Three complete trading coursepacks with MyTradingCollege | Review 2021(

Three complete trading coursepacks with MyTradingCollege | Review 2021(

What is the platform?

MyTradingCollege is a platform that came into being a few years ago with the sole purpose of educating the traders who aspire to be in the trading business. For this very purpose, it offers several courses, 3 in number in which each of them focuses on certain areas of trading that not only ensure your learning but also make way for you to succeed in the global trading market.

I started taking courses at the platform a few months ago since I wasn’t aware of it when it launched which makes up for the time that I wasted. I had very little knowledge regarding investing and the trading market altogether and I thought of this platform as a possible way out to help me learn more accurately. However, it wasn’t easy to look for platforms that suited me in every possible aspect and I experienced my share of struggle as well. I researched for days and weeks before stumbling upon MyTradingCollege and I couldn’t have been more thankful.

The website

When I had the first look at the website, I knew that this platform was different from the rest of them. The fact that all the necessary and important information was so clearly shown on the website was something that I truly admired. What usually happens is that the newbies find themselves struggling to find the appropriate information that they are looking for before getting them registered but fail miserably in doing so. This is because the websites of the platforms advertise the information in such a confusing manner. This, thankfully enough, was not the case with the website of MyTradingCollege.

The information regarding the courses was outstandingly displayed and the fact that the courses, despite their quality, are so pocket-friendly was a major plus point. Video lectures, eBooks are provided for the new traders so that they can have a better understanding of trading and what goes into it.


I had noted the rates of courses that other platforms were offering but when I had a look at the rates at MyTradingCollege, I observed a huge difference. The quality along with the cost for it was something that caught my attention right then and there and that is exactly when I decided to give this platform a try and get myself registered for the courses.

My expectations before taking the courses

When I had an in-depth look at the courses and the opportunities that came with them, I could not wait to start my learning process. The fact that every course came with a complete package that included video lectures, eBooks that were specially designed for that particular course, and the methods to study every course made me sure of the fact that I’ll be able to learn a lot and that I’ll be putting all of that knowledge to use once I start with the actual process of trading. I was looking forward to learning every detail that I could regarding the subject i.e. trading by availing myself of every opportunity that came my way during taking these courses.

Lite, Plus, Pro courses and what comes with it

MyTradingCollege offers 3 courses that are named Lite, Plus, and Pro. The information regarding these courses is provided in detail on the website and I was glued to the screen after going through it. It had everything mentioned that a possible trader was finding answers for. I knew that the Lite course was the most suitable for me and any trader that had inadequate knowledge regarding the subject. However, a trader with a considerable amount of knowledge regarding trading and the global trade market would most likely go for the Plus course and the expert trader would surely go for the Pro course. Every course is tailored according to the ability of the trader and comes with distinctive features.

What I find to be the best part is that all of these are curses are very light on the pocket and extremely affordable for me. Having compared the rates of MyTradingCollege to other platforms, I noticed a stark difference with the guaranteed top-notch quality of the courses. There is a very common misconception that if the rate is so pocket-friendly there is a chance that the platform would compromise on the quality but having taken these courses, I can say with confidence that this isn’t the case here.

My Experience with the Lite Course

The Lite course aims at working on the basics of a trader and helps to get a grip on the subject. It also gives detailed ways on how one could trade efficiently with Forex and CFD. This was exactly what I was looking for at the beginning which is why I started with the Lite course. For me, video lectures worked like a magic. The platform had included minute details that perfectly supported the topics covered in the lectures, the opposite of what I was expecting them to be. The courses were very engrossing. I took complete advantage of the platform giving the traders to take the courses as per their liking. Because of this, I completed all three courses in a matter of 2 weeks.

Having taken the Lite course, I made my way to taking the Plus course because I had the will to learn as much as I could from these courses. Also, the fact that they made the video lectures so interesting made me never want to take them. The Plus courses gave me in-depth courses that were also personalized. It focused on how psychology plays an important part when it comes to trading and therefore, helps you master the art of it. The Plus course gives you daily analysis and displays the asset trends along with Live trading signals.

How I benefited from these courses

The platform, through the provision of three essential yet different courses, helped me to get firsthand knowledge regarding trading. For example, the Lite course started with giving me the most basic knowledge i.e. on how to open my account. It made me confident enough where I wanted to begin trading based completely on my knowledge. At first, I was never sure of the appropriate measures to take at any given point but after these courses, I can see a huge difference in me. Apart from that, I was able to make benefits to my trading portfolio too. The information that I learned from the courses, I implemented once I set my foot in the professional trading world. All of this could not have been possible for me if I did not take these courses.

Customer Care

Before taking a start at any platform, one always looks for an outstanding customer service team that would help them find solutions to their problems. I expected the customer care team to be highly responsive and efficient enough in its dealings and on whom I could completely rely and depend. This was exactly what I wanted from the Customer Service at MyTradingCollege. To begin with, the team of this platform consists of highly professional and able staff that has surpassed all the customer service departments of other platforms. They guided me through situations in the best way possible and provided me with alternatives that would prove beneficial for me. When I go down the memory lane, there isn’t a single instance where I found the customer service team to not be cooperative or proficient enough to deal with my problems regarding trade. They can be reached through email, phone number, and the live chat option is also available.




Thorough examination and comprehension of my trades and charts

I got know-how of the market situation after I analyzed the Forex charts in detail. Through this, I became aware of how I could use appropriate trading assets. What this did was that it strengthened my trading portfolio immensely.

Because of these courses, I was able to know new information on a day-to-day basis which I, before taking these courses, did not know existed. Especially after having taken the pro course, I made my way to making huge profits. I knew how to manage my money in the best way possible because of these courses which would prove beneficial for me when it comes to supporting trading.

Final Remarks

Although mytrading journey started a few months back, I still want to see myself in a better position but to say that, where I am now would not have been possible without MyTradingCollege. Looking at my transition from when I started at the platform and to where I am now is just unbelievable. I have learned so much from this platform that today, I have the appropriate knowledge that one should have regarding trading and their assets. MyTradingCollege providedme with every little information that would ensure my success in the trading world.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.