The tips all single men ought to keep in mind while dating

The worst of the pandemic time is finally over. The bars and restaurants are open again and welcome people to spend their evenings there. Still, certain things are not the same yet. We all need to wear masks and keep a social distance. Singles looking for love, in particular, have a hard time making new acquaintances.

Is it a good idea to have a face-to-face meeting with your online crush? Should you also wear a mask on a date? Are touches and kisses still okay? The representative of the website gives single men tips on dealing with new normality.

Use your charm and initiative.

It is a general trend that women become more active and are not shy to make the first step anymore. This is, of course, a good transformation, but – do not think that men are not allowed to take the initiative anymore. However, standard greetings won’t make a lady fascinated by you. Go into personal details noted in her profile instead, and don’t forget to use your natural charm.

Talk online, but never forget about offline manners.

Due to the fact, not all singles can arrange meetings in real life – a virtual get-to-know part takes significantly longer. Although, digital flirting shouldn’t make you think you can neglect simple offline manners. For sure, it is more difficult to be flirty when chatting – but with emojis and wit, you can exude charm even before a conversation on the phone.

Talking on the phone establishes trust.

Conversations create closeness, especially if you talk with your lady on the phone. We guess you won’t argue that voice demonstrates emotions much better than written words. So after you have chatted for a while, invite your online girlfriend to make a phone call. This gives you a chance to understand who you are dealing with before the first date. Video calls are definitely even better.

Careful preparation for the first meeting.

When is it the right time for a man to offer an offline date? Basically – always. It is, however, worthwhile if you first learn to assess your woman of the heart better. Find out more about her: what does she like? What kind of hobbies does she have? If her work is accompanied by stress – impress your girlfriend with a respectful approach. Also, around 75% of female users of dating websites confirm it is important to them that potential partners have the same attitude towards Corona news. Therefore, don’t forget to discuss this topic too.

The first date: touching yes or no?

No matter what happens – you can’t postpone a real-life rendezvous all the time. Still, you will need to consider a few aspects.

Depending on what your girlfriend thinks about the current pandemic state, you need to think over the meeting plan. You should be very careful anyway. According to recent studies, more than 40% of female respondents want to keep the social distance on the first date. Do not forget about the other 15% that want to wear a mask during the rendezvous. If this is the case with your lady – the same approach is expected to be seen from you. At the same time, on the very first date – forget about hugging your girl. You can use your smile instead. This could be seen even with a mask on your face. And perhaps offer the already established elbow greeting. Even if your girlfriend is not so serious about the pandemic – that will make her smile and break the ice. Isn’t it a perfect start to a genuinely romantic evening for you two?