbling in art can be more likely to participate in art jamming activities. This is because artsy people do not get a chance to practice their art in corporate environments and can be made to feel left out in most activities.

  1. The DIY enthusiasts

These are the people who can be seen dabbling in many creative side projects in their downtime. They are a good fit for art jamming activities because art projects are similar to DIY projects in their nature and can be fun for those kinds of people.

The takeaway

Not all individuals are suitable for all activities. A company needs to make sure that all their employees enjoy themselves during team building activtiies. This allows all the coworkers to equally take part in the enjoyments and come out of the experience a better individual and professional.