The Imperative need of Mobile App Development for Startup Businesses

The marketing dynamics have changed considerably in recent years, and big and small companies have to redefine their marketing strategies to achieve success and sustainability. The rapid advancement in mobile and digital technology has forced business companies to ensure a robust online presence and appeal to potential customers.

The Massive Popularity of Mobile Applications

According to GSMA Intelligence, 5.2 billion people own and use a mobile phone, and more nearly 92% of people use mobile phones to browse things online. Mobile phones have become a staple device used by people for different reasons such as communication, conducting business, taking photos, writing notes and reminders, making online transactions, booking cinema tickets, and maps and navigation.

Traditionally, newspapers and television were the primary marketing tools to advertise products and services, but now the emphasis has shifted to incorporate newer trends in the form of digital ads and the use of mobile applications or more popularly called ‘apps.’

A mobile app is broadly defined as a computer program or software designed and developed specifically to run on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and watches. A person having a smartphone can use numerous apps either to play games, read books, listen to songs, get weather updates, and access the latest news.

The mobile apps are mostly free and easy to download and provide convenience and luxury for a user to perform a particular task. The Android, Apple, and Amazon mobile operating systems have ‘apps store’ where a person can search, download, and install various apps.

Importance of Mobile App Development

Today, more people use their smartphones to get online information rather than desktop or laptop. In 2020, nearly 3.5 billion people used a smartphone. Having easy internet accessibility and the smartphone has allowed people to have information about anything and everything at their fingertips.

According to research, 204 billion apps were downloaded in 2019, and the number is said to double in 2020 with 592 million app downloads. The staggering number of app downloads shows the significant impact of digital transformation.

Whether big or small, every business wants to grow, increase sales and revenue, and sustain itself in a competitive market. Mobile app development is considered a vital element for a business company to fulfill its objectives, particularly those that offer consumer products or services.

The best mobile app development company USA, can help a startup company design a particular app that completely fulfills the business requirement and improves customer satisfaction.  The main purpose of mobile apps is to cater to customer needs in the best manner, generate leads, and convert the leads into sales.

Key Elements Necessary for Mobile App Development 

A mobile app needs to be carefully planned, designed, and launched, fully functional, and provides value to potential customers. Some of the key elements necessary for the best mobile app are

  • Employing services of professional mobile app developer

The consumer products market is quite vast, and from a startup business perspective, you need to

  • Make potential customers download the app
  • Customers to frequently use the app and also share it with family and friends

Most business owners may be good with numbers but not tech-savvy, so they need the help of a professional software firm that has a strong reputation in providing a wide range of innovative digital solutions.

Employing low-priced mobile app development service may result in software glitches, negative customer reviews, and losing out to competitive brands. One should always employ expert developers who know the ins and outs of mobile operating systems and have relevant knowledge on best optimization practices, version controls, and modern digital technologies.

  • Original and authentic content

According to Insider Intelligence, people spend more than 88% of their time on apps when using a mobile phone. So developing a mobile app that fits your business offerings and intrigues the customers can lead to profitable success, but it is not as easy as it looks.

One cannot simply develop an app because every other business company is doing it and seeing the popularity of mobile apps alone. It is like opening a restaurant just because people like to eat food.

Not every app available on the app store gets downloaded in thousands and millions; to achieve it, one needs to offer a value proposition to the customers. Most small business companies expect maximum gains with minimum exposure and investment in app design and development.

Well, long-term business success and profitability depend on developing a distinctive, functional app and has the best user interface. The best solution is to think from a customer’s perspective and why he/she would want to download the app, and what purpose it would serve.

For example, you start a clothing brand and want to make an impression; then a customer may already have dozens of different clothing brands apps to choose from. It would be best if you piqued potential customers’ interest with original content, an easy user interface, valuable offerings, and regular updates.

  • Careful branding

It is quite easy for an established brand to make a mobile app that would be downloaded and used by thousands of customers, but a startup brand has to begin from scratch and first grab the attention of customers and then be able to communicate the offerings and compel the audience to make a buying decision.

Customers need to feel impressed the first time they open the mobile app as most customers like to multitask and may even leave the app if the app fails to impact the first attempt. As a business owner, you already have decided if the customer has downloaded the app; the second task is to fulfill the need or want by offering value.

  • Feasible budget

An adequate budget is needed to complete the finished mobile app from design to development. There are various individuals in the mobile app, from business executives, marketing managers, salesman, and developers. As a business owner, you need to consider all the factors and a feasible budget to make a mobile app that is best in functionality.


A valuable mobile app is necessary for streamlining business and boosting sales. These days, customers look for friendly online options, secure payment portals, extravagant deals, and discounts from a mobile app. A robust mobile app increases brand visibility and exposure to a wide range of potential customers from a business point of view.