Top 7 ways to Find Designer for T-shirt Design Needs

Want to turn the vision into the tangible print file? Well, with every available tool for T-shirt printing at the fingertips, this is inexcusable to write yourself off as a prospective clothing store owner only because of a tiny fact. Wondering what it is? That you may not have available design resources. So, today, we will outline some ways through which you can look for the t-shirt designer for creating designs for you.

These are the top-notch 7 ways for finding designers to fulfil your tee design requirements –

  1. Crowdsourcing with 99designs –

    A best to look for the perfect design is to rely upon this portal. You can visit 99designs (also available in Spanish) with the idea, define it, offer the quote, & artists will reach out to you with the design suggestions. With the help of this T-shirt maker, you pick an alternative which best caters to the vision. Consider the fact that several designs and their qualities will depend upon the amount of money you provide for that specific job.

  2. Interact with Graphic Designers on Printful’s team of Graphic Design services

    The assistance you look for might not take too long to get! Printful’s professional and talented in-house graphic designers will be glad to support you to overcome the design-related hurdles. They can produce & adjust the print files not only for Printful but also for other print portals. On top of this, the team can redesign the logo, design a whole new graphic as per your ideas, or produce a special art piece which can be digitized & made your design’s part.

  3. Look for a cheap and fast option via Fiverr

    Though this T-shirt maker website is solely in English, Fiverr is worth giving a shot. It is more than just the freelance website as it is for anybody who wishes to offer their skills for $5. This space is for novice designers which make Fiverr the right portal for finding the cheapest and simplest designs for the online store. Always remember that to ensure the shirts’ perfect look, the print files will need to comply with the file guides.

  4. Get the right t-shirt graphic designer on Dribble

    It is the platform of choice for well-known designers. You can search for their portfolios & know their style. In case there is anything that specifically fascinates you, then you can stay in touch with the Custom t-shirt designer & inquire them whether or not they would be interested in working with you. Those designers who are for hire will have the button of “Hire Me” on the profile.

  5. Acquire the freelance designer with the help of freelance websites

    There are a lot of tools which facilitate the procedure of searching, hiring, & paying for the freelancers. Also, these platforms incorporate reviews from another user, so that you can get the better idea of an individual whom you will work with. A few of the most famous freelance portals are Freelancer, Guru, as well as Upwork.

  6. Offer to sell current designs

    There are many stunning designs out there which are not getting sold. In case you have spotted the design online which you think would be fit on the poster or the t-shirt, what about reaching out to that graphic designer? That is what Designhill did! It gives all the novice designers a perfect chance to showcase their designs and earn from them. All you have to do is display your designs to the team and if they get selected, they will be showcased on the website along with you getting a share of the complete sales.

  1. Find the t-shirt graphic designer in real life

    Last but not least, you may wish to try this one at first. It is quite convenient to not convey the messages online, that you would be much more capable of explaining face-to-face, having an interaction with the designer. There are some places where you can go to find a designer. An amazing opportunity is utilizing the Meetups option for getting the right Custom t-shirt designer. Visit & enter “design” as it will offer you the closest design-associated events.

Illustrator and Photoshop are costly programs, as not everybody is blessed with a keen eye for design or with time for acquiring the relevant skills for making those designs. With the help of this blog post, now you know some ways through which you can get the right tee graphic designer for creating designs for yourself. After going through this piece, now you are aware that there are a lot of affordable, easy ways to look for a designer just like that. So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired by these ways and avail the right t-shirt designer now!